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  1. The lore and narrative aspects of Xenonauts are some of it's strong suits (see game setting and research tree posts). One way to enhance this aspect would be through the existing archive. I have various suggestions, that range from simple (I hope) UI improvement to more daring and ressources consuming ideas. I will try to list them from the most simple ones to the most "complicated" or ressource consuming looking. Before exposing the list of ideas, I have to point out that, even if people invested in the game and on this forum do like the lore aspect of it, it's very probable that most people will not care as much. So, all of what follows really are flavour and polish features. They could enhance the game, but they might also not be noticed if people just are not inclined or incentivised to engage with them. A lot has already been done here, such as giving an interesting story as well as "operation" relevant info in the reports. The "better ending if you pay attention" option and the music also need a mention. I also have to point out a bias on my part : I'm an history student and love stories, lore and history. I am thus a necrophiliac pervert and my opinion regarding the literal archive in the game that has the lore stuff might not be the more bankable way of doing things. I also have to point out that all this data saved could not be good for the save files, but I leave it to the tech wizards. I'm just worried and try to be good. 1. Classification system in the archive. Have subfolders for the different items in the archive, such as technical reports, autopsies, etc. This is the "first step" for most of the following ideas. A research tool for titles and or content of documents could be nice, but it will probably be a luxury and not really necessary if the classification system is done right (there is not THAT much reports). 2. Add files for the existing technologies and facilities at the start of the game. When the player takes over the Xenonauts organization, they do so in medias res. The war is already ongoing, even if in its first stage. But the organization has a long history. Such files could give a basic tutorial for the player who bothered to take the time AND give him some basic understanding of the setting. They don't have to be long or numerous, they could even be grouped into two or three synthetic files. Below, a few examples of the info that could be handed out. - Document on the barracks ; explain the way stuff and recruitment go on. Expand on the multinational aspect of the organisation with reference to multiple language signs, and so on. Could be grouped with the hangar and barracks under "logistics". - New document on the training facility could be handed out when built and give some more background on the old days when the xenonauts had funding and the world was not yet perhaps doomed. - Document on the radar and it's fancy UFO spotting technology. Could be grouped with the lab : it's about tech. - Document on the hangar that would give basic info on how aircraft delivery, rearm, refuel and repair work. - New document on the medical center when built could give basic info on how injuries work. Could also give trivia and data about the daily life of the base. - Document on the workshop could give out good info on resource management, especially if ideas brought up here are implemented. Could be merged with the hangar and the barracks I suppose, due to the logistic aspect of it all. Logistics could even be the name of the file. - Document on the labs could flesh out the Gaius Baltar like guy that is competent and really smug about it when he files the reports, or when he sees you at the coffee machine and does not replenish the water. What a jerk. Background story and tech priority advice too (meaning : give some tips on how the player could engage with the tech system, he does not have to stress about this or that, autopsy reports will come in automatically, etc.). Could be grouped with radar : it's about tech. 3. Mission reports and history. Give the feeling of an organisation that crunch data and allow the player to review what they are doing. Could give a more palpable feel of the work already done… and help the player depress or keep it's head high, depending on the amount of WIN vs LOSS registered, or the daunting cost of victories. - A list of all interceptions, planes and UFOs involved, equipment involved, and the result. The battle reports, but neatly filed, if you want. - Same thing, but for ground operations. - A list of all orbital bombardment that happened, with casualties and effects on terror - It would allow the devs to put in some custom reports… regarding certain previous incidents long before the current war or at the very start of said war. 4. Soldiers files or lists. For maximum paperwork effect and immersion. Shortcuts could be placed in the barracks menu. It sounds like busy work for the devs however. - Automatically generated list or individual files of soldier on duty and performance (medals, kills, whatever is pertinent) -> thing is, the barrack already kinda does this, so the devs might not want to bother. - Automatically generated list or individual files of soldiers that died on duty and performance (medals, kills, whatever is pertinent) -> again, barrack... - Give previous service of soldiers like it was done in Xenonauts 1. Not necessarly archive related, but desserve a mention. -> barrack again... so... why do I feel like the barrack compete with the archive ? 5. A function in the archive, for each tech or report in order for you to rubber stamp the technology or data dissemination (or an info to say it's under way, if you did it when the tech popped up, or if it is automatic). The idea of it being a choice could be that, if one of your allies is compromised by aliens, you might not want to keep them in the loop. It might be more relevant in the Geoscape however. Another way to play it would be to have a panel of info, somewhere (or reports in the archive) that give updates on the current state of technology dissemination. The lab could also be a candidate. 6. Give the archive a literal physical building as well as… its own document about the archive in the archive of course ! - It could help to give more personality to your first base, more lore input, background, old sweet deliciously dusty stuff, that could give more of an HQ feel to your first base, as well as gravitas, because paper ALWAYS adds gravitas. - That would require art, however, for the archive building… and it would probably be a unique building. So… remember about my bias ? - I'm not saying that this building could also act as a strategic place in the base, some kind of last stand bunker to protect precious data and make the player engage with the history of the Xenonauts by the fact that the concrete walls of the archive protect the soldiers in dire situation, and it's deep knowledge help for the sake of Humankind, but, yeah. Praise be to the archive, may it's documents be plentiful and it's walls everlasting without humidity. 7. Add an archivist. A flavour thing, and the lady that is the (I suppose, I do not know her exact function) strategic assistant/officer could fill in just as well. 8. As you complete projects for them, you could have access to data about the forces and data that your founders have or had. That sounds like a lot of work and would probably be better one the geoscape, but, again, I love the archive (even in it's bland state) and want it to be loved by everyone. So here it is. I hope some of these ideas are good, and I hope the motivation behind it is also good.
  2. Other than the first time you capture an enemy unit/commander (like in X1) , is there any bonus for capturing enemies? I think it'd be cool to get extra money for styling on the enemy sorta like how it is with not blowing them up doesn't destroy their guns you can sell. If there isn't anything like that right now, maybe it could be attributed as organ harvesting and selling. What do you guys think?
  3. Maxim 56. Infantry exists to paint targets for people with real guns. I've played many games like Xenonaughts (X-com, UFO:After-whatever, Phoenix Point) and one thing that has always annoyed me is that there is no off-map support. Like, we're fighting off an invasion by a technologically superior enemy, and we are LOSING, and the powers-that-be can't be bothered to give us fire support? We got aircraft, why can't one of them strafe the enemy lines? Or have our transport stop a kilometer from the fight, and drop off two guys with a mortar? Calling out for people to rain hell down on the enemy positions have been a staple of human combat since WW1! Why aren't we doing that now? (salt) Now I know that this would shift the balance in the player's favor, but if the xenos are beating the regular armies of earth, they should be showing it. Give the xenos a CIWS, either deployed or mounted to a robot or something. Have the ufo's weapon systems be operational, and shoot back at the air support. If we want to be able to call in artillery from a nearby base, it would take time for them to get set up, which the xenos could use to fortify their position or destroy valuable artifacts.
  4. It would be a great addition to the game devs: air support, like air strike, bombing, drone reconissance during missions. what do you think?
  5. So this came to mind when listening to this album while catching sebillians, but what are the odds of letting the Sebillian Leaders regenerate past death unless pasted like a dang T-1000?
  6. I honestly had no idea what to call this suggestion when I was making the thread. So, when playing games like this you basically have to make a choice of how much you want to "save-scum". Some choose the ironman approach, which has even become an official setting in newer games, while others choose to reload missions and even turns if things don't go as planned. So I've been thinking -- how about an option to allow the player to save the game, but to regenerate certain things each time they do so? I'm primarily thinking of ground attack missions here -- you would be able to save the game, but each time you load the save game, the placement of aliens, civilians, and so on in the fog of war is generated again. This means that you would be able to "save-scum" by loading a mission if it goes badly, but that you couldn't do this to "learn the scenario by heart" to perfect your approach. Each time you reload, you're playing the scenario for the first time, especially if you were only allowed to save at the beginning of a ground assault mission when playing with this system. The map itself would be the same, but Of course players could use this system to repeatedly generate missions to make things easier for them by for example reloading if they find an alien in a good position, kinda like how you can start new games of Civ to get that perfect city spot with the exact resources you want and whatnot, but I think that it could also present a nice challenge to players who use it seriously, so to speak .
  7. With the expanding emphasis on plot in X2, I decided that I'd voice an opinion about the returning Aliens: I, for one, would prefer to see a larger emphasis on new alien types. Whiles I do quite like the look of the Praetors and Androns, none of the other Aliens stood out for me. I'm not saying that the old Aliens should not return; I think that the Caesans and Sebillians should stay, as they are the more iconic of the Aliens. I think that, with the new emphasis on plot, there is an opportunity to make truly unique and distinct alien types. I would like like to finish this statement by saying that I do love the artwork made for the games and that I am not saying that I wouldn't buy the game over something so trivial, just that I would prefer different enemies.
  8. This may be a popular or unpopular opinion, I'd like to hear you guys opinion. So psi has been quite an important part of the Xenonauts, X-COM and XCOM games and have added mystery and unpredictability and overall improved the story. My problem is it featuring in combat. Start mission with well equipped squad. Let's do this! MG in the back spontaneously gun down the two in front of him. Move across the map making no tactical errors. Enemies are taken by surprise and barely have time to fire back. Two experienced soldiers run around cowering in corners. Make good use of my best shield guy in open area. Confidently holding his ground defending comrade behind him. Drop shield, stand up and both get shot. Finally at the UFO, all stacked up and almost ready, just have to reload. Rifleman fires at a wall pinning two of his mates. Allright that's solved and everyone is doing good. Shotgun wielding god who basically carried the mission so far get scared by a lizard or cloud or something and drops his weapon, runs into the ufo and is evenly distributed over the walls by reaction fire. I save the game and consider savescumming. End up just playing some other game instead. This is why I've stopped playing Xenonauts and most Xcoms. Psi for me just makes the combat arbitrary and unfair. When I get my own magic spells it doesn't get much more fun because both sides just kill themselves. It is in my opinion a game mechanic that punish you without a previous error or foolish move on your part. In chess it's not allowed to flick elastic bands at the oposite player's pieces, just like I don't like bs magic spells interfering in a TACTICAL combat SIMULATOR. Let me know what you think. Do I have a point or should I just git gud?
  9. Played free demo, and have some things to say about that. I hope you devs will make a great game, but if it will have the same state on release, and same weaknesses like Xenonauts 1 had, I won't buy it. I know that game is in development right now, so I estimate what I saw it game right now and, especially, what I don't like in it for now. 1) Really bad displaying of UI, battlefield, and fonts on small resolutions. Made some post with screenshot about that. 2) No immersion. Operatives dressed like some american police team assaulting drug dealer's home (blue uniform, helmets only on assaulters with shotguns), not like some special military forces. No voice acting except death screaming. Pretty empty landscape, no decorative objects, no decorative hummocks or|and pits. Operatives have weird movement mechanics, can't lean out of cover without standing up in front of enemy. 3) Weird crouch and movement mechanics. Only one crouch button, but absolutely no any other advanced movement, and operative can't even walk in crouch. If you played JA2, you should know how advanced movement should look in that type of games, but if you want to remove that element at all, you should make some automatic positioning according to cover, like it made in firaxis' XCOM. 4) Blackness instead of the fog of war on the borders of the map breaks the immersion. And there are no differences between map boundaries and unexplored zone on battlefield for now, which is confusing. 5) No zoom. I can't look closer at anything for now. Would be really nice to have it. 6) Stepped operative-to-enemy aiming line with every obstacle written on it, which looks weird in full 3D game, where player expexts to see straight line. 7) No way to see how good your operative sees the enemy he aims at. In Firaxis' XCOM game shows you something like line of sight when you aims at enemy, which gives you idea of how well the operative sees the enemy. There is nothing like that in that game for now. 8) Operative can't shoot at things at 90 degrees standing behind the wall. Like in 2d-games, yeah, but I hope you'll teach them that they can shoot without going out of cover full-length. n) Forum logged me off exactly on submitting this post first time without any caching, thanks to that guy who made me lose 2 hrs. So that's why this post written in some angry way, I apologize for that (but not much). Thanks for reading. I hope that you'll make a great game, but you don't really need to make the same Xenonauts 1 second time in 3d with careful transferring of all limitations of 2d-engine to a new game.
  10. Hello everyone, I am a new Xenonauts player, who played Jagged Alliance few years ago, and I was wandering if there is some sort of a humans vs humans only mod, where instead of aliens player fights against humans?
  11. So - vehicles. Until now they exist in a separate Category from your Soldiers - but why ? Both need storage space, equipment and repair after getting shot at by aliens. Well - we call the "human storage space" living quarters and their repair "medical" - BUT our vehicles have far less options for customization and enhancement then regular soldiers. So - I propose a Framework to make the handling of Vehicles in general easier and blurring the lines between Soldiers and Vehicles. A Vehicle is equipped like a piece of Armor for a Soldier - changing the amount of space said soldier takes up in a transport and the types of Weapons they can equip. Instead of Assigning a "Hunter1" Scout Car to your Chinook, you equip Pvt. Max Muster with a "Hunter Scout Car" and a twin Browning MG Turret. Pvt. Muster will propably earn some experience and become a better Soldier while Driving/ Commanding said Scout Car. This shift would: Eliminate the necessity for a separate Garage screen (which has bugged out severly in my modded campaign btw.) Allows Vehicles to be affected by morale Allow Easier Customizing of Vehicles (Main gun, additional weapons, smoke launchers etc) in the Loadout Screen. Allow variable soldier size through Exosuits , Mechas or horrible biomechanical surgeries. Allow implementation of other restrictions for weapons - Perhaps only Soldiers in "powered armors" may equip a portable Gatling cannon etc. Perhaps you could even Enter/Leave vehicles with other soldiers - hop on the back of a Scout Car/Trike or Tank and use the vehicles movement.
  12. In X1 we essentially had four light sources in night missions: scenery lights like lamp posts the inherent flash lights of our troops (their illuminated vision cones) flares head lights of vehicles I'd like to see this system expanded a bit, as it essentially slowed down the pace of the game in X1 compared to daytime missions (because you would throw flares around one round, then advance in the next). low-light amplifier - a piece of head/eye wear for a soldier, giving him good sight in darker areas, but none in light regions (as the light amplification tends to overcast the surroundings of bright objects) thermal imaging glasses - same slot, portrays surroundings in false colours, but some aliens (e.g. the reptilian sebillians) are invisible to the user. Might show gas and heat pipelines through walls, whatever this might be useful for (blowing stuff up, obviously...) signal pistol - a secondary weapon that can illuminate a big part of the battlefield this round and can be fired indirectly over obstacles, and a smaller one next round, and then dies. Short life and big area compared to flares, maybe even a chance to stun enemies with big, night time adjusted eyes portable floodlight - a rather heavy utility item that must be placed down by a soldier and then illuminates a bigger part of the map compared to flash lights. As it runs on batteries, only limited use time. Some Psi vision system - reveals the location of living things, but not what they are. Civilians and Aliens as well as the type of Alien cannot be seen (something like a blue blob on the battlefield) For some of these to work, the blind fire system needs to be reworked - in X1 a soldier could fire at a tile with an alien with the direct aim function, even though he could not see the alien. Either this needs to be made impossible (or one soldier with low-light amplifier essentially provides the same bonus for every comrade) or weakened in terms of accuracy. Suppressing fire could still work to a degree. Any other idea you can come up with?
  13. So, I read the prologue "Crimson Dagger" in the extras at the start-up of Xenonauts, and I was wondering, would the story of Mikhail Alexander and the 1958 Iceland incident make a good gameplay tutorial (If there's going to be one) for Xenonauts 2? If yes, it could later show how Kseniya Alexander got invited into the Xenonauts program, and have her become one of the many soldiers the player starts with. It's just a thought. Plus, the story of "Crimson Dagger" is pretty emotional. In my opinion, it could make the player REALLY pissed at the aliens, and give a nice good launch to start the game off with.
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