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Shift click to override Reserved APs

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I made this suggestion in a larger post about my first impressions but thought I would post it here in the right forum as well.

Would it be possible to have an easy way of overriding the fact that you have reserved APs for reaction shooting?

At the moment, you have a great way of showing, via the green/orange/red squares where I can move my men to. If I move them to a green square and then suddenly see an alien and want to duck into cover, but that would use up my reserved APs, I have to go to the slider, drag it back up to the top so I have no reserved APs and then move again. Fiddly and time-consuming, given how often you need to do it. Similarly if I wanted to shoot then and there, but don't have enough APs as they are reserved I have to do the same - go to the slider, move it back up, then shoot.

How about allowing us to shift click on an orange square (to move) or alien (to fire) which would automatically disregard the reserved APs without touching the slider?

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