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Pilot conversations and other speach in game


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Here is a real russian training combat 4 vs 4 footage:

I couldn't find such videos in english without music or announcer.

It is clear that 1000 phrases of 5 ex-fighter pilots would be too expencive but may be it would be possible to make smth like in sims game. That is just an idea. I don't believe it can be done actually.

P.S.: stupid rts-like speach would spoil the game

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It's a nice idea, but I think we'd struggle to have actual speech in the game. There's already faint stuff in the background of the air combat, and I think that's best to stick with - you intetionally can't hear what they're saying. Having dialogue that doesn't repeat even if you play for a long time needs a LOT of sound effects to do, and that gets expensive.

But yeah, we have tried to get a bit of this vibe through the current air combat sounds because I do like the basic idea.

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That was an eye-opening clip. I personally delight in the little radio chatter sounds during air combat and would love to hear more.

While that alone would be an immensely satisfying 'final polish' thing, if we're throwing out ideas:

Perhaps keeping radio chatter rare would be work? By having a few events have a low chance of triggering short bursty clips.

These would include:

- Aircraft damage threshold hit (Light/Medium/Heavy)

- UFO Destroyed / Shot down (what we have now)

- Allied interceptor destroyed

If there are two 'lines' for each event we have 10 samples.

Expanding the samples to 20 total for vaguely non-english sounding chatter.

If KOKON and other fans who speak russian could provide samples for obfuscation that would be perfect :P

Another of my magical non-critical wish list items for me to mull over. :)

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