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  1. blackwolf

    Xenonauts 2 - Public Build Date Set

    hi ccrunner, i think he was trying to say that the final cost of the game will be 29.99$....but if you "buy it" before, then you'll recieve the same game by 24.99$ ,that mean you are helping the production of the game, recieving the right to play the early access when it becomes aviable and also an 5 dollars discount for being an early bird...all in the same time!, and i guess this also applies for all the versions planned, like collectors edition or something like that (correct me if im wrong chris please xD). PS: i keep throwing money into my monitor, but anything happen!!...help me please .
  2. blackwolf

    Xenonauts 2 - September Update

    if you make 1x1 tanks...this could be easily moddeable into one of the things i missed more from X1...the ability to field DOGS (just like in openxcom)...im sorry im a simple man, i see a doggo and i press like . In a serious note, it looks pretty awesome chris, and i wish the best...im dying to see the finished product (soon™ i hope xD).
  3. a really nice feature could be that killing a zombie before the reaper can hatch , would result in a half-formed reaper...maybe some kind of younger version with less stats xD...idk how difficult is to code "hatching" according to the circumstance of the death (i read you can now use other stuff so it could end in the silly but hilarous case when you kill a zombie and it becomes a pretorian xenomorph xD). btw, the only suggestion i have about terrors and reapers...is not about reapers itself but more about zombies...they have maybe too much hp so it becomes a bullet sponge , running to your soldiers, dying close to them most of the time and spawning the reapor in front on you (wich is a bullet sponge by itself xD) leading to those kind of frustrating scenarios when a zombie rush to your soldiers and dies close to your squad and hatch into another reaper and because you spend all your TUs to kill the zombie he can anhilate half your squad and then the process repeat. TL;DR : reduce zombies HP to maybe half?
  4. Actually i like have to sending multiple figthers wings in order to defeat heavy Ufos...Specially losing planes in the procces, it gives the feel you are countering ufo waves....with FIGHTER WAVES!, i even think planes should be pemarnently destroyed if it get shoot....with a chance to recover the plane (just like soldiers in ground combat, taking in consideration OVERKILL...so a plane destroyed by a burst of alien rapid cannon have more probability of survive than a plane shooted by a plasma torpedo or something like that), this way early planes(condors) must be reeplaced continously....advanced planes should have higher recovery rates (being stated that the use of allien alloys make the planes frames to be easier to recover and repair with the power of friendship and love and stuff) this way i think early phase could be more balanced...right now you spend too little money in planes , this would give you extra pressure , using this condors could keep their actual price (10k IIRC). About "materials" i also think you have way too many AA and Aleniums, after first month you have enough AA to bathe your childrens and grand childrens in them LOL...you should increase cost in early phase(this feels more in phase two...i havent reached phase 3 per se, and obviously neither phase 4 xD) . (also just because im a little bitch who enjoys to nitpick and being a pain in the ass) i would like you also INCREASE the numbers of AA you get in every UFO like..idk shuttles give you 40 AA(to say something), weapons cost like....eh 4 or 5 AA (again just a number, im even ok to using 10-15) but bigger proyects cost MORE AA, like 100-150 a plane or something(just an example, but i think it would be more obvious,intuitive and balanced if you spend like tenth times the materials in a plane than in a weapon, this would help if you decide to make early planes expendable too, so you have to decide in upgrading your troops into mk2, or manufacturing your losses in planes because the aircombat is though)...what i mean its try to make the AA and alenium proportionate in some way with weight or size or something xD, right now is kind of silly you spend 2-5 AA in a weapons and 15 in a shrike (lol) , i know this is like a rework in all numbers and drops to balance all stuff...but its just an idea .
  5. something i really wanted in this game was a enemie like the POPPER from the XCOMM APOCALYPSE.....is you dont remember this little fella, it was a small critter with kind of average hp but slighty higher speed and TUs and he attack method was solely a burst of plasma and fluids from his little cutie heart.....in other words it EXPLODE ITSELF hoping to take some of your guys with him....idk but i kind of miss those kamikaze melee units. It added another degree in the battlescape....its a shame the game was easily exploitable and other desing tactics make this enemy a little cunkly , a nice concept but bad implemented...like the game itself .
  6. OH SWEEEET LORD HAVE MERCY, heeell yeaaaaaaaaah!, this is incredible news, i always get lost after phase 2 (even in phase one itself with so mk2 and 3 projects)...i hope that this new UI stuff includes some kind of "sort" algoritm or something so weapons try to keep with the same TIER between them (so all mk1 and mk2 stay separate and in order for example)
  7. Nice to hear that pal ....and YES ufos outdoors are closed now, you can destroy it with a c4, rockets, grenades, even with bullets from your hunter or heavy gunner....you need to breach (literally) the ufo now, the inners doors works normally....DEVS are waiting if there is any chance XCE could make a code to give aliens the ability to open outdoors (this would make ufo breachings pretty dangerous because you could be ambushed while planting the charges or just get a random burst and catch you unprepared)
  8. thats sounds pretty weird, did you install XCE right?. this mod is dependant of this, im not sure how you get it from steam, but you can donwload it looking in the Xenonauts Comunnity Edition, apply the 0.34.1 and then XDIVISION inside the mod folder, then everything should work correctly. Be carefull to follow all the instructions in the first page.
  9. hey @drages , i think he said the SONDA and others planes are not working as inteded because their xpedia entries says they have X hardpoints but they actually have Y. As far i know more entries are oudated and should not be taken SO seriously,they reflect stats and lore wich may not reflex the actual state of the mod..... Even i remember i made the exact same question xD.
  10. i aprove this except in two aspects: first i would prefer weapons stay like they are now, with the change only in mk3 truly advanced weapons: mk1 requires alien alloys: mk2 requires cores and AA. mk3 requires mk2 and alenium. why i say this?, i dont know you, but i would dislike a lot the micro to proude all three variants just to produce one, mk1 and mk2 in my experience becomes the "standar" equipment for your troops(specially true with mk1), so you always needs like a dozen of mk1 weapons for my newbies/replacement guys....but with mk2 i use them with my more experienced troops like officer or more "specialized troops (engineers, a guy with c4 and explosive to breaching ufos,the rocketeer, etc). Why i say this...because having to manufacture a lot of stuff in order to get more stuff becomes tedious and a kind of struggle.....Mk3 are fairly scarce and most a commodity than anything else, so most of the time the guys who use mk2, also ends using mk3, so its seems INTUITIVE to destroy one to get the others. Proportionally i tend to use like 20 mk1 as STANDAR EQUIPTMENT and a mixture of 5-10 mk2 and mk3 AS ADVANCED/ELITE EQUIPMENT (what i means is , if you use a mk2 to a mk3..the numbers of ADVANCED weapons you have keeps the same , they still are 10...while using mk1 to make mk2 and then mk3, you sustract weapons for one "tier" to another "tier" efectively getting rid of this proportion and having you make more mk1 weapons every few days is a hassle...right now i just make 20 mk1 weapons and forget about them , then my focus on weapon manufacture is only in mk2 and mk3 versions) i dont know if i explain myself right, but what i mean is in every tier, mk1 should not be touched or being material for more manufacture because they tend to became the standar weapon of that tier, so having to need then for another stuff is like needing mag weapons to produce rail...if there is the tme you lost a rail rifle because something happened...then you have to scroll up and search for the older weapon manufacture it and then continue step by step....and this is essentially a innesesary hassle (because as i said, most of the time your mk2 bearers finish using mk3 versions anyway). sorry if i repeat myself a lot times, but i struggle to explain myself without my native language xD. Btw this is more to solver than a Xdivision petition...is there any way to "fix"/"attach" a number to every production or item in the xenopaedia? what i mean for this is for example light scout is number 1398 entry and normal scout is 1399......so no matter if i spend three monts capturing scouts and even corvettes after you find a light scout it "updates" the xpedia and automatically "sorts" itself. So if xpedia looks like this: with the actual way, it looks messy and baffling......this is specially true in manufacture windows....where they finish looking something like this: and so on...you get what im saying right?
  11. well, this is just my way of playing but i use a medic specialist, he carries 2 medikits and just a pistol so he/she is useless in combat, and restrict all my other soldiers of using medikits (they only have the small med-patch to stop bleeding if they got hurt...just like intended)...maybe i do this for roleplaying, to make the game more hard or just more "logical"...but yes , imo medpacks should be buffed but also HEAVIER to stimulate the creation of a more "healer" class, of course you can restrict it because then you'll cut a lot of decision making , i mean, trying to explaining myself, having a light armed healer soldier in your platoon shouldnt be mandatory but at least quite usefull....also if you increase the weight and make it a one hand item again, you could get rid of the med duplication bug (i guess you changed this in order to nerf the overly "tank" hability of having a meatshield just healing himself over and over....or to restric the abuse of too mobile medics having a medpack in one hand and a weapon in the other shooting and healing basically at the same time right?). Maybe you should buff the heal in the early medpacks, but increase the weight so having two packs in your back and one pistol without spare ammo (or with just one or two clips) is a pretty eficient loadout...and having everyone carrying one should restrict them of having more ammo/grenades....so this would create a gamewise desition: 1) having a doctor running around trying to heal people letting everyone else being more armed with nades and ammo. (Increasing firepower at the price of maybe not being able to heal everyone) or 2)having everyone carry a medpack and letting everyone heal themself/their closer soldier . (Reducing the ammo and thus the posibilitie of using spray and pray tactic , being oriented to manage your ammo and grenades more wisely. so in resumee you should decide between MORE firepower (because you have more goodies to shoot and throw) or MORE survability (derived from the hability of healing). again TL;DR: increase the weight of medpacks and make it one handed again .
  12. hey, does anybody else think you get the medpack upgrade WAY too easy?, they look like something more appropiate for late phase 1/early phase 2 imo, it should require some sebilian medics plus maybe some other sebs investigations (warrior at least?), if you are lucky and got sebs you'll get the upgrade even before first month...again, whats your opinion about his?
  13. i decided to try the charon patch, and aliens seems to be more ...i dont know how to explain it....more AGGRESIVE but in a kind of bad way....they tend to rush point blank my soldiers, abandoning their cover and just trying to shoot in point black (most of the time failing because they dont have enough TU's), and because of this, sometimes they have the possibility of (maybe) killing someone if they decide to shoot to soldiers standing in a open field...instead as i said they decide to run over me, losing all their TU's and loosing their oportunity, dying most of the time...this is just me, or is happening to others also?, also found a couple of odd bugs i dont think is caused by x-division PER SE, but mostly because map errors or something: i attatched both save games, in one is a floor texture mising(if you look closely this mission, i managed to finish the with only 5 soldiers because aliens seems to RUSH all over my troops, btw this happened both with caesans and sebs). In the other i have vision of the scout ufo , the problem with this is that it appears really ramdonly (it doesnt seems to be in all ufos, or in any specific direction, it happens mostly arbitrary, maybe cause for problems in the mapp itself). PS: about lore writing....i notice all reapers bulls entries reffers to them as you have encountered reapers before...how about if you decide to twist this ?, instead, BULL REAPERS are the normal and standar version, you find this and all your reports are just based in the first encounter...and when you found the later (the vainilla ones) with the zombify attack all your scientist became histerical , because the surprise this priorly "harmless" species all of sudden start to became A REAL THREAT and develops such a bizarre and strange attack, just imagine the scenario in the battleground: soldiers being like: "hey they are just the silly normal reapers but with an odd coloration, dont worry fellas izi pizi...wait a sec..what THE FU...HOLY SH*T they are killing our guys..warping them into those piles of flesh and rage" and then the lead scientist being horrorized about the fact aliens decide to "UPGRADE" their biological weapons this way....maybe even take it further, both xenomorphs and reapers are both "the same specie" (remember xenomorphes are just a giant parasyte with a biology based mostly in their host victim)....this explain why reapers regenerate hp, because they used sebillians as host(?), and normal drones are just caesans hosted xenomorphs....and alphas are using humans instead (or something like that), this could be a nice plot twist, specially if you think that invaders are willing to use their own ranks to "breed" xenomorphs aggainst us ....idk, what do you think about this :)? -floor missing-.sav -vision outside-.sav edit: btw, i told you once that maybe defenders could be resized a little...so i notice there is already apc light tanks in the tiles props, i think they were named WARRIORS before get dropped during development, but there is still assets found inside the game, do you think is too hard to re-utilize this assest instead of resizing the hunter sprite we already have :)? . anyway thanks for your work bro.
  14. yeah thats what im thinking, get alien interceptors and add our lovely human touch of MOAR DAKKA!, and in early game im not having problems with the fighters i already have, specially after i found that aserius doesnt have just cannons (Lol), having two airwings per base seems enough to me (having 6 wings in total in VETERAN), even you could say is far too easy expand your base and air fleet in the very first day/week, this could be adjusted to something like: after 1 month if you: have a good start you could easily expand to three or four bases (total) ?. if you had a really bad firsth month you could still be able to expand to maybe just two bases more . the downside of this is that you will be able to stand a decent airforce until the third month...already in phase 1 , so you would get your ass kicked no matter what xD. The only thing could increase this could be enlarging both phase 0 and phase 1 (this would add the longevity of some techies, for example you put a lot of effort in early armors but i found the jackals only last like 1 week before i inmediatly upgrade to foxes, maybe there is just a too much SAFE bet upgrading your equipment) , the bad side of this is that maybe you should decrease the amount of ufo per waves ..because the combat game will age quickly and become tedious way to soon....so MAYBE(just maybe) the only suggestion i have is increase the price of everything...like maybe doble(perhaps triple?) and see what happens, because right now, money is not a problem (in any way, neither recruiting,forging,building or anything xD). TL;DR: increase the price of everything .
  15. another suggestion, dont you think you get the ability to retrofit and use alien planes a little to quickly/easy?, i think you should need something like alien electronics aside the pilot interrogation....what do you think about this :)?