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  1. Decius

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    Don't wait for the aliens to subvert a corporation. Raid gang slums in the early game for soldier training, and sell the drugs you seize for easy money.
  2. Decius

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    Making players choose between power armor/shields and advanced weapons is interesting. Any thoughts on there being equipment that can operate better with more power, to make it even harder to have enough power to max out everything.
  3. Decius

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    On breaching landed UFOs: Once you have captured one intact and studied it, having the ability to put a demo charge on the main power source and make the firefight trivial at the cost of having to pressure-wash the loot off of the walls.
  4. Decius

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Is the plan to have only one Operation Endgame available? I can imagine the "teleportation jammer" tech that keeps the aliens from arriving, building a teleporter powerful enough to send a bomb and/or troops to the alien origin point, and some kind of diplomatic compromise all being ways to go.
  5. Decius

    Returning Aliens

    One of the ways to add depth is to have different groups of humans use different names. The scientists might use binomial nomenclature in a formal report, but soldiers are going to use very different terms in their 'formal reports', and both will have formal and informal terms. Showing that in a way that isn't confusing to the player for having to correlate four or five different names to the same creature type might be a challenge.
  6. Decius

    X-2 and Others

    The genre is big enough for more than one game this decade. Pheonix Point isn't going to displace X2 any more than Dune 2 displaced Command and Conquer.
  7. Decius

    What Xenonauts 2 needs

    One thing to consider with training- what does it actually consist of? Are we just giving them a pallet of ammo and telling them to hit the range, or are we bringing in subject matter experts and giving the soldiers classroom time on xenoanatomy and where vital organs are and how their joints can and can't bend? Things like demolitions training or medical training could make new equipment, actions or skills usable (or effective), focused drills could improve accuracy, reaction time, or other stats. Presumably the recruit pool would include some people who already had some of the more mundane training, but even specforces typically don't all have all of the assault/sniper/medic/demolitions/lockpicking/foreign language/electronic warfare/hacking training, because by the time any one person had completed developing that many different skills it would be time to retire. Spending somewhere between a fortnight and a month, at the pace of X1, to become eg ten times better than baseline at field treating injuries seems like a fair balance- nice enough that players want someone with that ability, and expensive enough that they can't give it to everyone.
  8. Decius

    What Xenonauts 2 needs

    Close air support would be very hard to balance, gameplay-wise. That's because close air support is designed to be completely unfair and unbalanced.
  9. Decius

    Correcting fire

    It's not easy to see where your shots land when firing in stressful conditions, unless you're using tracer rounds.
  10. Decius

    Make both site playable

    A good starting point for an alien campaign would be after a human victory. The opponent has close to technological parity, massive number advantage, and momentum, and you have some escape pods and some pistols. Destroy all hyperspace jammers and request reinforcements.
  11. The wattage of a laser is the maximum amount of energy it can deposit on the target. Five watts is nowhere near enough to 'punch a hole in solid steel'; you need to put enough energy on the target to either melt or sublimate the surface. For plate steel at roughly zero range, getting a clean cut requires kW-range lasers. Since a clean cut isn't needed, and aircraft don't have plate metal armor, similar power levels are useful against aircraft IF the targeting system can keep the laser pointed at the target long enough to melt a control surface.
  12. Decius

    X2 Personality

    The average soldier in a war kills fewer than one other soldier. Unless for some reason human soldiers are MUCH better than alien soldiers, there should be a very high body count, with even the most 'routine' missions being dangerous, even if done perfectly. Soldier costs (in money and in the supply of willing recruits) need to reflect the fact that soldiers' life is less important than some mission objectives. That can be shifted quite a bit towards 'human soldiers use superior tactics to be better soldiers' and 'most alien 'combatants' are poorly trained in ground combat because they're spaceship crew' to support the squad-based tactical gameplay, but an assault on a fortified position protected by trained soldiers should not be expected to be cheap.
  13. Decius

    "Terror" mission

    If the goal of an alien terror attack was just to kill civilians and make them scared, they'd be dropping rocks from orbit. The aliens on a 'terror' mission have some other goal that we don't understand- maybe they want to study the stuff that's there, and the way they study a building involves taking it apart, or maybe they have motives that are too foreign for a human to understand. Either way, they aren't going to act like a human optimizing for terror tactics would, even if they have the effect of making people panic.
  14. Decius

    "Terror" mission

    X1 has roughly four different UFOs, of different sizes. There's the type that's linear "open the door and mutual shooting gallery", then there's "Open one door into a room with three doors", and there's "Open two doors into the same room", sometimes mixed in with "Use a teleporter". More different floorplans on that same gameplay wouldn't add much, it would need to be a new type of thing.
  15. Decius

    "Terror" mission

    More UFO assault isn't a problem. More of the same UFO assault could be a problem. One way to mix it up would be that the craft is preparing to depart. Once the engines are started and the navigator launches, any soldiers still on board have to choose between being captured, crashing the UFO (e.g. by shooting the navigator or blowing up something important), or die trying. Larger UFOs would help with that, if they were large enough to be a map with nonlinear paths rather than being on a map tile with pretty much one path to the command center.