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  1. Maxim 56. Infantry exists to paint targets for people with real guns. I've played many games like Xenonaughts (X-com, UFO:After-whatever, Phoenix Point) and one thing that has always annoyed me is that there is no off-map support. Like, we're fighting off an invasion by a technologically superior enemy, and we are LOSING, and the powers-that-be can't be bothered to give us fire support? We got aircraft, why can't one of them strafe the enemy lines? Or have our transport stop a kilometer from the fight, and drop off two guys with a mortar? Calling out for people to rain hell down on the enemy positions have been a staple of human combat since WW1! Why aren't we doing that now? (salt) Now I know that this would shift the balance in the player's favor, but if the xenos are beating the regular armies of earth, they should be showing it. Give the xenos a CIWS, either deployed or mounted to a robot or something. Have the ufo's weapon systems be operational, and shoot back at the air support. If we want to be able to call in artillery from a nearby base, it would take time for them to get set up, which the xenos could use to fortify their position or destroy valuable artifacts.
  2. So I started a mission with the scimitar tank with a plasma cannon in a (Valkyrie? 3rd dropship) and it is invisible. I can select it, move it around, and shoot things with it, I just can't see it. I attached the save file and a few screenshots of what I see. Golnor Battle.sav Golnor Battle.sav
  3. I started a terror site mission with 2 guys with assault shields+plasma pistols+wolf armor. During the battle, one died and the other's shield took a few hits. Now whenever I access the soldier's inventory or end the battle, the game crashes to the desktop. I got a computer running 64 bit windows 8, an AMD A6-5400K APU with Radeon HD graphics, and 6 GB of ram. Dropbox link for saved game.