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Random Thought That You Know You Want.

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So...you know how a lot of RPGs tend to throw in random sports minigames for the purposes of world building? Then this is usually used for maximum tragedy when an OP minigame character dies later?

We need to be able to assign agents to basketball teams, is what I'm saying. They could all compete while training, and then it could be that much more tragic to come back from a mission, only to see that George the Xenoslayer isn't there to win his season trophy anymore. 

Just saying, you know you want this. (maybe they can have a champ medal?)

Other ideas:

Track (TUs)
Wrestling (HP)
Marksman (duh)
Sparring (Reactions)
Lifting (Strength)
Janitorial Duty (Bravery)

Image result for champeenship homestar

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5 hours ago, Dagar said:

I can agree to that. The only thing is that Bravery should be about daring to go through with a prank on the chief scientist developed by the engineers.

Bring the engineers coffee in full view of the scientist, as a reaper scratches inches away. +5 bravery, +1 brown pants 

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