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  1. Here's a challenge: Play a game where you only pause the Geoscape and interact when something interrupts you. Compare that experience with the alternative, having the full array of controls available.
  2. Decius

    Replay mode?

    Just record the impact point of each bullet, and when replaying fire them at their impact point with magic hit chance.
  3. Diablo started as turn based and was changed to not pause between turns. The phases and turns were in there initially, and then the 'pause' step was removed. It was a good decision, and made it 'real-time' in every practical sense, but the turns were still there under the hood; each tick happens once, and the only noteworthy difference from the Rogue model is that there isn't a full pause when your previous action completes. (plus some bugs that came about as a result, like stunlocking). At around 27:15
  4. Decius

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    The only way I see to reconcile the 'realism' and 'gameplay' preferences here is to make officers different from enlisted- a Lieutenant would be about good solo as a corporal, and much worse than a Master Sergeant. But the Lieutenant would have some kind of command bonus applied to the entire battlefield. At the upper end, a Colonel could provide a better version of the tactical bonus, or a base-wide leadership bonus. It seems like bad design to make those bonuses just +numbers, and I don't see a good way to give them abilities like Long War did without changing the entire paradigm of X2. But there is plenty of precedent in fiction for officers to be overall better than ordinary soldiers; Col. Hannibal Smith is a force to be reckoned with by himself, much less as the leader of the A-Team.
  5. Decius

    UI Reload function design

    Certainly don't make each magazine its own button in the UI... but having the list of all magazines expand when desired, and show each of them along with the number of rounds present would be a nice touch. As would having weapons with internal magazines rather than detachable ones; most modern shotguns don't have detachable magazines, but instead are reloaded one shell at a time into an internal magazine, or a shell can be chambered directly. (Useful for niche applications like loading and firing a breaching shell)
  6. Making strength gain a tradeoff that prevents TU gain is an interesting dynamic. If can either get a -1.5 reduction to the TU penalty for being overloaded or +1 TU, but not both, a soldier who wouldn't get much benefit from a higher strength has no reason to carry extra stuff solely to build strength, but someone who wants to have heavy armor and weapons benefits somewhat more from the strength than the straight TUs... until they don't anymore, and then they just get more TUs.
  7. You've now either defined Rogue as Real Time With Automatic Pause, or Diablo as Turn Based Without Pause. Using non-functional definitions doesn't carve reality at the joints.
  8. For all practical purposes, the geoscape IS essentially turn based. You make a handful of decisions, see what their outcome is, end 'end turn' by hitting the fast-forward button to find your next decision node.
  9. Decius

    underwater missions

    Isn't that the endgame of Apocalypse? I found it to be an interesting concept but ended up dragging on too long.
  10. The entire point is that you're not aiming it, you're just blindly throwing it through the door before fully opening it. It's consuming a finite resource before getting confirmation of a threat.
  11. Decius

    Alien Rescue Missions

    Of course it relies on intentional actions to destroy valuable things. Any kind of automated destruction system for the edge case of intact capture would be capable of being activated either accidentally or as a result of sabotage.
  12. A key thing missing from X-Division is "Open with a flashbang", where there is no way to interrupt between opening the door and the flashbangs going off.
  13. Taking away the on-screen Monte Carlo simulation of shot results would make decision-making impossible. That's because PP uses their firing system to implement positional armor and meaningful location-based damage in addition to cover and stray bullet resolution.
  14. Save file bloat is already inherent in 'save two different states of the game'. The mission generation time is inherent in generating a new mission.
  15. Decius

    Alien Rescue Missions

    1) All three of those have abandon procedures that destroy the sensitive tech. If you eject from an F35, the software deletes itself securely; the parts of an aircraft carrier that have TS information also have hatches and bulkheads that can resist penetration long enough to shred or melt all of the information inside.