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  1. There is one tile of smoke blocking shots in this save. If the sniper (Itsuko Kondo) tries to shot through it to hit the Sebilian behind the orange barrier the hit % comes up as 0%, while the rifleman (Huang Tailin) can get a non-zero hit aiming around the smoke. If the rifleman aims through the smoke at the Big Sebilian he will also get a 0% chance to hit. In both of the cases holding down ctrl to force the shot will not work either. user-14.json
  2. Found the problem. When uninstalling from Steam a ton of .json files were not uninstalled. After uninstalling and deleting the folder Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts 2 and then reinstalling the game it now works.
  3. Steps to reproduce: Start new game. Select difficulty. Watch as loading bar goes to 99% then it crashes to desktop. No error code or crash window is shown. Fixes tried: Uninstall than Reinstall: No effect Uninstall, Reboot, than Reinstall: No effect Remove GPU Overclock: No effect Hardware: AMD Ryzen 3800 AMD 5700XT Asrock X570 Steel Legend Motherboard Adata XPG SX8100 1TB output.log
  4. These are two related bugs. First one is that ground combat missions will not end if you capture an alien ship. All you get is a box saying "AREA CLAIMED BY XENONAUTS 0 TURNS REMAINING FOR VICTORY" then the mission continues. The second one is that saves will not save the number of turns left to capture the alien ship. For instance the save I am uploading was saved with 0 turns left to capture the ship, but when loaded it will say 4 turns remaining to capture the ship. You'll have to go through the four turns to see the first bug occur. user-11.json output.log
  5. Decided to mess with the bug some more. I was wrong about the minimum memory increase. 1. Rebooted my computer 2. Started new game, placed base, and saved file 3. Repeatedly loaded the new save I had just created the memory footprint of Xenonauts would increase by about 120MB each time. Did this until I had Xenonauts2.exe holding 6GB. To get large increases in the memory foot print it seems like going from a strategy save to a ground combat save or vice versa will cause a larger amount of memory to be grabbed with a maximum nearing 1 GB.
  6. To reproduce load a save and memory usage will increase by 400Mb to 800Mb each time a save is loaded. It can be the same save and does not matter if the save is ground combat or strategy. Edit: The decrease in memory usage graph is due to me closing my browser to stop me from hitting the page file. OS: Windows 7 Ram: 12GB DDR3 Processor: i7-920 Video Card: GTX770 output.log
  7. Another one, but this is just a visibility issue as i can shoot and destroy the piece. The circled deck will not allow sight lines to pass through. Weird_Wall2.json
  8. Same problem, the log file shows an error. Relevant line and Log file attached as well just in case it's more than one map asset causing the problem. 2019-05-29 21:38:53,267 [ERROR] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.45.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Assets\ContentManager\Managers\ContentManager.cs:458) LOAD(ASYNC) FAIL: The asset doesn't exist or could not be resolved: FileSystem::assets/assets/xenonauts/assetbundle/windows/generated_map_groundcombatterror_medium_townamerican7_authored_scenes output.log
  9. This is on a Terror Mission. In the picture below I have circled the room in purple. The windows can be shot through, but not seen through. If you shoot the brick walls and destroy them you will not be able to see through where they were destroyed nor will you be able to walk through the rubble. Explosives and alien gunfire can destroy the windows and walls and seem to let them function properly. The aliens can see through the walls as there is an alien engineer some where inside of the building who has shot at my guys 2 turns forward from this save. Weird_WindowWall.json
  10. The Xsolla version provides access to the open beta builds and is a preorder for when it is released on steam. This post has the info and link to the Xsolla preorder page.
  11. Starting combat mission ( Both Crash Site and Alien Raid ) will cause the game to CTD. The game loads the map and centers on the dropship the crashes before the overlay (solder equipment and status) is on screen. Can complete mission if ballistic weapons are used. If it matters I am using the Xsolla Launcher To replicate: Load Game Click on Alien Raid mission Click on Mission planning Click on Launch Mission output_log.txt mission crash LAS.json
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