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A few suggestions with links to youtube videos with commentary

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1. Reading the text doesn't make much sense (alien invasion research). It needs to be read over by an editor or something.


2. The name of the weapon should be shown somewhere when you click on it.


3. Oh. I wasn't aware that what it has is what it gets


4. The Aircraft equipment screen shows service ceiling in feet, but the geoscape is in meters.

I figured a video would be much more precise, so I just did that instead. Only took me a couple minutes. Easier than trying to describe something without a picture. lol.

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Ok. Not sure why you made videos for this...

1. Yes text scaleing is known. It will be fixed later but isnt a priority atm afaik.

2. I dont even understand what you mean. are you saying "does show" or "doesn't show" ?

3. You don't have any weapons that can be switched out on the F17. You can switch out the avalanch missiles on the MiGs for the other missiles though.

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Wait... so you can build MIGs? When I try to build them, I see a picture of a Snakeman alien from XCOM.... and needless to say, I can't manufacture them.

Normal Difficulty, version: Premium Alpha (1194) Build 18

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I am assuming that is the V9.2 build?

It works fine for me in that version.

Did you make sure you had an empty hangar to put it in before trying to build it?

The snakeman picture is used as a placeholder for when an image is required but not yet in the game.

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