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XMC Part 1: (Ground Combat) Version 1.0 for XCE 0.33 HF1


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I have a question. so i installed most of the Mods and it works fine but whenever i try to load into Ground Combat it crashes to desktop. any ideas?

It seems to be just Choice 1 that's causing the crashes as well cause they all work just fine without it.

Btw this is my mod set up:

mod setup.png

mod setup.png


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like DeathlySouls my game crashes everytime load to Ground combat :(

i got all 6 Choice


okay the game work now after i'm reinstall XCE, the mod work great till the large garage upgrade, its seem the garage still appear as normal garage not large and the aircraft build time mess up

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update mod bug
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I'm having two bugs, I'm not sure if they're both XMC-related:

1) manufacturing bug: one of my bases now has -8 days manufacturing time for all items and I cannot build anything there after fiddling with a sniper rifle build order.

2) game crashes in GC when clicking on inventory while over a dead Xenonaut. Pretty much every time.

In addition, I wanted to say there's balance issues with the top-tier firearms. The 50cal sniper rifle and the sweet shotgun seem pretty OP, especially for the point in the game where you acquire them. I'm through plasma weapons now and still don't see a reason to switch from these. Is there a point to making them so powerful?

Otherwise, I'm loving this mod. It's exactly what I wanted, as I found X-Division to be an unfortunately very unbalanced and overly difficult mod that messed with too much. I've wanted basically Vanilla-Plus for a while, and this is just that. Well done. I note those two balance issues since they're the only ones I've otherwise noted.

However, you could also probably reduce the profit on the sniper rifle (not sure if I've found any other profitable items yet, so just commenting on this one). Currently, it's around $20K/month/engineer with full costs included. If you look at it from a return on investment approach, you pay about $1,140,000 for a full 90-engineer setup and in the first month you make $2,745,000 in profit from these. After that first month, upkeep is just $610,000/month while you still make that $2.745M in profit. These things are really, really OP in how quickly you can build up a ton of money and buy a win.

I would suggest, in general, keeping profitability down to something where it doesn't win the game for you but rather makes it a bit easier financially. So, something more like 20% profit over 6 months (meaning unprofitable the first month even). For a 5-man-day project:

profit/6mo = (( [30.5days/5days]*[$ profit/item]*6mo )) / (( [engineer hire cost] + [engineer upkeep]*5mo + [large living quarters build cost]/100people + [LLC upkeep]*5mo/100ppl + [workshop build cost]/15ppl + [workshop upkeep]*5mo/15ppl ))

Currently, it's 300% profit margin. A 20% profit margin would be a $1525/unit profit (so sell cost of $24520) OR a 16.5 man-day time cost.

Whether you want to go exactly 20% is arbitrary. I would just suggest something much lower than 300% currently, where you're at least in the red on the first month, if not second, so it slows down the rate of expansion you can manage and requires an actual STRATEGIC DECISION to be made as to whether you should sink money into a long-term profit from manufacturing or into other near-term needs like armor/interceptors.

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Here's a Google doc:


You can only edit the item profit and days values to see how it affects profitability over a given term.

I like what $1500-1600 profit does.

OK I will sort this out.

I have finally got the time to sit down and play through my, mod in fact play through xenonauts itself as I have always been to busy. I am tiding all the things I don't like and will post my final mod when I have finished.

I will tidy up the points you mentioned.

I am also adding a couple of bits as I go...

Here is a quick update on what will be new.

Added an additional low tech starting rifle called the howa its a Japanese rifle from this time period....

This makes more sense when you upgrade to the games more vanilla weapons.

The howa gets upgraded to the m16 rifle

and the ak47 gets upgraded to the m16 carbine.

I also had a request that the scout vehicles in my vehicles mod also have an offensive capability no matter how nerfed it would be. So I added the option of a gunner who can sit next to driver and take pot shots with a rifle.

I am quite happy with the animations and will definitely be leaving that in.

Also I noticed that my tranquiliser weapons had stopped working somewhere between versions. I have updated the standard damage to 10 for each weapon, which allows the stun effect to activate. Tested and working well.

This last version of my mods will be released only to work with the latest XCE version, and I will only be offering support if users have the mods I have listed. if you add any additions then you are on your own in terms of support.

I guess we will have to add a little section somewhere so players can request new mods to be tested and supported alongside the current list.

The whole -negative research bug, that seemed to get introduced in my mods, in theory is down to the fact that I upgrade buildings that are already producing something at the time. I have never been able to reproduce this on my machine, however I think not making new building that produce things upgradeable, and just making them available as an option to build from the build menu will stop the issue occurring.

I also had another request that when you upgraded weapons you upgrade the corresponding ammo the soldiers are carrying. This does not seem to be possible as the replace item function does not seem to have any effect on ammo types.

Will post more here as things unfold.

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Is this compatible with XCE 0.34.1?

YEs it is, I am play testing it now, and looking pretty good.

I have got as far in the game where you get the medium sized alien ships and laser guns and all is working fine not one single crash or bug found. I am adding missing drag textures as I go....

I can actually make them faster now as I realise they don't need to be as precise as I thought as they are slightly ghosted when selected.

Here is a taster of a couple of my latest editions... (new versions not posted up yet).













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Nearly finished the Revised Versions with the new dropships etc.

I am now disabling the downloads for previous versions.

Next ones hopefully will be posted today.

I have not finished my final play through but hopefully will be far enough ahead to fix any bugs I find.

The old -3million days construction bug has been fixed.

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Hi @aajs thanks for the amazing mod. I hope you deepen it. Is it possible to bring back the Purchase menue from original X-Com? I'm missing the central buy opiton. (you have a central sell opiton over the storeage).

I posted some bugs on the parts of the mod where they belong. One is gamebreaking :-(. Does it help if you would have the save files?

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