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[v22] Aircraft Alenium Explosives CTD


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@Chris and Dev-Team: Not only for Alenium Explosives is that Bug, it´s for the 2 other Upgrades (Plasma and Fusion or so) too. The short Version of that I copy here too from an other Part of the Forum with the same Problematic-Discussion.

On 12/23/2021 at 5:38 PM, CompoTheSmoggie said:

I've reached the point where I have done research on all of the upgraded missiles i.e. Alenium, Plasma and Fusion, in a different campaign, but on completion of any of them three projects in the workshop, the game crashes to desktop.

The Skylance torpedo research and manufacture in the workshop caused no problems.



About that Problem I haven´t had played the Standard-Version [V.22.6] until I read it. With the Beta-Version it worked normal [V.22.5 / V.22.6] Tests. But I was only in V.22.5 up to come to Plasma-Missles / Torpedos.

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