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  1. you would also have to add graphics. Dropships dont have air combat graphics in game.
  2. Thanks guys! It's nice to know sb is still reading/enjoying that stuff. I was responsible for xenopedia and aircrafts at the time. Im not working on anymore Xenonauts modding but I do visit from time to time. Kudos to the Xnt team and players!
  3. So you are taking my work which took hours to balance and made into a unique feature and you are implying that it was bugged/broken and lame (thus you "fixed" it). Great job!
  4. you would have to look into both: assets/weapons.xml and assets/weapons_gc.xml Note that the actually damage values will vary depending on difficulty level. Im off for today, goodnight everyone.
  5. This is a vanilla concept, it's also an old xcom concept. I actually like it the way it is...remember that the birds are going in hot. There is no time for reconnaissance. Im not even sure if it would be possible to turn off the fog of war engine-wise. Careful now. It does. 100% success means you will shoot down the target...it doesn't mean a 100% chance that your aircrafts won't be shotdown (Altough it's rare) This is not possible engine wise. It took my some time to make individual weapons for individual crafts to work (I tricked the engine ^^)...(otherwise you would just be able to change between every existing missile one for every crafts...ant the size of the airplane wouldn't influence the number of missiles you can carry...which would break balance completely). Thanks for the feedback. @Darki99 Ich glaube das ist normal fur Xenonauts nicht nur XNT. Aber ich bin nicht sicher... Ich kann fragen ob da irgendwelche Begrenzung in XNT sind. Nein, es ist nicht moglich
  6. As I mentioned, in terms of simplicity, cost and reliability Kalashikovs outperform M16 by far. But those attributes don't matter at all in Xenonauts (neither can we mod in gun-jamming, nor would it be necessary: Xenonauts mission are fast and the weapon maintenance is expected to be high. (You aren't marching 2 weeks through a jungle to reach the aliens...you strike and kill em in 10 minutes...or they kill you ) I've seen some Caesans on higher floors...sniping like hell. Though mostly on the 1st...only 2 times on 2nd. Yep, you would have to change it manually each time a change is introduced to a gun. I think it's better to keep it unmaintained for some time until everyone is happy with the gun balance rather than say that it's implemented and then forgetting about changing some of them stats when the gun is updated...having wrong stats displayed would be even more frustrating to the players. Oh, and thanks for that ^^ Any thoughts about the airsystem or are you one of those auto-resolve players ?
  7. Following a design philosophy does not magically make your weapon's attributes change. Kalashnikovs were designed for quantity (and simplicity) not quality (and complex mechanisms that would add to the attributes whilst increasing the cost dramatically). As the doctrine required. It's therefore no wonder that M16 will, in skilled hands, outperform an Ak. High accuracy does not mean that your automatic weapon is suddenly worse off at close distance. --------- You have to remember that the M16 version used in game has no built-in restriction on auto-fire (like the later models of M16 had and I think it is the standard to this day?..haven't checked). The restrictions were implemented after analyising the results of the Vietnam war. Mechanisms that would restrict auto-fire were developed because of conscript soldiers wasting too much ammunition. Heck, even Warsaw Pact regular soldiers would be drilled to set their Kalashnikovs to semi-auto in case of combat conditions (unless directly ordered otherwise). Otherwise an AK overheats as fast as a M16 (...and perhaps more importantly: you would run out of ammunition pretty fast). (Source: interviews with Warsaw pact soldiers) I would't imagine that the worlds elite* xenonauts would get guns mechanically-restricted in any way. *Ok, they still don't know how to throw a grenade, but they are supposed to be the elite ^^' ** and note that I'm not a fanboy of neither Kalashnikovs or M16.... I think western europe had the best small arms at that time period
  8. If wikipedia has anything to say about this: Rate of Fire ak47 600 rounds/min m16 700–950 rounds/min I would rather say they designed it to be cheap to manufacture and simple to use. M16 highly outmatches the outdated ak47 in every aspect except cost, reliability and weight. Ak47 should be replaced by Ak74...but ak74 burst fire would still be slower than m16's...
  9. Deja vu.... I think Max posted the exact same question 2-3 days ago ^^ you can send me the files and I'll tell you what's missing. Edit: Well, I might not have time to look into those files tomorrow. Still uploading them would be a good idea, Im sure somebody will be able to help you.
  10. Lol, are you talking about the queen thing or just that overgrown viper? I'm not sure, so you'll be better of waiting for TD or Sentinel to reply ...that thing might have been buffed recently, im not sure.
  11. The bigger ones eh? Hmm, you could run back to your helo and just abort the mission (Im not joking - this is at times a valid strategy. You won't be able to win all missions in XNT. You as the commander need to know which battles you can win and which ones are better to avoid). Or you can shoot it with everything you got. Remember that armor (both your and the aliens') does deteriorate - so at first you get -damage resisted- all the time...but once his armor gets destroyed, that Viper is actually a soft and gentle guy inside ... well with lots of hp and regeneration... but still you technically can kill him.* *I personally wouldn't fight that thing if I encountered it in the first mission... 6 men are probably not enough.
  12. What do you think is the mood the game is aiming for? This question is not to undermine your question - Im just actually curious. I was considering dropping that note some time ago...but then again there are some entries later in game, added by TD, which I personally find goffy/cheesy. Im talking about Big spoiler! So I thought it would be better to vaccinate the players with some easter eggs from the very start rather than having them appear for the first time in mid/late game. Personally, I would like the lore and the game mood to be somewhat realistic and horrifying, maybe with a pinch of dark humour when it's appropriate.
  13. XNT is compatible with the latest patch...just apply the latest XNT files back into your game folder. I'm only responsible for writing, I have no talent at all in drawing/painting (I only combine/change the assets we have from vanilla art), we could really use an artist. It would look much better if somebody with a tablet sketchbook could add his own handwritting and strokes. The font looks bad, ik. Other than that it would look better with true art. What can I say. The fix for this was supposed to be uploaded some time ago. TDDDDDDDDDD (also it was like this since the begining (including 5.2)..it was my mistake in the original files. You just noticed it now ) I've been saying this in every wanna-be realistic mod thread. Including this one (where Im even a developer). It seems that people in general are huge fanboys of the 47 cos it's mentioned in the pop-culture all the time. Imagine an organization which has access to all the edge-cutting technology..and they don't even have to worry about the weapons cost.... and they pick ak47. <facepalm> Here is how I see it whenever somebody mods in ak47: [video=youtube;GhxqIITtTtU]
  14. He means the interface portrait, not the sprites. This idea would cause one problem though: you woulnd't be able to tell apart your men once you get sentinel (even wolf could be a problem)...you would just have a team of 10 guys in the same mask. Having said that - yes it would be nice if it was possible to add a layer image to the portraits depending on the armors they have, there would many ways to solve my issue (no helmets/ icons instead of armor etc.) There is a mod which lets you see your specialities icons (sniper, heavy, shield guy etc.) in GC.
  15. @Kirill Selivanov I would say 50-60% is done (I wonder what TD has to say about this ), but there are big things still ahead, which I don't want to spoil and I hope TD won't spoil them either . Next stop is 6.0 as far as I know, so that will take quite more time to work on and test than the recent updates. We could use some extra manpower as Selgald is now only available on weekends...and Im here for an uncertain time. Apart from that a lot depends on the community edition..as the updates there can unlock some modding options which wouldn't be possible otherwise.
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