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Found 12 results

  1. Hier ist die fertiggestellte deutsche Übersetzung (v1.06) für Xenonauten. Die bereits durch andere User begonnene Übersetzung der v1.65 wurde fortgeführt und letztendlich fertiggestellt. Sie beinhaltet nun sowohl die Übersetzung für die v1.65, die "Community Edition", "Lore+" und "Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters". Die Skriptdateien wurden explizit für die Auflösung 1920x1080 angepasst, bei niedrigeren Auflösungen kann das Spiel abstürzen oder Wörter werden nicht komplett angezeigt. Änderungen an den Dateien sind dokumentiert und können bei Bedarf rückgängig bzw. angepasst werden. Die bereitgestellte .exe-Datei ist ein Installationsprogramm, welches die Übersetzung installiert, wahlweise kann auch einfach nur das Übersetzungspaket auf dem PC gespeichert werden. V1.00 Erstes Release für Xenonauts V1.65 V1.02 Update für Xenoanauts V1.65 inklusive Lore+ V1.03 nur die strings.xml und xenopedia.xml für den Mod "extended weapon description for fighter" und die CE - Edition. Vorher sollte die V1.02 installiert worden sein! V1.05 Komplette Übersetzung "All in One" V1.06 Dienstgrad "Kommandant" durch "Oberstleutnant" ersetzt. Bugfix: Anzeige der Dienstgrade (Dank an Mytfelhix) Da ich die CE - Edition nur testweise "an"gespielt habe können einige Übersetzungen nicht 100% passend sein, wenn sowas auftritt oder gar was nicht übersetzt ist bitte Rückmeldung. XenoDE_V1.06 (1).zip
  2. X2 is coming soon to Early Access, so I figured I should play through X1 a bit before the release. I've lost track of the modding world, however. I actually made a mod with another guy, in the early days of Xenonauts. I doubt it works with the current version of the game anymore. Preferences, if it matters: I don't mind a challenge, I tend to play these games on the hardest settings, so long as it is genuine challenge and not just a chore. If there's a choice between realistic or arcade styles, I prefer realistic. I've heard good things about the community edition and X Division, but those are the only mods I'm aware of. There's also, "On the Edge - More Realistic Combat Mod," which sounds interesting, it's the highest rated thing in the downloads page, but it doesn't have many downloads there. Any suggestions what I should use for my playthrough? Thank you for the advice.
  3. Hi, if I start a new game mods load in fine and are usable. However once I've saved the game and exited, on reloading the save the mods have not loaded despite being active. What could be happening?
  4. How do you make custom buildings for Map the maker? I want to make taller skyscrapers for terror and industrial maps, Create ghettos and crash site that is within a building.
  5. This is an old issue that I already saw several old posts for with no resolution as far as I could find. All my mods in the launcher keep resetting to inactive after exiting the game. I have to go back and reorder them and reactivate each of them every time I want to play. Everything worked fine until I DLed some new mods. I recently installed the new map mods after getting tired of seeing the same map over and over. The Swamp maps mod does not work BTW, it crashes the launcher if activated. This started after this round of Mod installs. I am running vanilla version 1.65W
  6. Hi, i recently bought a new PC, reinstalled steam and all the likes, but my xenonauts CE savegames refuse to load and crash to desktop. I saved and changed PC just before endgame so I am quite frustrated. I think the reason should be which mods I had installed and maybe which order (and no, I did not keep a written down list). Is it possible to understand from a savegame file which mods were installed at that time? Or maybe the reason is different? Thanks to everybody for your time Deckardt
  7. This is my first time posting and my first mod (ever). When I first played Xenonauts it seemed like the portraits lacked personality...the cartoony feeling just wasn't doing it for me so I decided to create the Real Fighter Portrait Pack based on the current portraits but using (mostly) MMA fighters pieced together in Photoshop. Not all the portraits are based on the original ones...I decided some races needed a little more diversity on the looks. The mod probably won't be completed for a little while. I still need to complete around 30 male portraits and all of the female portraits. My goal is to have it completed by the time the full game comes out. The Real Fighter Portrait Pack will also add more male portrait diversity since as of right now around 50% of the original male portraits repeat themselves. Here are some screenshots of what you can expect: Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Hi, I seem to have an unkillable mod. I'm running the experimental beta, it says so in the launcher, yet I don't have the combat shield and the Foxtrot has 4 missile hardpoints. I'm sure this is because of the mod; yet the mod doesn't exist. I deleted it from all locations (game dir, mods dir, other mods dir, download folder), verified the game cache, wiped the game directory and redownloaded, checked Appdata and My Documents for rogue copies of the files, and started new games three times. It's all been a bust. The game definitely has the updated geoscape look of the experimental beta, so its not some weird flaw in the launcher. And I can look directly at aircrafts.xml and see the Foxtrot with 2 hardpoints. But I make a new games and rush Foxtrots and they still have 4. The mod does not show in the Modding Tools. I also tried re-installing the mod then deleting it with Modding Tools. I feel I'm missing something but
  9. Hello, I am new to modding Xenonauts and am wondering if there is a good pack or group of mods people would recommend to make the game feel more....finished I guess?....or just the best game experience people have found thus far. I am not looking for any god items or anything like that, just more maps, more guns, more stuff basically. Also it would be nice to not have to spend a load of time downloading and installing multiple mods and then troubleshooting compatibility, so also a list of known working mods would be grat as well. I know I ask a lot but I figured this may be easier than spending all day figuring it out myself.
  10. DM_Mod V1 for Build V18.3.1 New rank system and rank insignia; New role decals; New title of medals and new medals ribbons. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ckvflj Guys have a good game...
  11. I've heard of Day 1 DLC, but from the work Quartermaster is putting into the weapons mod, and the tinkering Gauddlike does with various aspects of the game, I think we'll see Day 1 mods! Awesome!
  12. Hello guys! Just got this game and I almost wept on my first mission, I love the visuals, the gameplay, and I absolutely applaud you good sirs, I have not a single doubt that my premium pre-order was well invested. Noooow, that's not to say there isn't room for improvements, if only to my own personal preferences after a first impression... Let's get down to brass tacks! 1. Weapon modularity One of the things I adore with Jagged Alliance 2 gameplay was the modularity of most the weapons; get an AK47, stick a silencer on it, get a grenade launcher going and long range scope and you got a multi-role weapon capable of either engaging targets silently at long ranges, or blow them up. UFO: Aftershock and Afterlight did this too. What systems like these do is that they close the gap between tiers, and make the game progression less focused on tiers and getting to the next one, and more on what advantages each weapon provide. 2. Smoother field of vision While just a minor nitpick, I'd like an option to smooth out the field of vision to something akin to those used by other games, it's sort of more modern and you could do neat tricks where aliens could be visible just at the edge of your vision. It'd also make the game slightly less "blocky" ;P 3. More goddamn senses Now, there's perhaps nothing more enjoyable than a Chryssalid sneaking up on your soldiers and making mincemeat out of your poor chaps, I don't really see that happening with a Disc or a Reaper. Now, the UFO series pretty much had the best solution to this, adding detection based on sound, psionics, thermal and electronic imaging and even smell. 4. A solid engine with extensibility I think the engine is already pretty solid enough and I see there's some potential for modding already present, (although to what extent I currently have no clue, but I will certainly look into it) making this fully modable would immensely increase the replay value. I know that most dev tools often are spartan in comparison to a genuine SDK, such as UDK or the source SDK, but any tools and new toys you could make available to us would be incredibly appreciated! Just look at some of the more recent successes: The Bethesda/Obsidian studio games, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress. Also, it'd pretty much snuff out every single thread for suggestions on this forum 5. Multiplayer This is pretty much optional, and I'm already asking too much, but multiplayer X-Com has already been proven to work and is the most hilarious thing ever. Hilarious you say? Ever seen the expression on someones face when they realize that they've just entered a house with a few pounds of high explosive set to explode on the next turn, madly rushing his remaining soldiers for cover? Priceless. Examples: JA2 1.13, UFO:TTS (Even includes strategic), UFO2K (Highly recommend you guys check this out) Lastly, I love this project and to be honest, and I'm pretty much content with how development is coming along. Keep up the good work!
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