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  1. I would be okay with making the soldiers fall down and be unrecoverable during the mission (the current 'dead' state) a 'badly wounded' state with a 75% chance of survival with a permanent scar of some kind. Some of those scars could be mixed: Faster reactions but lower accuracy for the jittery soldier, or immunity to mind war but vulnerability to other forms of morale loss, in addition to the strictly worse ones. Since those scars would replace death, the balance issue would be in avoiding having the penalties be too weak, and soldiers being used as ablative armor being too possible.
  2. I wonder if a hybrid model of "X%+N TUs" would work out; if the LMG is, for example, 50% +1, then it only ever gets one salvo off on any turn, even with MAXINT TUs- but with 30%+30, it's still going to be limited to one salvo for total TUs under 150, but someone with 70 TUs would be much better at repositioning and firing than someone with 50. It would have the side effect that anyone with less than 43 TUs would be completely unable to fire it, which I think is interpretative of them being so badly wounded/encumbered/impaired/suppressed that they can't manage the weapon at all.
  3. What use is it for a man to save the whole world, if he dies doing so?
  4. The thing I noticed is that only the aliens had powerful weapons where any given shot mattered a lot. There was a distinct lack of any kind of human armor-piercing tech among all of the rockets, despite the launchers which should have been able to fire penetrators but which appeared to only have large area denial munitions that weren't effective against the enemies targeted, despite literally every alien being so heavily armored that they weren't shot to death so much as eroded.
  5. Sounds a lot like Phoenix Point. There's a lot of room for improvement on their hit detection, and it creates the odd emergent feature that some very heavily armored enemies are best handled by destroying their weapon and inflicting any amount of bleed. It does feel nice to have your sniper pull out their sidearm and make several precise shots to counter an enemy at close range, or to get into a flanking position and take out an arm holding a shield, but it's a different niche of Laser Squad than the survival horror/HFY niche.
  6. It's plausible to have it both ways- a small number of technobabble cannons that leave holes in anything that they hit, and several other weapons that are faster and perhaps more accurate but easier to deflect or absorb.
  7. I don't think I ever completed the final mission with no losses. What might be an interesting compromise is if there was a mission AFTER the world is saved that was either an exfiltration or extraction of the squad that won the day, or possibly a series of missions that determine how badly the death throes/disorganized remnants damage Earth in a margin-of-victory sequence. It would be a moderate departure from form to have substantial elements of the game occur after the boss fight, but there are already plenty of examples of escape sequences.
  8. There's certainly not enough room for all of those in text without it becoming a spreadsheet. But it could probably be shown- how easy/hard would it be to display armor and weapons in a 3d model along with name on half the screen with name, portrait, and the role symbol displayed on a schematic of the dropship? Also show the soldier number for that mission.
  9. "Breaking" armor doesn't mean that the armor is evaporated, any more than breaking cover means the cover is evaporated. It would be sufficient to pulverize strong ceramic plates into dust, or start spalling a hard plate.
  10. No, it takes more TU, but the same amount of time. Higher TU means you run faster, since movement takes constant TU.
  11. If the dropship has blind spots, enemies should be unable to start in those blind spots. There's design room for craft with a higher capacity but not more interior space, if a soldier in very heavy armor takes up more than one soldier's worth of weight but still fits in one tile. That could also be used as a balancing factor and allow heavy armor, robots, or vehicles to be better, if they take more weight. Few aircraft are limited in passenger capacity by how many seats they have; aircraft limit how many seats and cargo space they have so that they reach their full load when the seats and cargo bays are full.
  12. There's some value to having a squad that can be moved around as a single unit, such as putting equipment assignment on the squad position. But working out the edge cases and the UI for it is time better spent on other features. Giving a mechanical bonus for using an accounting feature is cancer; if you want a rapport mechanic, have it work pairwise independently of squad.
  13. I was referring to the idea that tanks could go in the open and serve as cover for others. Even literal tanks have to protect their sides and rear and top and bottom.
  14. To a certain degree it's a thematic decision; do you want armored characters to be able to shrug off attacks except for the one that kills them instantly, or do you want them to take gradual damage? But walking in the open and trusting on armor to protect you is suicide if there is any anti-armor in play.
  15. Once we get enough alien technology, we could build a drownball stadium.
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