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  1. I tried reproducing the bug, and the bug happened again when I clicked on the MARS. I managed to get a screenshot of the red error text this time though.
  2. I was setting up my soldiers in the deployment phase, and I clicked on the MARS and then the game closed. I don't have a save of the combat itself, but I do have a save right before the tactical battle. I also can't find any output.log files in the prototype version. I have been able to find them when I played milestone 1, but I can't find them right now. The only log file I could find was the resolve_layers file. auto_strategy_before_combat-12.json resolve_layers.log
  3. Have you considered adding missions with more defend objectives within them? If you are worried that most missions will feel like they have some sort of timer in them, then would it be a decent idea to have mission objectives that intentionally slow the mission down? The problem with terror missions and base defense missions and the like for me is that they still become rout the enemy maps when the missions should feel like defending civilians or your head quarters against the alien forces. Defend objectives in those two maps might be a decent fit and add some variety to those maps. Maybe a story mission or two can also have some kind of defend objective as well. Have you seen the Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Chapter 10 map? The story mission I am thinking of could be similar to that where the objective is to defend the starting area, but the map would actually get easier if the player would go out of their way to play aggressive.
  4. I don't think playtest is supported anymore because the game is now released into early access. So if you want to play future builds, you have to purchase the game probably.
  5. @Solver Can you help this guy by restoring the Italian translation patch? Speriamo che google translate non rovini tutto. L'ho appena contattato qui sul forum per te. Puoi andare su Xenonauts 2 Discord e inviargli un ping nella sezione "#support" di discord. Link discordia qui: https://discord.gg/vNJfbGqr
  6. Mi dispiace, sto usando google translate per tradurre dall'inglese all'italiano. I forum sono stati hackerati un anno fa e molti file nei forum sono andati perduti. Se vuoi avere una copia della patch di traduzione italiana, allora farei un ping a @Solver qui o su Discord.
  7. I cannot find the log files anywhere on my pc. I only have one ssd on this pc and the only logs for Xenonauts 2 I can find are from my playthrough on June 21 and 22. Is this an intentional thing to prepare for early access or is this a bug (or it only a me problem)?
  8. Pretty much exactly what the title says. user_computer_start_being_highlighted_again_after_save-3.json
  9. This is not a tremendous deal or anything, but it just feels very weird that the ammo count for the smg is a full tile to the left of the smg. I thought it was a completely separate item initially.
  10. That's a little funny because I considered Observers a big step up in difficulty when I inititally played v25. But since then, the aliens in that mission have been nerfed, bugs (like servitors being able to heal themselves) have been fixed, and the mission seems to take place farther in progression, so I am not shocked that Observers now seem easy compared to the difficult earlygame missions in this version. Honestly, I don't really agree with this. The boost most modules seem to give are pretty tiny stat wise (only 3 armor and 5 accuracy last I remember). I often think that the 12 weight can be better distributed on utility grenades or a stun weapon than on a small increase in stats. It just feels like a single flashbang, smoke grenade, or stun weapon adds so much utility that a meager 3 armor or 5 accuracy cannot give. Although, I assume this will drop off with time as soldiers don't really need more than 2 of each utility grenade and there is now more weight to be allocated to modules.
  11. I see, that makes sense. Having the first mission be against cleaners would not inherently give more options for the player to research. Thinking about it now, the reason the initial mission was just against basic cleaners in v25 and v26 was because there were 3 initial starting projects right? Combat vehicles, defender armor, and air combat if I remember correctly. Although, I think that mission can be tweaked a little bit in order to yield more research projects. For example, this mission could have a mentarch and/or a couple of sectons (with ballistic weapons) near the end of it that would yield Xenobiology at mission completion. So the player will have researched combat vehicles and most of Xenobiology by the time the next mission appears and they are able to get research for magnetic weapons and warden armor. Although if that mission is an abduction mission, the player would get access to alienium too right? I think that would be too much research to throw at the player so early in the game. I can't remember if a scout ufo gives alienium or not, but if it doesn't, then I think the order of Cleaner Deathmatch > Scout Ufo > Cleaner Intel Hub > Alien Abduction sounds like the cleanest solution imo.
  12. I think that the earlygame needs to be slowed down and smoothed up a bit in general. Like I said previously, I feel like this is the kind of thing that earlier beta versions (like v25 and v26) did better than in the current version. In those versions, mission progression felt a lot more smooth. You have the initial cleaner mission while they only have ballistic weapons, then scout ufo, then destroyer ufo, an abduction mission, and then probably the Cleaner Intelligence Hub followed soon by the Cleaner Hq afterwards. It felt more gradual and allowed the player to grow more accustomed to the game's mechanics and difficult before ramping it up as the player approaches the midgame. In this version, you get throw into the alien research mission immediately and then the Cleaner Intelligence Hub probably before the player does their first crash site. Then you get to go through various Cleaner Cell Missions and the progression seems to get out of hand quite quickly compared to previous versions and I feel like it needs to be slowed down slightly imo. I felt like there were too many research projects in the earlygame all at once in previous versions of the game, and I think the problem got worse as more missions and projects were added. If the earlygame was slowed down slightly, I feel like this would somewhat make the research situation more manageable. As for accelerated weapons vs laser weapons, I feel like the small buff to accelerated weapons and a small alloy cost nerf to laser weapons sounds reasonable to me. I also feel like forcing magnetic weapons to be a requirement for laser weapons would also curb the problem slightly as now the player will always have access to accelerated weapons while laser weapons will now be the "optional" and "unnecessary" upgrade.
  13. I just got an abduction mission and went into the aircraft screen to rearrange soldiers in the dropship. Only one soldier was assigned to the dropship at the time. When I clicked on the dropship, everything turned grey, there was no grid to put soldiers on, and the only soldier that was in there was station right in the middle (in-between where two grid squares should have been). And then the game closed. I also did not participate in any crash site mission and grabbed the money instead, and was in the process of making warden armor, if that information would help. Save is from the most recent interception that happened a minute or two before the abduction mission appeared. auto_strategy_after_intercept-11.json output.log
  14. I was just doing my first air combat engagement and the sidewinders seem to go off and attack the ufo as soon as the battle commences. This is not shown in the tooltips (which implies that sidewinders should not be capable of such a range), and I have tried searching through the patchnotes and have not seen anything about it. auto_strategy_before_intercept-5.json
  15. After playing a little bit of the earlygame, I don't think that the game eases you into it as well as it did in v25 and v26. Ignoring the tutorial, the beginning mission in those versions only had basic cleaners with no special abilities and only had ballistic weapons. It was not very punishing and the player could learn from their mistakes and learn the basic mechanics of the game without the punishment of losing a bunch of soldiers. However, now the starting mission has sectons with magnetic weapons and psionic triangulation right out of the gate. Death is easy and casualties are almost guaranteed. I preferred the original cleaner mission to ease the player into the game before ramping it up with sectons, magnetic weapons, and the like.
  16. It was at the end of turn 1 of the alien research team mission and one of the aliens attempted to shoot one of my soldiers through one of the shipping crates. It is very strange behavior. auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-1.json output.log
  17. What do you mean by "good chance to hit"? If you referring to hit chances around 60-70%, then it should still be very common for those shots to miss. In a game where the main way of killing enemies is by relying on a percent chance to actually hit your shots, unlikely scenarios will end up happening all the time due to how often you attempt to shoot aliens. I think the problem is people are relying on these "decent" hit rates to get the job done, but they fail much more often then people think (and it gets magnified if it takes more than one shot to kill an alien). I think the solution is for the player to get into the habit of always coming up with a backup strategy. They should get into the the head space where they question "if this shot misses its target, what are my options afterwards"? The player can potentially use various grenades to neutralize an alien before killing it on the next turn, perform a strategic retreat to get out of the line of fire temporarily, or various other plans that can save a soldier and prevent unnecessary risk. Of course, this line of thinking may not be very intuitive or common among many players. I think this is mostly me coming from other tactics games like Fire Emblem where 60-70% hit rates are actually considered quite poor and attempting it is a very unnecessary risk. Although I have not played milestone 1 (or much of v27 for that matter) yet, so I should play more of that before returning to this thread.
  18. Although now that I think about it, we might be able to get the most of both worlds with the help of tooltips. The research report can be a little vague by mentioning that "this information will help to increase soldier damage by a significant amount" or something like that, but then have a nested tooltip that gives the exact description of how the mechanic works. So the realism is preserved within the research report itself, but the player would still know exactly what the mechanic would do.
  19. Personally, I am all for gamification and would encourage its use to be more prevalent. I have always played these kinds of games for the strategy and tactics and would like to have all mechanics laid out in a very explicit and often times quantifiable form. I want to know exactly what the victory/defeat conditions are, the exact increase in stats from each individual upgrade, and how things like cleaner cells work. In order to have the best strategic experience, the player must know how all of these things work and plan around them accordingly. For example, if the wording of the interrogation project was changed from "increases damage by 15%" to "our soldier can now deal more damage to them" (or something similar), it would irritate me by quite a lot because now what the project actually does is now vague. How much extra damage does it give? Is it worth the time invested in said interrogation? Would this extra damage even matter? None of these questions are answered, so the player has no way to integrate this into their grand strategy. So yeah, I think the gamey tooltips are quite necessary imo.
  20. I don't know if it actually bothers that many people. It doesn't really bother me that much as I said before. But I have seen some forums on both reddit and steam harshly criticizing the first Xenonauts for lacking such mechanics. Part of the reason I made this thread was to see what the general consensus actually was on it for this forum specifically.
  21. Ah I see, so that's why all of the hits in a burst sequence are always frontloaded. That makes sense. That's a cool detail. I have basically zero actual coding experience and do not really know what is easily achievable and what is not. I am wondering if it is possible for both ideas to exist simultaneously. I'm thinking that maybe if one of the shots was calculated to hit the cover or wall that is blocking the path to the target location that it would be moved to the front of the sequence so that the other shots can be recalculated with the lack of cover or wall in mind. Although, that sounds like that would come with some issues of its own like how to present that information in-game, how that would affect balancing of weapons that use burst fire (and how it buffs laser weapons specifically), and if it would be even feasible to implement in the first place.
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