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  1. X-Pedia Question: When researched Alien Matergy Cannon and Alien Flamer Cannon then comes this message. Alien Matergy Cannon and Alien Flamer Cannon after appears under X-Pedia Alien Weapons. Is this a Problem or unimportant because Beta-Status?
  2. Required Awac for something (build aitcraft or upgrade etc.) exception Radar? Would it preferred take out of service.
  3. Question: When i manufacture 1 Stungrenade i become 3 in Storeroom or manufacture 1 Stunrocket and i become 2 in Storeroom. Is This korrect and no Bug? Great praise for this fantastic mod
  4. Thanks for Answer. is there a possibility change (File) about Projectile and Explosions not more pass Walls and Doors?
  5. Sorry for my bad english. Usable AlienStunGrenade and other Alienweapons, only works in battle not over the base. Alien Grenade must pick up and enter manually in Hand. Closing Door parry not all attacks, Bug? With AlienStunGrenade throw into closed UFO Door, Attack UFO too simple. I hope images show it. Stun Grenade stunned all Aliens behind closed doors. Closing Door should actually parry all attacks? XCE 034 and X-Div 0.98
  6. Autosave function a bit annoying. Saves too often. Is there any way to disable AutoSave function?
  7. Hallo! What is the Difference of Difficulty between normal and veteran? Aliens just better fight or even better equipment? Receiving human soldiers malus? Mods: X-Division and XCE
  8. Thanks for answer. it works. hopefully without problems.
  9. Thanks for instruktion edited. Must have following Files deaktivated? conflicts? -Armoured Assault! -Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters -Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My -Lore+ -Khall's More Portraits Sorry for my bad english
  10. Hallo! Ich habe Xenonauta gespielt ohne Mods. Jetzt würde ich mal gerne mit XCE und X-Division spielen. die Installationsbeschreibungen sind aber auf englisch dessen ich nicht mächtig bin. Die Google Übersetzungen sind nicht unbedingt hilfreich. http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/8/? http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13307-X-CE-0-34-Release-Candidate Könnte mir bitte jemand freundlicherweise die Installationen in deutsch erklären? Bevor ich da was falsch mache. Hat jemand die Mods schon mal gespielt und kann mir paar Eindrücke schildern? Gruß Zombie
  11. FSC_Zombie

    Disable Aliens teleport?

    Thanks for Answer.
  12. FSC_Zombie

    Disable Aliens teleport?

    Thanks for Answer. Replace Regeneration for Teleport. functional? sorry for my bad englisch.