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X-Division Needs More Balancing

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So I started playing X-Division and oh boy, it is insanely difficult even on the easiest option. I love some hard game but I this one feels extremely unfair.

I am getting massacred on the 1st mission!!

Why is the game throwing reptilians and reapers at me on the 1st missions? 

What happened with slowly introducing the enemies?

1st wave being the grays (sectoids), then after a good while the game starts introducing the next wave of tougher enemies.

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X-Division is not maintained anymore. That said, it recommends you to play through X:CE first at least once.

Here you can find some starter tips:

Be glad that you cannot have Androns as your first mission...

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Agree it is "frustratingly" hard but man so AWESOME.

My only beef with it (well, one of very few) is the insane ammount of psi attacks and the power of it. I mean, you send a bunch of 9 ELITE soldiers into a fight, 3 of them panic and freeze and 2 break and flee. I know aliens and superpowers and such schmuch, but come on! These are elite of elite!

Otherwise just AWESOME mod.

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