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[X1.09 + X:CE 0.26HF] XENOPHOBIA- Ultimate Compilation Mod

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Hello everyone.

I seem to be having a constant glitch that crashes my game to the desktop ALWAYS. I also tried with other Xenophobia versions and the same thing happens over and over again.

Literally what happens is that if I start a New Game after I build my first base, if I try to click on it or even do anything with it ( like clicking the soldier rosters, etc.) the game instantly *poofs* to my desktop.

I am very annoyed with this since I was looking foward into playing this mod, and I could really appreciate some help.

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So assuming this mod still works with the latest 1.5.. I want to point out that the mod requires XNT 5.31 Firebat which is no longer downloadable. Or at least the main thread that you would expect to find the download for it is missing. Furthermore the OP says that XNT Firebat is combined, so why do other threads, the Nexon download page for example, say that Firebat is required?

If this doesn't work with the latest Xenonauts version then thats really a shame. It looks like there are a ton of really amazing mods that are all tuned for v1.09, and it would be a huge loss if those weren't compatible with the latest patch. I guess it would be reasonable to simple do a fresh v1.09 install for mods, but who knows what I would be missing out in from newer patches or newer 1.5 mods?

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