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[X:CE v0.27+] S-20 "Aegis" Counterpsionic Support Armour

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So no one had yet to take advantage of the new "PsionicDefense" parameter in X:CE (until Kabill released his mod, try it, like all his stuff it's high-quality), so I decided to try my hand at it. The main thing that influenced this decision was Jsleezy's unused armor sprite. I have him and Kabill to thank for their gracious cooperation in regards to the armor image and ground sprites respectively. Now without further ado, here's the mod.

Aegis Support Armor


This armor will boost the strength and bravery of your soldiers and protect them against 3 psychic attacks. It's unlocked with Caesan Vivisection, a live Caesan Officer or Leader, and Predator armor. If you want the full Xenopedia entry go download this mod!

Another thing this mod does is slightly mod the Predator so instead of simply setting the strength to 100 it will add 100 strength to the user.


Jsleezy: The original artwork and his superbly excellent armor mod.

Tim McLafferty: The idea of the Wolf armor with the Jackal's chest plate.

Kabill: The generous recoloring of the Wolf's ground sprites as well as some armor code.

Community Coders: For creating X:CE and its multiple modding functions, without which this mod wouldn't exist.

Max_Caine: Help with the name of the armor.

LordJulian: The 2nd set of alternative armor.


Forum Downloader

Direct Link


This is for X:CE only. Install using the mod loader. If you want a more vanilla-styled armor image, drag the folders in "ALTERNATE" to the mod folder. If you want LordJulian's version of the armors, drag the folders in "ALTERNATIVE - LordJulian" to the mod folder.

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I'm pleased to announce a new alternative armor sprite designed by LordJulian, with an alternative camo scheme made by myself. You can find it in the updated download as "ALTERNATIVE - LordJulian".

I've also updated to fix a pretty bad oversight on my part. I set the research time to 6 for testing purposes, which I forgot to fix. Please redownload this mod to get the proper experience.


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Second version (camo one) looks damn good! Well done!

Does it fit between Wolf and Sentinel in terms of protection? Or it's the same as Wolf but has additional anti-psi defence?

Oh and that +100 actual str fix is SOMETHING. Singularity cannon and stuff, ya know :D

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