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  1. This is an old issue that I already saw several old posts for with no resolution as far as I could find. All my mods in the launcher keep resetting to inactive after exiting the game. I have to go back and reorder them and reactivate each of them every time I want to play. Everything worked fine until I DLed some new mods. I recently installed the new map mods after getting tired of seeing the same map over and over. The Swamp maps mod does not work BTW, it crashes the launcher if activated. This started after this round of Mod installs. I am running vanilla version 1.65W
  2. I really think the aliens should be smarter about what and when different missions are selected instead of random chance. It makes sense that early on the missions would be primarily scouting missions and then moving onto alien base building and subjugating the human population missions (bombing, terror, military attacks.) The more that UFO missions get shot down before completion the longer it should take to move onto the next stage. But shooting down UFO's and hindering the alien invasion progression should then provoke an angry response from the aliens. They should begin to look for and attack Xenonauts bases more and more frequently with more and more UFOs in waves getting dedicated to Xenonaut base attack missions until you get entire UFO waves attacking Xeno bases from multiple directions, eventually assaulting multiple bases simultaneously too. They should get pissed off and start dropping orbital drop pods into Xeno bases with like 20 reapers on board. They should start better defending themselves with more and more fighter escorts for their troops transports. The aliens should become better and better at defending themselves, they should even try to send defend and rescue missions to their fellow alien buddies at crash sites and attempt to shoot down troop transports enroute to crash sites. It is fairly dumb of the aliens to allow un-escorted troop transports to travel for 18 - 24 hours each way to and from UFO crash sites and kill their buddies and steal valuable technology. The UFOs should also be making a beeline for your bases. They know where you live. Yes it might be easy to stop when it is just one UFO incoming. But later when they realize that sending one at a time isn't working they should be sending like 4 UFOs to a base. Also makes sense that they would begin their approach close to the base or sometimes even directly on top preventing even the opportunity to intercept the base attack transports and forcing you to rely on the defensive batteries and your base troops.
  3. If you have base defense laser battery under construction and you complete Rapid Fire Plasma research, then the base defense battery will skip the construction time and automatically be completed ready for use. I suspect that the auto upgrade that happens to base defense turrets upon completion of the appropriate research topic does not check for the base defense battery construction days status and just overwrites the defense battery data with the fully completed upgraded defense battery data. This bug could be exploited to setup base defense turrets without having to wait for the 10 day construction time. Research the appropriate Rapid Fire Laser or Plasma research up to near completion then remove all scientists working on the project. Then whenever the player needs base defenses setup very quickly they can start the Defense Battery construction and then assign scientists to complete the already nearly complete research topic which when completed will now insta-construct the under construction Base Defense Battery skipping the 10 day construction time. I also suspect that other base facilities that can be upgraded could also be exploited in this manner to skip construction times.
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