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(X-Division) Hilfe bei Mod Instalation auf deutsch

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Ich habe Xenonauta gespielt ohne Mods. Jetzt würde ich mal gerne mit XCE und X-Division spielen. die Installationsbeschreibungen sind aber auf englisch dessen ich nicht mächtig bin. Die Google Übersetzungen sind nicht unbedingt hilfreich.



Könnte mir bitte jemand freundlicherweise die Installationen in deutsch erklären? Bevor ich da was falsch mache.

Hat jemand die Mods schon mal gespielt und kann mir paar Eindrücke schildern?

Gruß Zombie

Edited by FSC_Zombie

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drages, this one's for you! :) Your install instructions at Nexus and here don't translate very well into German, which is why this gentleman is asking someone to translate those instructions into German so he doesn't mess up. Looking at the install instructions at Nexus, they need some improvement. Could you look at your install instructions and divide them up into 2 sections.

1) Anything you need before installing the mod, anything you must do (such as deactivate other mods), anything you must not do (such as activate other mods).

2) A step-by-step set of instructions for installing X-Division.

At the moment, it's jumble of information. Also, could you please put the install instructions further up the page. The install instructions are probably the most important piece of information on the page, and they are buried near the bottom of the page.

In the meanwhile, if someone who understand German better than I do could help FSC_Zombie, that would be most appreciated.

After I've finished writing this post, I'm going to add an (X-Div) to the title so we know which mod FSC_Zombie is talking about.

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Hey zombie and thx max

I edited the Nexus instructions and i think it's much more clear. I put a picture of the mods which should be activated or not. To install it's just an extraction.

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Thanks for instruktion edited.

Must have following Files deaktivated? conflicts?

-Armoured Assault!

-Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters

-Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My


-Khall's More Portraits

Sorry for my bad english

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