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Dropships that can defend themselves

Man of Doge

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actually is quite possible but the mainly problem is that the charlie are really slow compared to the faster ufo...aaaaaand also a machine gun mounted in the side of the chopper wouldnt be enough to destroy even a small scout...so basically almost 99% of the dogfights including a charlie would finish on a loss...so it could be a little pointless...maybe with better guns, but as the time you get a plasma cannon the enemy have improve their aircraft so xDD.

sorry my english :P

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yah that's something that always sort of bugged me. how come we can't do a fly by of the area to scope it out or to strafe it a few times. some close air support would certainly be usefull. even better would be if you could send a condor or something along with them to do patrol the map and do strafing runs.

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there is a lot of "loopholes" and lack of certain logical things in the game xDDD... mostly...maybe the year?...remember that they are in 1979 and the equipment used to comunication in that era was rather bulkier.

But even if you play on a terror mission and passed beyond 20 minutes,then the map itself will be revealed,arguing about air reconnaissance and stuff...this could be maybe added to normal mission i guess.

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