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“…if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together." – Ronald Reagan


The Alien invasion arrives at an Earth in the grip of a cold war. The threat of nuclear annihilation casts a shadow over mankind. This proposal shows the progression of cold war relationships in the face of the invasion. It provides an alternative research tree, focused on Geoscape based aspects of the game, in addition to providing an additional layer of simple immersion.


- A geopolitical research tree dovetailing from main tech tree, that impacts the funding nations

- Funding nation variables, linked to Xenonaut scoring.

- Expansion of funding nation actions

- Use of certain missions/maps to have increased impact on scoring

- Enhanced Geoscape events

- Enhanced funding details


The EU Geoscape was a fairly static affair that, beyond increasing or decreasing funding, didn’t really adapt to a change in the alien threat levels. The developers took pains to rectify this in Apocalypse. In Xenonauts, the invasion fleet is there for everyone to see. It would be nice to see a world in the depths of a cold war adapt to something that will either forge them together or doom them all.

Other threads

Heating Up the Cold War – Looks at the world of 1979 and makes some game suggestions

Potential GeoPol Mod – Jimbobfury is looking at similar territory. The only reason this lot isn’t in that thread is that there’s a focus on weapon mods there, and I didn’t want this lot to derail it.

Base Spread –ideas on why the player should expand out into the Geoscape, and what can be doe not promote it.

The posts here will be updated based on comments and further reading. A wiki has been set up from Jimbobfury’s post and hopefully this can also feed into that.

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Geopolitical research tree

Arrival of the alien fleet results in global panic “when attempts at communication fail and initial attempts to repel the invaders as they scout the upper atmosphere are met with heavy losses and little success.”

The goal of the Xenonaut organisation will indirectly result in each nation reassessing their relationships with the rest of the world, as Earth’s best defence is a united one. It is the goal of Xenonauts to channel as much collective development and unity from its funding nations as possible. To that end results form some of the Xenonaut research can be distributed throughout the funding nations.

While this may sound utopian, bear in mind that the Xenonauts are essentially extorting capital from their funding nations in return for protection and the hope that their advanced technology will secure a victory. Also note that throughout, Xenonauts do not openly share their key research findings with the rest of the world.

Bridging the gaps

It is important that this research tree be integrated into the existing structure, allowing for numerous branching off points, but without hindering the core storyline or the game balance. The game ticker may have to be revised as a player who devotes time to this research tree may not be capable of fending off waves of larger craft, later in the game.

By following this line of research there would have to be bonuses to help secure funding in the face of poorer intercept and ground missions (due to reduced research in those areas). Likewise, there would have to be pitfalls in this line of approach, as the nations are not sheep to be cajoled. They will look for every opportunity to gain the upper hand. The longer the aliens delay a full scale attack, the more governments will start to look to longer term solutions, thinking that an all out invasion may not occur.

Research Topics


Baltic Propaganda, Alliances, Warsaw Pact Armoury, SPUTNIK enhancement, NATO Armoury, Advanced Aeronautics , Improved Radar, Alien Transmission, CERN, Astronomical Anomalies, Fuel Enrichment.

The bonuses and unlocks from the research additions are closely aligned with changing funding nation variables and spheres of influence below.

The below topics are only a sample of what could be added.

Xenonauts – Baltic propaganda (or A kick in the Baltics)

Requirements – None

When Finished - +X% Funding across all funding nations

The game starts with a panicked world. The previous initial funding levels should be reduced. By researching this topic, world morale is bolstered, increasing the funding to previous starting levels. This should be available at the start of the game and have a short research time. The results are information regarding the successful alien interception being broadcast around the world. Nations are put under pressure to support the Xenonauts while the extent of the threat is established. This does not please either superpower. Once funding is secured the funding nations are shown that the alien ships will have to adapt to function fully in Earth’s atmosphere, providing some further hope.


Requirements – Baltic Propaganda

When Finished - Various

Xenonauts sign an agreement with a funding nation. In return for increased expectations by this region (see funding expectations) the Xenonauts receive certain bonuses in that area.

An alliance is essentially the reverse of an alien pact. It bolsters the relationship (and funding ) between Xenonauts and the funding nation. The funding nation will want something in return though, and their expectations will be higher (see finding expectations). Failure to deliver could have serious consequences.

Alliances are used to trigger a number of background bonuses in the game. None should be huge, but all should add texture and depth to the funding strategy.

Alternative: An alliance is triggered by putting a base in the funding region. This is another incentive to spread bases.

Bonuses - +10% funding, +10% increase time in UFO staying on map, +15% for Terror Sites, -10% recruitment cost. Other bonuses are possible (see list below)

Each funding area should have a research topic or two, so there is a bit more to be done here.

Research Unlocks by Funding nation (research topics detailed further below)

Some research topics represent particular areas of expertise from funding nations that will result in reductions in research and manufacturing. These reductions can be implemented either because an alliance is in place, or if there is a Xenonauts base in the area, if there is a lab/workshop in the area or just as a blanket bonus depending on the ease of adding into the game.

Soviet Union - Warsaw Pact Armoury, SPUTNIK enhancement

North America - NATO Armoury, Advanced Aeronautics

Europe – Improved Radar, Alien Transmission, CERN

Central America -

South America – Astronomical Anomalies

North Africa –

South Africa –

Middle East – Fuel Enrichment

Indochina -

Australasia –

*armouries from other funding regions could be added in mods later.

Graphics for all of the above can just be the Geoscape maps if need be.

Additional complexity in research rewards (see also finding nation variables below)

Bonuses of the Alliances such as funding and UFO time on the Geoscape could be scaled to the satisfaction levels shown by the countries, but a simple base percentage could also be used.

Funding bonus could vary depending on the wealth of each area in 1979 – So:-

+10% North America, Soviet Union and Middle East

+7% Europe, Indochina

+5% Australasia, South Africa, South America

+3% North Africa, Central America

Time bonuses will depend on population density and support. While support could tie in with Funding Nation score, density may look like:-

+10% Europe, Indochina

+7% North America, Central America, Middle East

+5% Soviet Union, South Africa, South America

+3% Australasia, North Africa

A further option would have each research topic assigned a particular area – such as biological, engineering, particle physics. Each nation have a particular rating in each of these fields, that would affect variables if the research is carried out at particular bases. With collaborative research, this could push players to have labs in more than one base.

Research Topics utilising funding nation expertise

Warsaw Pact Armoury

Requirements – Soviet Union Alliance

When Finished – Unlocks the alternate soviet weapons

SPUTNIK enhancement

Requirements – Soviet Alliance, XXXX

When Finished – Increases information on alien missions

NATO Armoury

Requirements – None. The game starts with this in the Xenopedia

When Finished – None. You have the starting weapons and craft

Advanced Aeronautics

Requirements – North America Alliance

When Finished – Increased speed for aircraft

Represents the advanced nature of US aerospace research since the end of WWII. Reduces time to research MIG & some other craft through advanced US aerospace engineering.


Requirements – Europe Alliance

When Finished –Helps reduce research and manufacturing times of physics based projects.

Astronomical Anomalies

Requirements – South America Alliance

When Finished – XXXX

Should there come a point in the game where you need to look outwards at the alien fleet or their source, then this research topic could impact research times or reduce manufacturing times.

Fuel Enrichment

Requirements – Middle East Alliance

When Finished – Improves aircraft range

Chinooks starts the game at the old level of range and speed. This research topic adds that extra 10% onto them. Quite a help at the earlier part of the game, until advanced craft make the Middle East less of a priority.

Improved Radar

Requirements – Europe Alliance

When Finished – Europe bases receive a small increase in radar coverage.

Alien Transmission

Requirements – Europe Alliance

When Finished – Should there be a need to decipher alien communications, this topic would provide a bonus to do so.

Other topics may include UAV and Tesla Papers research depending on what come into the later game.

Research Dissemination

Through their research efforts the Xenonuats discover revolutionary methods of power production, manufacturing, weapons and aerospace design. Throughout the game, the Xenonauts should have the option of disseminating this information to it’s funding nations in order to increase support in difficult times.

Details on these are sparse, as I don’t want to add in any Xenopedia spoilers. Broadly, these topics should be short in duration with the bonus of receiving a small percentage increase form all funding nations.

Due to the structure of the R&D tree, these topics are handily placed quite regularly throughout the game, adding little bonuses for completing full areas of research.

Energy Distribution - Revolutionary power source derivatives are given to the world. Bigger gains for developed nations.

Cons - Will move Middle East down one level of cooperation (or subtract a figure)

Manufacturing Distribution – A revolution in smart manufacturing is unlocked when the Xenonauts produce some of their alloy fabrication results to the world.

Laser Distribution – medical and microchip manufacturing anre only two of the industries greatly enhanced by the results of the Xenonauts work into combining alien technology and laser research.

Medical Advances – alien autopsies and research into medikits will result in A&E and field medicine improving greatly.

Pharmacology – Alien interrogations and autopsies have opened up a new branch of biological research.

Improved Local Navigation – Local forces are able to better detect the alien presence, following dissemination of captured alien navigation.

Improved Aircraft Armaments - Local forces are better able to protect their airspace, following dissemination of alien missile technologies.


Requirements – Alien Base attack

Following the discovery of the first Alien Base, Xenonauts can train the funding nations to spot the signs, increasing the chances that local forces will spot one ofr them in the future.

Bootstrap (Increase allied force capability)

Requirements – Energy Distribution, Alloy Distribution, Laser Distribution, Improved Local Navigation and Local armaments.

The nations of the world are now capable of standing on a more even foting with Xenonauts. To that end, local forces will now deal with any Light Scout UFOs detected across their territories.

A progression of this tree, effectively removing fiddly UFOs from the game for the Xenonauts.

The effectiveness of the local forces may increase as the game continues based on further distribution topics researched. O, with the player’s mind on Battleship type craft, Corvettes may be tackled by local forces etc.

The Xenonauts should still receive a percentage of the points gained form a successful local interception, as it is their technology that made it possible

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Funding nation variables, linked to Xenonaut scoring.

Although there are number of variable that affect the world of the Geoscape, they have little or no impact when it comes to resource management.

The following suggests that not all bases in all corners of the world are the same. Further, it is proposed that the score of a particular funding nation has other ramifications on Xenonaut capability, both good and bad.

Implementation of the below should not add any micromanagement to the player, but instead offer an increase in awareness and tactical options. Included with the other options, there are numerous strategies to improving certain areas of the game, depending on the player’s goals.

Below is shown the Xenonaut relationship with a funding nation, followed by adjustment to variables.

Excellent: -10% to requirements

Good: -5% to requirements

Average: 0

Poor: +5% to requirements

Behaviour at the start of the game as a result of national paralysis and indecision. Upgraded to something approaching Average through Baltic Propaganda research.

Bad: +10% to requirements

Terrible: +20% to requirements

Local forces are hostile. Points are still lost for killing them and any civilians on Battlescape.

Variables affected by score (Funding effects are already in the game). Not all of these have to be affected, but are included as options.

Resource Costs

+/- X% Base Maintenance Costs

+/- X% Scientist hiring cost (Good: North America)

+/- X% Engineer hiring cost (Good: Middle east)

+/- X% Soldier recruitment costs (Good: South America)

+/- X% Craft cost

+/- X% Vehicle Cost (Good: Soviet Union)

+/- X% Base Facility construction time (Good: North Africa)

+/- X% Store sales (Good: North Africa)


+/- X% Research Time (Good: Europe)

+/- X% Manufacturing Time (Good: South Africa)

+/- X% Manufacturing Cost (Good: Indochina)

Battlescape & local forces

+/- X% Number of local forces appearing on Battlescape

+/- X% Aggression shown by local forces on Battlescape

+/- X% chance of local forces intercepting UFOs


+/- X% Terror Site Mission Window on Geoscape

+/- X% RADAR Range

+/- X% UFO Mission Window on Geoscape


+/- X% Missile Defence (Good: Central America)


+/- X% Soldiers in Medical Bay (Good: Australasia)

+/- X% Soldiers survive drop ship crash (due to relationship with locals). Either promotes a rescue mission or simply they return to base or there’s a popup

Other options relating to score

- Prevent/Delay funding nation’s area denial attack on terror sight

- Propaganda effects (see below)

- Morale. Xenonaut morale is adjusted depending on how the soldier’s funding nation is faring in the conflict. An alternative is that morale is adjusted at each mission based on Funding nation score. this would require the game to know where each soldier is from. It may also require a method of selecting your soldiers form a pool of nations, so as not to lose lots of morale on recruitment if you happen to lose a nation later on).

In addition to changing the score for each of these variables as the game progresses, each funding nation may start the game with differing scores in each of the above.


No troop pre-training is included as it is felt this should be part of the training screen. Should that be removed, then it may be an option again.

Variable alterations due to national expertise

Connected with Funding Nation Alliances and Funding Nation Variable Alterations options above. There are some things that particular funding nations are perceived as being strong in. This should be reflected in the game, to further add tactical options to a lving Geoscape.

In the list of variables above there is frequently a mention of (Good: Funding Nation X). This represents a bonus that the applies to Xenonaut bases in that funding nation. Bonuses should be fairly small as there they can be added to by other elemens of the GeoPol Mod. No more than 5% is suggested.

At a glance, here are the variables impacted by national expertise:-

Soviet Union - Vehicle Cost

North America - Scientist hiring cost

Europe – Research Time

Central America - Missile Defence

South America - Soldier recruitment costs

North Africa – Base facility construction time, Store sales

South Africa – Manufacturing Time

Middle East – Engineer hiring cost

Indochina - Manufacturing Cost

Australasia – Soldiers in Medical Bay

Some balance may be required to ensure that there is sufficient use for all funding nations.

Some variables such as research and manufacturing times are particularly strong and should be viewed closely for balance.

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Expansion of funding nation actions

The suggestions below move the funding nations away from being passive states. In this cold war setting nations are not only faced with an immediate threat of possible extinction or invasion. They face a loss of fundamental ideologies and of long held power structures in their world. Nations must act, not only to preserve mankind, but to protect their cherished ideals in whatever world comes to pass.

Patrolling -

Xenonaut craft patrolling to waypoints above funding nations should result in a slight score bonus for doing so at the end of each month. This shows the population of the funding nations that their leaders have ensured action against the alien threat will protect their nation.


There is an increase score each month if the Xenonauts maintain a base within that funding nation.


This is linked with the scoring that each funding nation has (see funding nation variables above). The effects of alien attacks in the funding nation are dampened/suppressed or enhanced/fabricated depending on their relationship with Xenonauts. It promotes trying to keep as many funding nations as happy as possible.

It reflects the huge amount of propaganda, suppression, disinformation and general skulduggery that occurred as a matter of course in the cold war (and now for that matter)

Bear in mind that Propaganda feeds into the scoring loop that provides more local forces etc as described above.

Espionage (Infiltration prevention)

This is duplicated in the Sightings research topic above, but is included here as an alternative approach. This represents local intelligence agencies being able to spot alien doppelgangers and rogue MIBs, thus keeping countries free for their own manipulations post invasion. Like the sighting research topic the result would be an increased chance to spot alien infiltration (pop up that this may be happening) and alien bases (the old X-Com local spies have spotted alien base).

Sphere of Influence

The world is dominated by the Soviet Union and the United States. Their power extends to other regions. Likewise, the trading relationships between the fading European powers still have an influence in Africa, across the commonwealth, and in central and southern America.

Changes in financial support from one funding nation (in effect your monthly score) will have an impact on others, to a lesser degree.

This supports a world fighting for a common goal as well as reinforcing the rather fragmented political position of the world at the start of the invasion.

It also promotes players to not abandon certain nations, as they are interconnected with the others.

Each of the funding nations has ties to the others that will impact the funding of others should they come under attack, or for that matter be really pleased with your organisation. If either USA or Soviet Union sign a pact, there may be some real struggles ahead.

Proposed Spheres of influence, with influencing nation first.

Soviet Union - Central America

North America - Europe, Middle East

Europe - South America, North Africa, Australasia

Central America - South America

South America - Indochina

North Africa - Middle East

South Africa - North Africa

Middle East - North America, Europe

Indochina - Soviet Union, Europe, North America

Australasia – Indochina

The knock on effects to scores would be small, again building up an overall Geopolitical picture with the other suggestions rather than dominating it. Around 2-3% of additional scoring could be added/removed based on the above relationships. Balancing would have to be done, particularly due to Soviet and US world dominance. However, it should not be equal reflecting the real world at that time.


History generally shows that mankind is only united against invasion until it is convenient not to be, and mostly not even then. An alien invasion removes a large amount of this convenience in the face of imminent annihilation.

However, as time passes and the aliens seek to infiltrate, rather than carpet bomb, certain funding nations will adjust their view of the longer term and their place in it.


As a funding nation sinks into signing an alien pact (score is in the terrible region), there is an opportunity for another funding nation to invade it. The plus is that funding is not completely lost for the nation about to be lost to the aliens. The downside is that funding is halved for both the invading and the invading nation. Alien infiltration is reduced for the invaded nation, but remains and will grow again.

Changes to the actual Geoscape would be nice, but are not necessary as the name of the funding nation would still be the same.

This leads to a possibly unsettling option. That certain funding nations would deliberately orchestrate the fall of a neighbour to expand their sphere of influence. This has happened on countless occasion in the real world. In the game, it may not be something that nations look at as an option until their survival as a species is secure.

One of the ironies of the game is that the success of the Xenonauts promotes nations to invade each other, under the pretext of preventing alien infiltration in destabilised nations.

Suggestions of missions to achieve these goals are outlined in Mission./Maps enhancement suggestions section below.


One suggestion is that each funding nation may be more or less prone to alien infiltration, depending on their positions of dominance in the Geoscape. However, alienating players of the game who find that their home region is perceived to be more easily dominated by aliens, is probably not a good idea.

Self Sufficiency

As the Xenonauts prove their effectiveness against the Alien invasion, funding nations may be more likely to make sure that they are not giving away too much power and funding to them.

There should be a balance in the game, beyond a certain tipping point, that the more successful & self sufficient the Xenonauts are, the more that the funding nations are going to look to their own forces to face the world to come.

A suggestion is that there is a blanket reduction of funding at certain key stages of the research tree (that I can’t mention to avoid spoilers)

However, to use X-Com as an example – Heavy Plasma, Blaster Launchers, Psi Amps, Ultimate Craft could be options here.

Further, the game could keep a rough track of what you are selling to the funding nations. An expansion of the Buying/Selling would tell you where everything is going. Funding nations will use this to bolster their own defences and goals, and lessen their ties to your organisation.

Once certain thresholds are met, or certain items are sold, funding from that nation decreases. This will reduce player’s willingness to sell off everything they get.

If a funding nation score is low and you have distributed plasma technology, the nation may dismiss Xenonauts and try to go it alone. They may feel that a global response is too thinly stretched and decide to put their funding to better use locally.

Increased Expectations

Each funding nation will expect the Xenonauts to earn it’s money. Each finding nation will obviously have their own ideas about their importance in world affairs. Most of this is taken care of within the current structure of comparing Xenonaut score against funding nation score.

However, keeping that level of funding, particularly for the big two, could be altered.

Resource requests

Xenonauts are requested to produce certain items by funding nations to assist in the distribution of alien technologies around the world & to help local forces fight the alien menace – particularly alloys and power source derivatives.

Such requests take up workshop time, but keep or enhance the nation’s score

Pre-emptive strike

This really only applies to the two superpowers. Should one of the big two succumb to the alien threat, there is an increased chance that the other will simply nuke it out of existence. Better that, than let its defence capabilities fall into alien hands.

Mutually assured destruction

Beyond the point of losing the game, with the invading hordes about to reach their goal, the superpowers decide there is only one way out. The missiles fly, and hopefully humanity will one day emerge from their secret caverns where the survivors have been placed.

This decision of last resort could appear as the funding council picture with the mission briefing details and an accept or decline option. Much like the Launch on Cydonia option screen from EU.


Additional nation assets such as local interceptors, radar bases etc have not been included due to perceived complexity.

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Use of certain missions/maps to have increased impact on scoring.

The suggestions below should offer the following advantages

- Enhance the mission objectives screen

- Combine those objectives with the GeoPol suggestions above

- Provide additional incentive to commence missions throughout game.

- Use these additions with minimal additional terrains/maps

Definitions -

Primary Objective – Mission critical

Secondary Objective – Bonuses to mission score should they be achieved. Not mission critical.

Many of the suggestions below use the conceit that the map for that particular mission is in fact more important than it normally would be.

The simplest way of implementing this is to add commentary onto the mission objective screen and add victory points accordingly.

The farm map becomes a “Key Produce Center” and the “Industrial tile set becomes a ‘Key Manufacturing Hub.’ Protect them to receive a +% score for that funding nation.

In keeping with the GeoPol suggestions, Nation based missions are given first, followed by Objective based missions.

Nation based in a particular map

Military Base - losing will reduce funding and local force support

Port attack – protect shipping of funding nation

Airfield – allows local forces to intercept later in game more effectively

Cruise Ship - protect um tourism.

Oil Rig - claustrophobic and protects funding nations energy reserves

Defend research station– bonus to nation relationship

Defend radar station of funding nation – bonus to nation relationship/ keep chance of nation detecting UFOs

Power Station – Protect energy supplies. bonus to nation relationship

Hospital – Morale boosting, improves relationship score.

Reactor - Protect energy supplies. bonus to nation relationship

Protect mines – Some sort of manufacturing bonus? And you get a new map.

Eliminate alien cultists – Reduces infiltration chances/ boost to country score, helping it out of scores that have alien infiltration missions. This uses local civvies as cultists, and can be on any map

Prevent building destruction – a secondary objective to keep a key building or all buildings on map as intact as possible.

Objective based missions suitable for any map

Alien Base – specialised alien bases for different purposes – weird gas into the atmosphere etc. Could use nearly all existing graphics.

Alien Artefact site - what are they really up to? from TFTD seize or destroy

Building search/ raid - to prevent alien infiltration

Subdue hostile local forces – use existing graphics

Assassinate hostile government representative/ mind controlled dupe – defended by existing local forces

Defend crashed Chinook - using any of the existing maps

Area denial – plant explosive as carpet bombing from above is harsh.

Hold off attack on power station/ reactor/ hospital etc

Rescue key research scientist – bonus for a particular line of research or an unlock to research.

Rescue hostages

Escort diplomat safely – either an interceptor mission (imagine that) or across a battlescape (as long as they can dodge) exfiltration area (VIPs could be player-controlled to avoid AI issues);

Protect key politician/scientist/ engineer

Alien hunt – an overly aggressive alien is contained in a busy building – hunt it down

Hold off alien attack of town for X turns– terror attack with different and increased spawning – huge propaganda benefits.

Rescue ejected Interceptor pilots

Alien Abduction - free the abductees from the UFO without damaging it (killing them). You only have a set time before the ship will depart or surgery/probing is performed on them.

Alien Mutilation - Just like a terror mission, except that you are protecting cattle herds in your area from alien injury.

Alien Base & Alien Terror are in already

UFO Recovery of landed craft

UFO Crash Retrieval

Eliminate alien cultists – farmland siege to inner city indoctrination centre

Subdue alien sympathisers

Subdue/ stop mind controlled civilian rampage.

Destroy “infiltrated” civilians – they will be marked as red on the screen but only from a short distance. possibly needs a device to detect. Any killing of actual civvies counts as a double penalty as Xnauts seemingly go nuts.

Quarantine – prevent civvies from leaving an area – may require hazmat suits or later armour – alien gas in centre of map

Rescue Chinook crew - You have an aircraft shot down but the crew have survived. You must rush to rescue the downed pilot/survivors of the helicopter crash before the aliens get them. Basically a normal map but with a pilot/soldiers somewhere on the map instead of a crashed UFO and a number of aliens from a landing party trying to kill/abduct them. Kill all the aliens, save the crash survivors.

Abductor - The UFO you shot down was transporting abductees. Discovered upon searching the crashed UFO. The normal "capture the UFO" objective is extended a number of turns and more aliens spawn. You have to hold out and protect the abductees long enough to drive the aliens off.

Alien Denial - The aliens try to recreate the Iceland incident. Having now entered the UFO you now have 10 rounds to get back to the Chinook and flee the Battlescape.

Alien Infestation – dependant on Alien Hive stretch goal. Map tiles of the hive are combined with a normal set. The xenonauts have to kill all of the spawning aliens to prevent the hive spreading across the map.

Further Mission options

Investigation – scientists and/or technicians are removed from the allocation pool. This indicates that they are off on a mission, in order to investigate a particular occurrence. This could be the site of a sighting, an abduction or some alien sabotage or it could be rumours of an alien base or infiltration. All of this is handled purely in the Geoscape.

The mission comes up in a pop up, the pool is adjusted for a set time period and the results determined (currently based on nation relationship with a random element as there are no scientist or engineer skills. With skills, there would be a success total and this would be matched against the skills of those sent over the time period allowed). This forms the basis of an investigative module.

Extended Mission Objectives

Offer points to Xenonauts to increase focus on their area (shoot down all UFOs over area for 1 week for increased funding/ increase patrols over funding nation for 1 week)

Offer points to not shoot down UFOs over another funding nation (possibly not in keeping with Xenonaut goals, but part of Realpolitik funding nation action above.

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Revised Events System

Currently, the events system seen on the Battlescape revolves around the alien sightings and attacks. While this excellent system can be expanded in those areas, it would also be nice to witness the reactions of those attacks on the funding nations.

It would provide additional indications of the state of each funding nation and reinforce the sheerr panic that nations are undergoing in the face of the invasion.

The events should detail political, social and economic turmoil such as rioting, the breakdown of political alliances circa 1979, strikes, looting, assassinations, settling old political scores, suicide rates, increased cult activity, initiating SDI programme, increased survivalist activity, Soviet Psychotron programme, royal families and political leaders nipping off to tour secret bunkers, clairvoyant spontaneously combusts etc etc.

Details of how to add these into the strings etc would be nice and could be opened out to the community if possible to reduce time to add this sort of thing in.

Additional Options

It’s unknown the effect events have on the actual game. If it is ticker based, perhaps some additional events could also be modified to affect the funding.

A real world example of tensions would be Pakistan./ Indian military buildup around Kashmir. At a certain point, this may escalate reducing funding form the Indochina region.

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Revised Funding Screen

With the Enhanced UI on the way, there’s little point in taking this part further.

Targeted Alien Missions

A look at alien tactics and mission objectives that I’m just thinking about, but I wanted the space to edit this later. :)

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Pffft, nobody's going to take you seriously if you can't even be bothered to go into detail about your idea... ;)

From the scan I've just had, this all sounds great, man. It's as if you've scooped all of the things I'd not had chance to think about properly yet out of my head and then put them online.

I'm at work at the minute so I can't have a proper, indepth read through, but I'm looking forward to going through your ideas in detail to see what you've got planned. Is this something you're going to pursue solo, or are you seeing this as all feeding into one big community mod, along with the ideas we've been discussing in the other thread?

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It's as if you've scooped all of the things I'd not had chance to think about properly yet out of my head and then put them online.

Yeah, sorry. I was watching re animator and....oh, I even used your spoon for the scooping.So sorry :)

but I'm looking forward to going through your ideas in detail to see what you've got planned

I'd be delighted to get feedback to refine any of these. That's why I've got the multiple posts, so I can edit them as I go.

or are you seeing this as all feeding into one big community mod, along with the ideas we've been discussing in the other thread?

Hopefully it will all feed into a group effort. Another reason to keep this separate was just to get it all down, without constantly tripping over other posts and threads and having to go back and forth. Well, that and your gunfondling :) That's what I'll start doing in the near future.

Look forward very much to the feedback.

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Hey man. After having a full read through, all I can say is "ooooooooh!" Impressive stuff! The level of detail you've gone into is ace, and there are a load of good ideas in there. In fact, there's not a bad one amonst them.

I will try to go through and list any suggestions for changes to individual points, but at face value, I think I'd be tinkering for tinkering's sake.

The only thing I'd say is that this should maybe be the ultimate, ultimate goal of the mod, as it's bloody complex and ambitious. But if we aim for this, and end up with something even halfway there then I think we'll have succeeded in adding some extra depth to the game. And I think you guys who have been discussing these topics are like me in that it's not all just about adding depth to the game, but enriching the story and the feel of it too, which this would do by the bucketload!

Shame about the lack of minor, almost pointless stat changes to various guns though. You let yourself down there... ;)

By the way; you may want to check this out: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1825-Potential-Geo-political-Mod?p=23057#post23057

I've posted what I think are the key functions we'd need, in terms of what we can make the game do, in order to enable most of our ideas. They're very broad categories, and should cover a lot of the features we've mentioned, but you might just want to double check that everything you've suggested is covered. (it won't be...)

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Shame about the lack of minor, almost pointless stat changes to various guns though. You let yourself down there

well, you were doing so well :)

I'd posted up the Heating up the Cold War thing and a couple of other posts already, so the bones were already in it. I was a teensy bit worried that the other thread would talk about mag capacities instead of any of the other research, and it would die a slow, lingering death... sort of like a Ship Mission in TFTD :)

I agree about this just being a framework. It gives some clear pointers of what would be needed and hopefully gets some thoughts going.

I've posted on the other thread. I can get my next look at this on Thursday evening.

Talking about enhancing the story line... one of the first things I thought of when doing this was... nah, I'll put some more work into that one :)

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Fantastic ideas but a ton of work! Perhaps they can put in a 'skeleton' version of it for release one and promise a full on expansion pack?

This game is going to make lots of money on the expansion packs if they do them right...

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Cheers Targe. I'd be happy to see any of it available for modding to be honest. It's really something to be thought of and built in early doors and I don't think at this stage, there's the appetite to go in and make things this flexible.

It's well behind the Battlescape, the resource management and the intercepts in the pecking order.

Still, it's a big X-Com universe full of re-imaginings and clones, so I'm sure it will come in handy sooner or later.

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This is what I want to be in this game, but sadly none of XCOM clones have tried to do same thing Apocalypse tried =/ Which is sad because I loved what Apocalypse tried to do and was kind of disappointed when I played first two XCOM on that regard. But yeah, I love ideas related to this subject

There is another thing I miss from Apocalypse...

If you sold alien weapons in Apocalypse, street thugs and other corporation agents start using them too. Heck, I think aliens might use human weapons if they get them on theirs hands.

Thats really something that would have been great in XCOM clones. Sell enough energy weapons and Soviets start to hoard them in preparation to war after aliens are dealed with(or to be able to stand up against them on their own without needing xenonauts) Really, what happens to all stuff you sell in XCOM clones? They just disappear as money?

It would also be cool if each nation had their own research which is affected by aliens defeated in their territory(Like if your squad is killed, but one alien survives or if alien ship is shot but crash site mission not done). Like they could get energy weapons on their own or create their own variation of alien weapons. Or maybe even be stupid enough to use default alien weapons.. Anyway, my point is that it would be cool if item selling mechanic from Apocalypse would return. Maybe if you sell enough laser gatling guns, nation's aircraft can shoot ufos on their own. Or they will reverse engineer weapons you sold.(though you could explain that they can't do that because Xenonaut is only organization capable of doing that because of their funding and personnels hired in that organization... Well, I guess nations could still do bad copies or something :P)

Heck, even aliens could have their own research ticker were they will reverse engineer human laser/bullet technology or something. One example of that would be story wise(there isn't alien research mechanic in that game of course, its just weapon text wise) in UFO: Aftermath alien weapon Collapsible plasma gun is alien weapon inspired by human collapsible weapon technology.(basically turrets) Of course, that could be hard to implement gameplay wise, but I guess you could just have one late game weapon be human inspired alien technology.

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Honestly, the big difference between Xenonauts and the upcoming XCOM-Alien Unknown (to me) is the emphasis on reality and cold war era tech and mindsets. I'd love to add additional strategy into the game by grappling with political forces during the cold war.

My idea... (not nearly as well thought out and explained as your ideas, thothkins. Bravo by the way, on all those excellent ideas)

... is basically that the Xenonauts can be absorbed by a country or multi-national force, and gain and lose perks by doing so. So, say, Xenonauts becomes part of NATO. They will gain monetary and military funds, but lose soldiers, supplies, tech, and info from Warsaw pact countries. Or, Xenonauts can become part of an individual countries' force, such as, say, the USSR or East Germany. They will gain even more funds from that country of origin, more so that if they were to join, say, the Warsaw Pact, but will lose access to cutting edge equipment, soldiers, and info from friendly nations for "security reasons". I think it would match with the spirit of Xcom, because you will never be able to have everything (use of both the sputnik satellite program and NSA satellites would be impossibly useful, but politically unattainable) but will be deprived of the best toys if you stay independent.

Edited by Peterwalgreens
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That would involve adding information from friendly countries and some way of those countries influencing the tech beyond the basic starting gear to the game.

The countries are also not individually represented in funding terms, only broad power blocs.

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  • 1 month later...

thotkins I just finished reading this post and its simply amazing the amount of thought and effort you put into it. Although it does sound like "mod-only" territory as the ideas you mention demand massive changes to the geopolitical interface (at least it sounds like it).

Generally, an iron-man mode could include the possibility of achieving all the alt. research by managing to bring all the opposing parties of the cold war under a Xenonaut lead global consensus that would end in an international peace pact (boy what a dream...). You'd be fighting every possible challenge the game has to offer to appease all parties and would have to avoid selling any of your equipment to the countries (technology that mankind isn't ready for and all those cliches...) but eventually you would gain an incredible anti-alien war machine :)

Regardless, this is probably the most amazing idea I ever heard of for x-com-styled games. The question is from where you start making such a mod? I think its fair to say that its unlikely we'll see any of this implemented in the game at this point.

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yeah, that was waht Chris said to. But it touches on your previous thread. Getting as many ideas to the table as possible is a good thing. Who know where they will lead

A lot of the above could only really be implemented if it had been in the concept at a much earlier stage, as it turns out. Not to mention some engine issues since the beginning. But time will tell. There will undoubtedly be other X-Com games in the future, so the ideas won't go to waste.

Oh, if you liked that, then there's also this which touches on the above, and runs in another direction.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Cool ideas!

I think there should be more going on on geoscape too.

I would suggest however, that there be a lower level of unity despite global panic. Certain nations (North Korea, China, Cuba,...) might consider the whole UFO issue a Western propaganda plot and mistrust every capitalist nation. They might even think that the US managed to infiltrate highest levels of the Soviet government so all this is just a way to weaken their grip on their populaces.

Certain nations might even refuse to pay anything at all as they are sure that someone else will do the work.

Some (Pakistan against India) might even invite the aliens in to get the upper hand over their long time hated local rival...

Just think of global warming today. A global threat, but many do not give a s*** or just concentrate on what their future advantage might be...

Edited by Hardball
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thanks for the comments Hardball

Korea, China, Cuba,...) might consider the whole UFO issue a Western propaganda plot and mistrust every capitalist nation.

Although you can't see it so much above, that was one of the first things that went through my head when I started typing. It's from the Xenonauts back story. There's an alien threat and very, very conveniently there's a saviour organisation in the wings to save us all. Without knowing anything about the Iceland Incident, I'd not believe it for a second either. What I ended up with was the "Baltic Propaganda" research topic, which was there to convince nations that the threat was a real one. Or at least convincing them that they had little option but to fund the Xenonauts until they could uncover the real truth.

Other early thoughts ended up as Coldest War ideas

The way the Geoscape works, the funding nations are not composed of individual nations making the above difficult to do on a country by country basis. Had it been as you suggest, then it would have been great to have "rogue" nations and splinter groups.

- Groups that believe it's all a Capitalist/Communist plot

- Religions either citing the invasion as a hoax, or a blasphemy (no diplomacy but also less chance of infiltration) or as the end times.

- An excuse to play out their own end times scenarios. Hawks in both superpower camps/ middle east melt down/ Kashmir crisis

Hopefully get to tweak the events to highlight some of this as flavour.

Some (Pakistan against India) might even invite the aliens in to get the upper hand over their long time hated local rival...

Yeah, I've went with that. The moment (if not before) the balance shifts then you will have every nation out to make the post-invasion world more to their liking. It's something that should impact the Xenonauts in the late game. Just when you think you've got the upper hand, suddenly your own lot start mucking you about. Air access is restricted, Recruits begin to dry up, along with some funding. Nations start playing off against each other with the toys they've bought from you. You think you're going to the Cydonia equivalent mission? think again buddy/comrade. Not if our shadow programme gets their first to exploit the alien home world.

That's why you know it's an invasion by aliens. If they were like us, the Sebillians would all fall down dead, ethnically cleansed by the Caesians who then pretend that it was a human viral weapon that was responsible.

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Seeing how much effort you're putting into this game, parallel to the devs, got me wondering: is there any dev-community relation besides bug reports, bouncing off ideas, and getting feedback?

I'd love to see this implemented in the full release as a valid mod, with the devs adding some code tweaks to recognize the effort. Valve recognized the importance of this and started shipping Half Life with Counterstrike, eventually taking it over entirely. Having them ship together from day 1 could have given them even more impact. Ok, might be a bad example, as they did not need the impact back then. But they were a full fledged dev team with ample experience and funding.

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I don't think small tweaks would cut it.

This looks like it would need a massive overhaul on the geoscape, the diplomacy system, how research is triggered, what research can affect etc.

This isn't a new set of weapons that might need a new flag in the code for different damage or a way to lock weapons to specific armour types.

This mod couldn't be done without a lot of dev time to add all of the little hooks it would need to hang on.

Without them it just wouldn't work.

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Chris has already said that the game wouldn't be able to support much of the scope of the Geopolitical thread. It's focus has been primarily on the Battlescape as it has tried to emulate EU over the past few years.

However, it's an approach that can provide any number of smaller tweaks, such as modifying the events, even if the whole can't be done. We'll just have to wait and see what the finished product allows.

If not Xenonauts, then perhaps it can be of use to similar games in the future. UFO ET was very moddable for example. It's always good to have some coherent ideas out there, so anyone can feel free to suggest improvements to the above.

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