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  1. snow footprints would be cool! 3 types, alien, human, and mixed.
  2. I miss the old cattle mutation mission where you find a cut up cow on the operating table in the abductor ufo in xcom EU. Always made me chuckle...
  3. does anyone know if the dropship (chinook et al) take damage from stray fire? if not, it should
  4. No, I hate caps of any kind, this is sci fi, not reality , and in sci fi the concept of the "Super Soldier" is well known, and part of what made the original xcom so fun. If your soldier consistently packs above her weight into the redline, her strength should continue to grow until she can bench press anyone in the locker room.
  5. What is the current status of this? I can say that the current model in the beta is excellent and working great, and that I prefer strength to be a non hidden stat that increases with experience, and is dependent on how close to or over their current carrying capacity the soldier pushes it.
  6. Here's a good start on North America: <--! North America !--> <City> <Name>Los Angeles</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1399,1267</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Vancouver</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1291,0912</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Seattle</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1304,0969</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>San Francisco</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1309,1176</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>San Diego</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1429,1301</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Phoenix</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1529,1269</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Chicago</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2096,1082</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Toronto</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2294,1039</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Quebec City</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2494,0962</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Halifax</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2649,1017</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Calgary</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1495,0876</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Edmonton</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1508,0817</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Saskatoon</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1667,0852</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Winnipeg</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1882,0904</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Regina</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1704,0887</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Miami</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2263,1455</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>New Orleans</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2056,1370</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Houston</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1929,1362</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>New York</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2406,1118</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Anchorage</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>0669,0635</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Kansas City</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1995,1155</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Denver</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1703,1121</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>St Johns</Name> <Country>Canada</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2889,0959</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Dallas</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>1887,1288</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Washington DC</Name> <Country>United States</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2344,1161</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City> <City> <Name>Nuuk</Name> <Country>Greenland</Country> <Population>3271110</Population> <Location>2909,0552</Location> <PopupDistance>0.5</PopupDistance> <DetailDistance>0.7</DetailDistance> </City>
  7. I was going off old UFOEU, there were major countries represented, was better, but sure, Im ok with major geographic areas , so long as provincial and state capitols are all included.
  8. half my squads packing the machine gun (its a MMG, btw), I like rockets just because I love smackin those evil lizards in the chops. M16s have been just fine for keeping their heads down.
  9. I think Cobra was the name of the YF-17, the plane that lost to the F-18. Stupid name for a US fighter imo, since they already have a gunship called that.
  10. Working on Canada right now, finding it more difficult than I thought to match up with the geoscape. Lake Winnipeg for example has been drained and is now a giant swamp, which should make the already legendary mosquito problems there truly epic!
  11. While cruising YouTube for authentic ufo vids, as I often ddo, I found some amazing background music that was perfect for xenonauts! Anyone figured out yet how to add custom music?
  12. does anyone know if it will be possible to link specific maps to geoscape locations? if so, then everyone could make a home city project, and even add military bases! (Area 51, anyone?)
  13. Ouch! Just make your own copy and write it yourself, Jim! Thats what Im doing. And incidentally, declassified reports from the ACTUAL CIA and airforce from the 1970s are often just as poorly written, and full of spelling mistakes (no spell checker on those old typewriters) I think Chris has done a fantastic job overall, and is rightly proud of his creative writing, so please, more tact.
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