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  1. You could check what is displayed if you pick two identical alien grenades up on the battlefield.
  2. Apollo and you are right, I messed Corsair and Sonda up. Apologies. As for @Apollo: I invite you to change your tone. You are here because you want help, @Ruthless Reuban and me are here of our accord to give it. To then go around and post stuff like "Uhhh did you read my post?" and "When was the last time you played?" (the last one is even more hilarious as I have my active LP linked in my signature right there) and generally indicate that everyone else is wrong and you totally 100% did everything correctly with the installation is not very inviting to me personally to be constructive and helpful.
  3. You must have a modified game. The normal Foxtrot also only has one Heavy Hardpoint. But from what I have seen in LPs, Lancers are a hard sell over Foxtrots anyway. The Cannons definitely are not in that order in the tech tree. Sonda is a replacement for the Asierus and should have two Cannon mounts. The thing with the first rocket being free is a vanilla game bug that is known for years and seems to be unfixable. The good thing about the shock weaponry is that they do not need consumables to be produced. They have their uses the same way batons have theirs. You still need to be close to the enemy at the start of your turn or suppress and shock it enough that it cannot resist to use them safely. You are right about shields, it is a viable way to play. All in all, it seems you have a scrambled research tree and altered planes.
  4. Well, the only advice I can offer is to reinstall and do exactly as told in the instructions. The install process is very finicky and it is easy to miss a step, which you might not uncover until later in the campaign.
  5. I am sure it has, but I don't know the remedy for that. Do you have a geoscape auto-save before the mission? Maybe the map is corrupted and breaks the game. That said I think the maps have all been fixed by now, but if you play on an older version of the mod, something like this seems reasonable.
  6. From what I have gathered following the development of Xeno2 I am pretty sure that this is not in the scope of the development of the vanilla game, so instead I am going to ask whether the code is flexible enough and the mod tools will be powerful enough to realize something like this. Pitch: It is the Cold War, October 1st, 1979. Aliens have conquered the Earth Orbit. Only two countries, namely Soviet Russia and USA, are even aware of their presence, as next to no Earth observatories are sophisticated enough to spot the concealed Alien crafts, and these are in the hands of the two super powers. ESA and China have lost satellites in the process, but are not aware of the cause for now. Even the secret Xenonauts organization, formed by both powers after the Iceland incident in 1958 are not prepared for the sudden invasion. The Aliens know that they cannot risk an open war with Earth, if they want to assimilate humanity into their Empire, as their present forces are too weak. Instead, they will do everything in their power to covertly destabilize the delicate balance of power the Earthlings currently display. That means silencing whistleblowers and voices calling for an end to the Cold War, performing false flag attacks and pushing war mongers and other puppets to power. The Xenonauts are the counter insurgency force to the Aliens. Made and funded for this lone reason, their final goal is to prevent the alien invasion and getting them to abandon their attempt at subduing humanity. They try to stop any mission the aliens execute, but also to raise awareness of what is happening in the global community so the aliens are faced by a unified, strong humanity. USA and Russia both are aware of the threat the aliens pose and, ultimately, want to stop the aliens. At the same time, decades of conflict and mistrust have left their mark. The balance of powers on the planet is disturbed, and each of the super powers want to get the upper hand over each other. If the alien crafts sink some vessels or bomb military stations of the enemy, they will think twice to intervene. If they can get the extraterrestrials to focus on their enemy, they might just remain as the last power standing. What is more, the rapid technological advances of the coming months are all but guaranteed to catapult more nations into a position of power. Uniting a deeply divided humanity in times of terror and turmoil will not be an easy task for the Xenonauts. --------------------------------------------- What I would ideally want is to have a system where, in addition to the aliens and the Xenonauts, each country has their own set of goals depending on their awareness of the alien threat, the state of the invasion in their territory and the actions other countries (most notably the big two, but there might emerge more) or the Xenonauts take towards them. They would also have their politicans, form of government, military capability and so on as tools for their goals. Depending on what is happening to a country, they might be independent, allied with a super power or even subverted by the aliens and turned into their willing puppets, and their goals would adapt according to the situation they find themselves in. Is there a system for the behaviour of Earth's nations that modders could adapt? Do they have agency at all? Could it be possible somehow to integrate such a system?
  7. Yeah, roof button should help you out. These UFOs are pretty iffy with sight.
  8. As a rule of thumb, if you are going to win the mission, the only thing you need to collect is your own melee weapons on the ground and producable consumables (i.e. things like alenium grenades, stun rockets and so on). Also, if you want to salvage friendly AI weapons (e.g. the Laser Rifles Mk 1 some soldiers have later on), put them in your inventory (I think that worked for me, but that is such an edge case that I cannot even remember 100%). Basically, check your own downed soldiers for consumables you have to produce in your workshops, and for melee weapons you need to produce, and pick them up. Weapons, armour etc are automatically collected.
  9. Dagar

    AI programming in general

    I have played neither PP nor WotC (not buying FiraXCOM ever again after the disaster that was XCOM 2 for me) or Long War 2 (but 1 I have played), but I feel that what you pointed out here is not exactly what I'd like to happen in a game. X-Division, since Charon brought it up, also does not exactly do that for me. Yes, you as player have access to a tech tree and it enables you to alter your tactics and perform operations you previously could not. But the enemy in all these games is pretty static. Yes, they gain stuff over time, sometimes even according to their success over you, but never in response to your actions. Basically, the aliens escalate pretty much with or without your interference. What they encounter on the battlefield does not matter, at most the outcome of a battle or of the overall campaign determines their progress. What I'd like to see is both their equipment and their tactics or maybe even strategy change according to what you do. Ideally not only on the battlefield, but also in the air, with your bases and with your tech. For example, in the beginning they only send scout UFOs to see what humanity is up to, and to scout areas for bases, bombing and terror attacks and so on. If you shoot down 90% of these, they should start scouting with escorted scouts or with bigger UFOs (that is the equipment side) or overwhelm an area with multiple scouts that you cannot all shoot down, or do multiple very short "dip into the atmosphere for a few minutes and get out quick" missions. Instead, what we get is heavier scout UFOs at some point, irrespective to our success in preventing scout missions. Instead, we get steady progression into generally stronger, bigger, better enemies (Long War, FiraXCOM) or leaps in progression (X-Division), which are disconnected from what happened before. Maybe some game does this, but if so, they fail to properly communicate that this is happening. I brought up PP, because from this game at least I know that the ground units "evolve" according to what you do (even though it seems to be a pretty abusable, broken system). I want an enemy that rushes AoE weapons, and concentrates on area denial and flanking hit-and-run type enemies if I always waltz over the map with a squad of close range shield bearers. I want the enemy to emphasize cover and teleporting into my backline if I have a strong sniper-and-scout combo going for some missions now.
  10. Dagar

    AI programming in general

    I agree to the general points here: AI in games should be fun (as in an engaging, interesting opponent) and good (as in challenging, making good decisions within the decision space given). To this I would maybe add that in games, fun is always more important than good. If there is a strategy that makes the AI very good but that is "uncounterable" by the player, that would not be very fun. One thing that in my opinion is missing from the discussion here is that ideally, it should react to the player, as in adapting to counter the player's play style. This is more on the focus of the overall campaign rather than a single mission and could take multiple facets. For one, the AI tactics could change, e.g. in the form of the balance of different behaviour archetypes being adapted. If the player likes to blow up cover and snipe everything from a distance, the prowling, sneaking archetype might become more pronounced. The other way to adapt is what Phoenix Point tried with their evolution of enemies according to what happens in missions. That does not have to be genetic adaptation, but can also be in the form of new equipment. If the player likes to rush in with shields and shotguns, it would feel great if the aliens could try to cover their approach ways with incendiary grenades and the use of a better suppression weapon. The most important thing I feel there is to consider here as a developer is that the change in behaviour should be gradual, so that the player has the chance to observe the new strategy and counter it herself. And if the system regresses to the same optimum regardless of the player, that would most likely be the fault of constraints or the overall game system being flawed. As for the waypoint system, it is pretty easy, from a programming perspective, to make it unpredictable even with the same map blocks, you can distribute many possibly traversable waypoints over each element, choose for a particular patrolling enemy or group a rough patrol path over the map (most likely roughly circular or elliptic) and randomly select waypoints in the vicinity to that rough path, with the closer waypoints being more likely to be chosen. Finally, for what the AI should know and whether it should be more than the player can know, I'd say keep to what is most fun but communicate the AI's capabilities to the player. An enemy that can look through walls can still be fun, if the player knows that and can act accordingly.
  11. I think I recall discussions about this from the past. The gist is that explosive damage is not that effective. If I remember correctly, at some point it was changed for kinetic and energy weaponry that they do 5x the damage against props (like walls, fences, doors etc.), so that most likely is what happened there. In my last mission I shot an alenium missile from a tank against a UFO main door and it still was functional. So yeah, use your normal weapons with high damage output.
  12. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Or on a window or low wall. Or you can hold the bipod in the other hand possibly as a forward grip. I think the mechanism still holds well, as a prepared shooter can hit targets better even if her firing position is suboptimal. @Chris how expandable will the recoil mechanism for modders be? can you e.g. delay the recoil effect, meaning e.g. the first three shots hit with full accuracy and then it takes effect, or with a "stopping" accuracy where it does not deteriorate further? Does this influence the projectile spread pattern? Apart from that, I find the inclusion of sight blocks in the air game an interesting way to widen the decision space. I am curious though; why should you not be able to shoot through clouds? Are you considering utility items on planes that can create clouds? Strong wind currents that influence your movement could also be interesting to explore.
  13. Batons do normal as well as stun damage. Most likely you just killed her with the normal damage? Maybe wait a turn; Xenos recover HP on their turn, but nothing recovers stun threshold.
  14. All that sounds great! Can't wait to check it out finally mid December. Is there still a ban on showing the state of the game in a public video? Could you consider making that principle more general in terms of game logic for modders (of course I have no idea how it is currently implemented)? Would love to see the possibility of adding helmets, backpacks, boots etc. as armour components.
  15. Dagar

    How many bases can be built?

    *Laughs in X-Division* Hopefully that max number is moddable?
  16. Beautiful find @Alphaswolf, thanks!
  17. Almost certainly they are. Lancers and grav torps are both Phase 2 stuff while Foxtrots and Alenium torps are Phase 1. Just look at the Xenopedia. There is no argument against Lancers as they are a straight up upgrade over Foxtrots. Grav torpedoes might be worse for shooting the big boats if they have shorter range, longer lock on time or less overall damage. Depends. Dunno their stats off the top of my hat.
  18. Have more planes, presumably. Downing Terror boats seems to be a thing you mostly can only do with a huge amount of planes or, at best, late in the according phase.
  19. So, I personally never altered a save file. People mostly use Notepad++ and Excel for the .xml files. However, after crawling the forums with the search function for a bit, I found this about save files: So a hex editor should work fine for the save files. Can't check that right now since I am not on a PC with Xenonauts installed.
  20. @helstads_dog Can't really help you, but I'd look at my save game file with an according editor and see if I can alter the location/mission of the squadron/fighters back to in their base. Make a backup save first though! You should be looking at both Fighters as well as at the Squadron, which you should delete. Just look how other active and grounded planes look first.
  21. Dagar

    Weapon Asymetry

    I like that idea! Sounds like something I'd want to use, unless the damage output of Lasers is practically zero in the end. Another potentially cool thing to try, if you have such upgrade paths would be something like this: You are soundly in the Laser tier, with enough weapons for all of your soldiers, when you research Plasma Now you can start manufacturing these clearly better weapons, but they are expensive as hell, and you need special material for them that you only get few of, if any, in a mission. But you also unlock an upgrade to the Laser tech which costs you time and maybe some material to manufacture, but then automatically all your Laser weaponry becomes slightly better. Not as good as the Plasmas, but still a nice little upgrade. Then you can choose to save the research time and material to do that upgrade and go straight for as many Plasmas as you can, or you can take the sidegrade, smoothing out the effectiveness increase bump a bit for the cost of mostly time. What do you think?
  22. There seem to be instances where something in the tech tree does not register. In my (slightly older) version it was the Wolf, Direwolf and Predator armours, but that was fixed since. Maybe an according bug is in the high tier stuff and nobody noticed until now?
  23. Dagar

    Weapon Asymetry

    I usually agree with you on most stuff, but not here. There are tons of ways in which you can keep different paths relevant. One example outlined by you below: That would generalize to different game mechanisms for the weapon families. For the Laser family, you could add a researchable power control that gives you more damage per beam in exchange for more battery drainage or more heat (if you implement an overheat mechanism). Another path would be that the final weapon tiers are similar in overall power but balanced for different use cases. In Long War and X-Division, Laser weapons have an accuracy bonus, which makes them perfect for inaccurate rookies or long range snipers. Other families could have more damage, more armour mitigation, more projectiles per shot/burst, more damage to props, spawn fire or smoke or light on their path or target, aoe damage or dot, ... It is good that you want to attempt that. But also, you could link these improvements to your laser weapons to some research that comes out of plasma tech, which means you cannot "stay" on your divergent laser path if you want to improve your weaponry, but have to tech the other ones too, and then decide if you want to upgrade, build the new tech from scratch or some mix of both. Apart from that, do not underestimate that researching new tech and getting unexpected new toys and more cool research from it is very satisfying. I'd research pretty much everything just to see what comes of it and to get that small dose of dopamine when another tech is finished. With a mix of different damage types, resistances and tiers within the families, there is huge potential for viable side-grading of your weapons and equipment in general. Just make sure the player can explore as well as make informed, strategic and tactical decisions with what you come up with, and all will be fine.
  24. That smoke is apparently so dense that it is literally blocking. Maybe made of nano-machines that yank bullets out of their trajectory?
  25. As for missing tech from specialists, that is easy to determine. Specialists unlock some predetermined tech, like engineers and medics, and the Mk3 weapons of that Phase in a randomized fashion. That means some combination of specialists unlock some Mk3 stuff. If you have every Laser Mk3 weapon available, you did not miss out on anything regarding the Light Scout Op (since Caesans unlock Laser Mk3, while Sebs unlock Div Mk3).