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Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.33


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Version 0.33 of Xenonauts: Community Edition has been released.

Installation (Windows Steam users):

Installation (other users):

  • In the game launcher, use "Modding Tools" to install the base X:CE mod (it may take a while, you will get a confirmation dialog when the installation is done). Note that if you use the Xenonauts 1.5x release as a base, the newly installed mod will not show in the list, ignore this.
  • Exit the launcher.
  • Run X:CE's game executable instead of the base game's executable. It is possible to run it directly from assets/mods/xce and it is not anymore necessary to copy it anywhere (it may be useful to create a desktop shortcut to simplify accessing it though). If you do copy the .exe files, you may need to copy .dll files as well.
  • Verify in the launcher that it is the correct version.
  • Install the X:CE settings and X:CE balance mods in "Modding Tools" in the launcher. While they are not required, without them many X:CE features will not get activated.
  • Consider installing the mods that are shipped with the Steam version of the game (linked above).
  • On first game start you may get a dialog warning about X:CE mods not being activated correctly or in the correct priority order, simply confirm that you want it to be fixed automatically.

What is the relation between X:CE 0.33 and Xenonauts 1.5x?

  • Xenonauts 1.5x releases have been based on an older X:CE version and thus do not contain all of these features/fixes. Also some X:CE changes have intentionally not been incorporated. See Xenonauts 1.5x release announcements for details.
  • X:CE 0.33 should contain all relevant Xenonauts 1.5x fixes and new features. There should be no advantage in switching to Xenonauts 1.5x instead of X:CE 0.33 for players who have already switched to X:CE.
  • X:CE 0.33 can read saved games from Xenonauts 1.5x, but Xenonauts 1.5x cannot read normal X:CE 0.33 saved games. Switching option saveCompatibility in assets/gameconfig.xml to "gh15x" before running X:CE should produce saves in a format that Xenonauts 1.5x can read (keep the option as "xce" for normal play, otherwise some new X:CE values may not be kept in save files).

Changes summary:

  • Improvements to some base views, most notably to the barracks and soldier equipment views.
  • Interceptors are allowed to be launched even when not fully ready, and rearm before refuelling (and the cost of slower rearming).
  • Soldier cost has been reduced to 5000$.
  • Opening/closing door during ground combat is no longer a very cheap and safe operation.
  • Fixes in AI handling, effectively making aliens less forgiving in some cases.
  • Ground combat UI adjustments (no hidden movement screen, soldiers roles in minibars, consistent TU/health order).
  • Fixes to throwing (most notably, grenade throwing can now miss).
  • Weapons in manual air combat now have their damage slightly randomized.
  • The soldier bravery stat is now more likely to improve.

General improvements:

  • Added alternative music for air combat (slightly different version of the existing music, as taken from the alpha 10.2 demo).
  • It is now possible to change soldier roles even from the barracks base view.
  • Soldier equipment base view can now make available limited items if equipped by soldiers not assigned to the current dropship. E.g. if there are 6 plasma rifles, 1 assigned to a soldier in a dropship, 2 available in the stores and 3 assigned to soldiers not assigned to any dropship (or other dropship then the selected), the available count will be shown as "2+3", and if no rifle is available in the stores, the next one used will be first unequipped from an unassigned soldier. Note that only explicitly using equipment does this, so changing a soldier role does not (but explicitly clicking 'equip default role equipment' does).
  • Game is autosaved more often while in Geoscape.


  • Display quantity of resources in stores in the manufacturing view.
  • Dialogs (such as new UFO detected) should now be placed so as not to obscure the location they refer to.
  • Time units are now always consistently shown first, even in the ground combat panel (TimeUnitsFirst in config.xml). Change the option or use this mod to revert to the original order: [ATTACH]6331[/ATTACH]
  • Minibars on top of the ground combat panel now also show solder roles (SoldierRoleInMiniBar in config.xml).
  • The hidden screen movement is no longer show, as it doesn't really hide anything (HiddenMovementScreen in config.xml), and 'Xenonauts turn' notification is after each alien turn (XenonautsTurnNotificationDuration in config.xml).
  • The order of the stores and baracks base views has been swapped, so that the related barracks and soldier equipment views are next to each other.
  • Switching between barracks and soldier equipment base views keeps the same soldier selected.
  • The aircraft equipment view now automatically selects dropships if switching from a related base view (barracks, soldiers equipment, vehicle equipment).
  • Barracks base view now remembers which sorting column is active, and sorting should be more stable.
  • Barracks view now shows HP% even for wounded soldiers.
  • Hired but not yet arrived soldiers are also listed in the barracks base view.
  • The barracks base view can filter to show all soldiers, only available soldiers or only fully ready available soldiers.
  • Adjusted scrollbar colors to make them better visible on white backgrounds.
  • Research and manufacture base views now use scrollbars instead of empty "-" projects.
  • Soldier equipment base view now remembers which weapon/equipment tab is active, as long as the view is active. Also, the best available weapon tab is automatically selected when the view is shown first.
  • Fire cursor now shows "x3" (=number of shots) even for shotgun-like weapons.
  • Cover indicators are now shown also for UFO walls (which should be useful given the sometimes problematic mapping of round UFO shapes onto tiles).
  • Modding Tools buttons are now called 'Priority Up' and 'Priority Down' to make priority order of mods more obvious.


  • Throwing now uses both accuracy and strength and additional hit penalty is applied only if throwing to near the maximum range (ThrowingAccuracyUsesStrengthAndAim in config.xml).
  • Getting suppressed by enemy fire now can cause bravery stat progression (suppressionGivesBravery in gameconfig.xml ).
  • Interceptors now rearm before refuelling (rearmBeforeRefuel in gameconfig.xml) and can be launched both without being fully fuelled and fully armed. Since this would effectively increase their operational time during an alien wave, rearming time has been increased by 50% (increasing e.g. Foxtrot full refit time from 5:20 to 6:00).
  • Weapons in manual air combat now have +/- 20% damage spread (airCombatDamageRandomChance in gameconfig.xml), instead of always inflicting exactly the same amount of damage.
  • Opening door can now trigger reaction fire, both when done by soldiers and aliens. This means that aliens can no longer open UFO door and immediately open fire without any risk, and similarly breaching UFOs is now more risky without proper breaching tactics. Aliens get penalty to their reaction fire ability on lower difficulty levels. Additionally, it is slightly more costly to close door, making door spaming harder. Use this mod to revert to the original setup when opening/closing door is very cheap and safe: [ATTACH]6332[/ATTACH]
  • Soldier cost has been reduced to 5000$ in order to prevent early missions possibly being economic loss if suffering casualties and in order to make it easier to staff non-primary bases.
  • Certain types of non-lethal explosives are now fire hazards and may start a fire.
  • It is no longer possible to fly while carrying a shield (both technical and gameplay reasons).


  • Make AI use estimated accuracy (includes a chance a missed shot will still hit if it doesn't scatter enough).
  • Wraiths are no longer explicitly prevented from teleporting to Xenonaut bases's command center, if they are able to do so (since there is now a notification about an alien present in the command center).
  • Unarmed civilians no longer automatically open all doors around them, drones open doors around them only if in alien environment.
  • Fixed aliens to be able to open door even diagonally.
  • Ensure aliens properly evaluate their situation on every tile they move to.
  • Fixed AI handling to not skip processing an alien further if the alien triggered reaction fire.

General fixes:

  • Fix grenades to actually scatter on miss.
  • Fix strength stat progression to work properly (i.e. as described in gameconfig.xml).
  • Aliens should no longer be repeatedly wounded by fire until player sees the fire turned into smoke.
  • Fixed camera to not change height on movement of an inactive soldier.
  • Fixed base backgrounds to properly upgrade as appropriate.
  • Fix some objects having slightly different weight when equipping in the base and during ground combat.
  • Short aborted missions no longer give stat increases.
  • Fixed conditions for whether an interceptor can be launched to be consistent.
  • Fixed medikit cursor to not show enemy HP.
  • Fixed reduced FPS drawing possibly staying active after ground combat ends.
  • Fixed column sorting in the barracks base view.
  • Missions count is now shown before kill count in the casualty list view.
  • Do not show door open icon in the inventory view.
  • Record mission and kill counts also for dropships.
  • Fixed soldier role equipping not assigning any equipment at all if even just one wasn't available.
  • Fixed alien grenades to have the same TU throwing costs as human grenades.
  • Weapons lying on the ground can no longer be unloaded without being picked up.
  • Fixed sorting by status in the barracks base view.
  • Fixed geoscape notification dialogs to be shown only when geoscape is visible (as opposed e.g. when air combat starts or base view is entered).
  • Fixed relations on geoscape to be shown properly as lost if so.
  • Fixed day of year calculation (for a proper day/night shape).
  • Fixed even markers that have scrolled away to not highlight geoscape marks.
  • Fixed throttle control in air combat to work properly, instead of the maximum position being about 80% of thrust and full (non-afterburner) thrust being achievable only by right-clicking in order to disable throttle control again.
  • Fixed dead soldiers to not receive in-memoriam promotions (visible in the casualty list).
  • Fixed detection of whether stairs was usable or broken.
  • Fixed selection of a city for a terror attack to properly skip unsuitable ones (under attack or in lost regions).
  • When clicking on Geoscape first needs to bring a selection of which item was clicked, the following dialog should now also properly keep the game paused.
  • Do not show selection cursor or cover indicators during alien turn.
  • Fixed saving if the save is done while a soldier is moving.


  • Armour can be set to have suppression reduction proportional instead of subtractive (ArmourSuppressionPercentage in config.xml).
  • Suppresion beyond weapon's effective range can be enabled, at a reduced rate (SuppressBeyondRange in config.xml).
  • Starting buildings are now configurable in gameconfig.xml .
  • Power core explosions can be now further configured in gameconfig.xml .
  • Escort chance can be static as set by the AM_* files (useStaticEscortChance in gameconfig.xml).
  • The "FinalBoss" AI behaviour is now hardcoded only for the Praetor Commander.
  • Monthly reports can be now specified in monthlyreports.xml .
  • Proportion of regular damage can be now applied also as stun damage (proportionStunDamage in config.xml).
  • Maximum number of alien bases is configurable (MaxAlienBases in gameconfig.xml).
  • Fixed overkillDamage to work properly.
  • Fix UFO supply missions to properly contribute to alien base growth when using the individual base growth mechanics.
  • Fixed alienWavePeriodMultiplier to work as specified in gameconfig.xml.
  • Reactivate additional manufacturing categories, if used.
  • Minimum fuel and being fully armed is now configurable for whether the interceptor can be launched (minFuelToLaunch and fullArmamentToLaunch in gameconfig.xml).
  • Research requirements can now also specify a random chance. For example, if a research Foo has requirements "Researches.Bar(AND)Function.Chance(FooChanceName,1,30)" , the research will additionally have only a 30% chance of becoming available when Researches.Bar is available. Each named chance is rolled only once (value from 1 to 100) for each name and remembered, so another research can specify e.g. "Function.Chance(FooChanceName,31,100)" to have its chance met exactly when the first one is not.

Bug reporting:

If you encounter any problem, you can report it as the X:CE bug reports forum. Please read and follow the bug reporting guidelines.

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Was 0.33 really uploaded to Steam?

I switched to community edition using "steam beta" settings but I see version 0.32 HF3 "Unofficial: Blink of an eye" in launcher. I double check it and completed fresh install and still have 0.32 HF3 qoute. In mod launcher main mod files also listed as 0.32 HF3.

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abit confused.

i have gog version.

i downloaded xce, xce balance and settings.

i extracted them all to assets/mods

i launch the xce.exe in the mods folder. an xcom launcher appears, followed swiftly by an error. the error says: can't load image from file assets/launcher/play_button.pny. file doesn't exist.

the launcher has no play button or any pictures. if i click modding tools to install as it says above. theres nothing in there.

if i go back i use xcom.exe the launcher doesnt have mod tools, but mod launcher. in there i can see the 3 files... xce, xce balance and xce settings. i hit activate and says yes in the column but nothing else happens.

if i launch game via xcom.exe the game loads.... but where it should say new game, exit, options etc.... everything is replaced with. `#######`

lost at the minute. i just want xce and xdivision.

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Steam still contains 0.32 HF3 of Community Edition not 0.33. I know that:

NOTE: It may take a while before Steam gets updated to this new version.

But almost whole week...

I mean developers should really check what was uploaded to Steam. Or was it really uploaded to Steam?

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You can download it from here.. why do u waiting for days?

I know about download section and I have installed 0.33 RC1 before. I just did not rush it now, because I have Steam version of Xenonauts and developers of community edition uploaded mod to Steam (at least they think so). It is esier to get updates (future hotfixes) using Steam than doing manually updates. Possibly I am lazy:) Anyway I am planning to play Xenonauts slightly later.

So I want to inform developers of community edition about possible problems with Steam deployment.

Edited by Firestorm_01
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Hi y'all! So I'm coming back to Xenonauts after a long (very long) hiatus from before the official release, and I just want to say thanks and have a question.

Thanks for all the hard work on this everyone! I noticed that a bunch of the original community edition features made it into the official release of the game with 1.5 already, and have to say you folks have really made Xenonauts super awesome. Even more than it was!

If I knew how to code at all, I'd help out. But alas, am a total noob, so I can just say thanks!

My big noob question though: what order should I put these mods in the priority list? When I opted in to the Beta branch it put the base mod at the very bottom. That doesn't seem right, so I moved it to the top of the list, but am I correct in that assessment?

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My big noob question though: what order should I put these mods in the priority list? When I opted in to the Beta branch it put the base mod at the very bottom. That doesn't seem right, so I moved it to the top of the list, but am I correct in that assessment?

The XCE mod is a special case so the order doesn't matter (IIRC anyway). In any case, mods are loaded from bottom to top (with mods at the top taking priority over mods at the bottom) so having the base XCE mod and the Settings/Balance add-ons load before everything else makes sense.

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Heyo quick question (hopefully)

I'm assuming that once this update does go through/appears on Steam that it will break my current X-Division play through. That being the case, is there a way to prevent this version from downloading? Or is it possible to backtrack after it has been downloaded?

Thanks for any/all help.

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Thanks for your hard work people! Its a great improvement from when i first played the vanilla version.

I have a problem tho. Its with morale, and that scared soldiers turn on their friends. I would be fine with this being a rare thing, would add some dynamic to the firefight. But as it is now, facing psychers, they bombard my men from outside line of sight, making them go berzerk and killing each other.

I get more kia's from friendly fire than from enemy fire, makes no sense and its is a real annoying feature. berzerk should imho be that the berzerking unit picks a location at random and fires for all TUs or just make it a very rare thing. The frustration of facing psychers is making me less and less eager to play as I cant find a strategy around it, no defence against psychers except experienced troops and even they go berzerk if bombarded enough.

Best strategy i've found, altho limited to UFO entry, is to remove all guns from my soldiers hands and go in purely with grenades. It worked but it is totally immersion breaking.

I hope you see my point and might consider tweaking it. If not - is there something I can modify in some settings file?

Would love some help on this one :)

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