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  1. Just a newbie here, I bought the original Xenonauts and did enjoy it and just wanted to ask: - Does Xenonauts 2 have static maps, procedural maps or semi random maps - if I remember right the last game had static maps but there were also some that were semi randomised by random submaps? What are the plans for the map generation in the sequel? Also will there be more variety in aliens this time around? Sorry if these points have probably been asked before by someone else I was just wondering what the case was this as I am probably looking to pick this up when it hits Steam Early Access. Cheers Rick
  2. If we're fighting in the Middle East, for instance, will ground battle maps feature deserts and the appropriate vegetation, architecture, etc? Will fighting in the Arctic feature snow? Will there be maps that feature tropical vegetation or even forests? Just curious to know how in-depth the maps will be compared to X1, where you could be fighting in Saudi Arabia and the map would look like a Midwestern farmland lol
  3. How do you make custom buildings for Map the maker? I want to make taller skyscrapers for terror and industrial maps, Create ghettos and crash site that is within a building.
  4. I've posted this stuff on the completed maps subforum, but will leave this all here for reference So, I thought I'd have a go with producing some randomised maps. You can download the results here: Farm Maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dlrk7opf2c7m6d9/RMP%20-%20Farm%20Edition%20%28v1.3%29.zip - v1.3 (CURRENT): Fixed missing prop images on many submaps. - v1.2: Further prop density reduction and some more minor bugfixes. - v1.1: Cover/building density reduced a little, plus some minor bugfixes. - v1.0: First release Desert Maps https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1nan46z0lgsayz/RMP%20-%20Desert%20Style%20%28v0.2%29.zip - WORK IN PROGRESS: 1.0: Add military base maps to desert map pack. - CURRENT VERSION: 0.2: Full basic map pack for all UFO sizes; fixed maps to (hopefully) ensure there shouldn't be any issues with spawn points being blocked. - v0.1: Light Scout maps only Installation Extract the files into your Xenonauts folder. All the files should go to the right place. For the Farm map pack, you will be prompted to replace a single file ("StoneWallSE_spectre") which you should allow (I can only assume that file isn't used in the vanilla maps as its broken; all I've done is fix it). FAQ "Can this map pack be used with other map packs?" Yes, these maps will work fine with other people's map packs as well. However, the large volume of maps in this pack has an unfortunate side-effect of drowning out other maps from the pool, so you'll tend to see a lot of these maps and only occasionally see vanilla maps or maps from other packs. Details This pack contains a large number (hundreds) of different maps which rely on submap randomisation to populate them with props and buildings. Strictly speaking, they're not entirely random: I have hand crafted a number of basic layouts and iterated them with a number of submap zones to ensure the maps are coherent and to include contiguous elements like roads and hedges. Nevertheless, the variety of different layouts and random submaps means that there should be plenty of variety. At the moment, this pack contains a full set of Farm and Desert maps. The Desert map pack needs to be finished with military base versions of the maps (for far there's just wilderness desert maps), but there's maps for all classes of UFO. In the long run, enthusiasm and energy permitting, I'm hoping to make a map pack for all of the different tilesets. Please note that I've not tested the maps thoroughly. As such, there will be some issues which need addressing. I know that there's some cosmetic things which need changing at some point; no doubt as well I'll have fluffed the spawn-locations and blocked them in some instances or something stupid. If you encounter any problems, then, I'd appreciate it if you could post in this thread or PM me details. Also, bear in mind that these maps are not going to be perfect. There are inevitably going to be rough edges (quite literally, in some cases!) and the design will not possess the same level of finesse as hand-crafted maps. What I hope I've done, though, is produce maps which are varied and random enough to not feel samey and which are also reasonable to play. What You Can Do: Making these map packs takes a lot of time. I'd be more than happy, therefore, to take contributions from others to include in the pack. In particular, I'm looking for building submaps for the Desert, Industrial and Town tilesets. Other kinds of contribution are of course welcome, but these are the things I know are going to take the most work. Submaps should be plotted in either a 10x10 or 20x20 area, and should *never* have any spectres on the outermost squares of each submap (to avoid clashing/overlap issues and to minimise risk of blocking spawn points). For the Industrial and Town tilesets, I'm thinking about doing some maps with some 30x30 set-pieces as well, so if anyone wants to have a go at something like that, it would almost certainly fit. If you do make something to go in the map pack, send me a PM with a link or post it in this thread. If you have an idea, or would like some more information before doing something, feel free to contact me by whatever means. All contributors will, obviously, be credited for their work. Acknowledgements Quick mention to Skitso for use of the building submaps he made which are now bundled with the game. Saved me a good few hours of work!
  5. Bartec


    hi all, how can i test my maps? i havent the quickbattle luncher. if there is a way to get the quickbattle luncher, how to use it? should i extract the community map pack or stinky map 2 to the assets folder or to the xenonauts folder? when i extract to the assets folder, i have the assets folder in the assets folder. there are black regions in the industriel maps (stinky maps 2) regards
  6. Played 15 hours of 20 V1 and V2. Loving the feel, the gameplay. Combat is good, but I do find the maps not so varied. Am I the unlucky one? I miss the insane mazey maps of Terror from the Deep from inside ships and the condos and highrises of the maps of Apocalypse. Warehouses, shopping malls. Apocalypse had awesome maps for intense squad fighting. So far most Xenonauts maps I ran into have been flat terrain with a few city maps here and there. Exception was the first terror mission and europe base crash. IS it me being not so lucky?
  7. instead of a zillion farms everywhere across the USA etc. Also it's a much more exciting map type than any currently in the game. close range combat, lots of buildings, tight roads and alleys... something a bit more tight than the current terror mission maps, for sure. they are still way too open. and with ufos crashed in them (I think I figured out what's annoying me in pretty much all xeno maps. too much nothing. a few very crowded modern urban maps would probably be the most fun maps in the game at this point. EA XCOM style))
  8. Hello, i love this game^^ But one Thing i dislike. Terror Missons my Problem was the Maps was to small and the Aliens was most of the time in one or two spots and i have one or two Massacres and done. 1)The Maps should be greater. 2) Like in old UFO the Aliens should spreaded over the Map (Civilians too) and in Buildings like Offices, Shops etc and i wish to have the old Problems: A Alien was near a Civilian and i must choose between a save attack for my Soldier or help the Civilian and Risk the life of my trooper. The old Feeling of a shock after i reached the third stage of a Building and get surprised from a Alien with zero Action Points left in a small Office there and know: Ok thats failed my Soldier is dead.^^ Nice game the first game after the old UFO that feels like UFO. mfg VN
  9. Why not? Simple: make submap buildings include surrounding ground/props so they are a whole and complete map 'segment'. Then make "template maps" that have a basic outline (like a street down the middle with the alien ship area and Xeno ship area preset) and then fill the rest of these maps with these submaps. The submaps will be randomized by having multiple submap choices within each folder, right? And so you have a mostly randomized map each time you load it. This is how the original game did it, and I see no reason it can't be done now, today with the current system. So, why not yet?
  10. Thinking of going ahead and buying on steam, but I wanted to know the answer to this first please . In the alpha there were only a few IIRC. Also, I tried the alpha a while back when it was on kickstarter, and found the dogfight portions extremely repetitive, are they more varied now? thanks
  11. Hi Guys! I just love this game...but with the time it became boring, because I am in this stadium in my game, that evry time if i shot a UFO, its always a carriar...and its aaaaaalways the same fucking map. This one farm map!!!I had download the map pack and install it...but there are anyway every time the same map with this stupid carrier...it becames boring. sometime I have a terror atack or I engage a alienbase. But its also every time the same map at terroratack and every time the same map at alianbase. What can I do do? Meybe mappack is dont working in my game? Is it possible to dowload other maps for alienbase, terroratack and this fucking carrier...I can not see it anymore..every second mission I have this stuped farm map. hate it!! It becames really boring
  12. Are the maps in this game randomized, like they were in the original X-Com, or are they pre-built? The lack of the randomly generated maps was part of what disappointed me in Enemy Unknown, and while I'll definitely buy this game eventually (because I love this type of game), that's going to pretty deeply factor into when I get it.
  13. So I decided to try out the mapping tools and finished my first map. Nothing too fancy Scout/Corvette site in farm tileset with couple of new simple submaps. I also made a few new tiles, but they aren't too beautiful as I'm not an artist, still they should do their job. I'm not too impressed by the map dynamics, but that may have something to do with the script that I used for the tests. Any feedback regarding the map is welcome and naturally all custom map resources within the map can be freely used. Screenshots from the map Sorry for the inconvenient root folder, if I start making more maps I might set up some kind of a gallery for the screenshots. Somebody with the necessary skills ought to make a tool which can zoom the extents of a map, so you could get the whole map in one image without unnecessary hassle. Download
  14. What is the provision for increasing the amount of maps in the final version?, if the decision is to remain that there will be no random map generator will you be allowing the community to create maps? I think it would be a decent idea to allow the community to create maps that are then submitted to the development team for approval, they can then be added into the final game. This would alleviate work load from the development team whilst allowing a 'buy in' to the community and allow them to feel that they have contributed to what I feel at least, is the most true to x-com remake to date. If this has already been discussed prior to now then forgive me.
  15. I understand that the maps consist of an overall 'blueprint', consisting of blocks of 'area types' (ex. warehouse), from which a random selection from a pool of that type of area (ex. warehouse 3 from the pool of 8), which is a nice system to mix things up a little. What I'm wondering is that in that blueprint, is the location of the UFO one of the area types, or is the UFO placed randomly? I would assume it's dictated by the blueprint as an area type, but I'm wondering why not have the UFO location randomized as well... in that you'd pick the area block it is to be in, and then replace whatever WAS previous allotted for that spot with a UFO 'area'. It just seems a bit disappointing that the UFO would always been in the same known spot. (Obviously, the more maps that are made available, the less this becomes an issue, but until there are loads of maps, you will start to instantly recognize the maps, and the mystery of where the UFO is gets lost). At worst, why not at least have maps contain multiple possible UFO locations (the unpicked ones then being replaced by some other area type)?
  16. Remember the original X-com? It had so many maps that I would never see the same one twice. I tried playing Xenonauts but the maps got boring to me. Are you guys going to use the same structure as the original game to have randomly generated maps, or are you going to have default maps that can be played over and over?
  17. I would request larger maps, perhaps that way the soldiers would get a proper field of view range. I just want more overall though, different kinetic weapons, ammo types. Incendiary ammo, armor piercing, explosive ammo, high velocity ammo for longer range. Each could have different effectiveness on different aliens, explosives would seem appropriate for the lizards, for example. Proximity mines, or controllable explosives(btw, I really like the C4 timer option, really cool), but adding something like a claymore a soldier can reserve TU for to detonate when an alien steps into the kill zone - or just with trip wires or something. I would like to be able to select who my driver and gunner is in the vehicles, preferably from the team I have(who would have traits for this, ie, heavy weapons skill versus small arms). Additionally, the driver TU should be separate from the gunner TU. A trait like bravery could influence the driver as well, regardless of how much metal you have around you, it can still take some guts to drive head-long into weapons fire and danger, especially if they're aliens. Larger teams, larger bases, bigger fights. More realistic platoon numbers on large helicopters. I want to send a full company of soliders, 30+ or so, per mission. Para troopers of some kind, to perhaps send in before the main team shows up in the chopper. I like the game overall, I'll definitely keep playing and hope for improvements. I would hope, eventually, the maps are generally 4x larger with larger fights overall. Give the 'recruits' some specialties to start, most of them are X Rangers or something else elite. If the recruit really was ex-Green Barret, shouldn't he/she already be very brave, depending on the former experience? Or a good shot/in good shape, at least? It would be a pretty sad day if an anti-alien invasion corps started with 10 people only and 2 F-16's. Diversity in research, weapon types, ammo types, alien tech, etc etc, is what I'm hopeful for. So that each 'avenue' of research you select will influence your tactics and game. There are also some strange bugs, for example, the soldiers don't appear to upgrade all of their traits, and a few missions results were a bit strange, for example, an alien craft had landed undamaged and the core components were listed as destroyed, despite an unharmed craft. Again, love the game, thanks for reading.
  18. Hi everybody! We had some discussion about this earlier, but no one seems realy interested due to the alpha stage of the game. Now is beta, now is the time for map creation! As we all know, one of the most boring aspect of Xenonauts is the lack of variation between missions due to a lack of variation of maps. Of course, we can't blame Chris (well, actually we can, always blame the project leader, dat's his job!) for spending more time to communicate and dev the game than making new maps for now. This is why I will (try) to propose at least a new map every week to the community. Feel free to share your feelings about the maps! To test them, please report to this article ***Updated 7 june 2013*** Every map and submap proposed here are included in the upcomming version of Community Map Pack. Global link pack v18.5 (14) pack v18.4 (25) pack v18.3.2 (25) Changelog 7 June v18.5.zip no longer contains maps and submaps already native to Xenonauts. The pack droped to 14 maps (from 25). If you use v18.5.x or Steam's release, use this pack instead of the others/olders. From now, every map I make will be include in the Community Map Pack. I will keep providing direct download links to my "personnal" stuff. Changelog 6 june v18.5 is now available. No additional features, but custom maps and submaps have been renamed. However, native submaps from a tileset used in another have not been renamed. The new map and submap names now follow the rules of the Map Pack Community Changelog 18 may One new middleeast map for medium slot. It's a map from a previous batch that I forgot to upload. Changelog 11 may 2 more maps for middleeast: lightscout and scout/corvette. middleeast use now crates props a new prop has bees designed for middleeast tileset: ruins (15x15). It exists in four variations, and can be placed on any ground. 2 new props have bees designed for middleeast tileset: marketplace (10x10 and 20x20). It can be placed on any ground. Changelog 10 may 3 more maps available for industrial tileset. They are available for download with both map packs. Changelog 8 may Suppression of some submaps now native of v18.4. If you play v18.3, please use the v18.3.2 pack. Changelog 4 may 2 arctic maps have been added: a small and a medium. Arctical tileset has now chainfences. 2 terror maps (town and soviettown tilesets) have been added for medium terror site (battleship, carrier, cruiser). Soviettown tileset now has industrial concrete, since there is not yet a proper soviet concrete. lightscout maps have been tweaked a little regarding Chris's comments. There is no more alien spawn spot inside Ufos, and the Chinook no longer face an edge. Changelog 3 may 4 medium maps (landingship and cruiser) and a small have been added to the pack for farm, industrial, middleeast and desert tilesets. All should follow Goldhawk's standarts, but I'm waiting Chris's "validation" (as we so often wait for Desura's!). Changelog 2 may Corvette maps now share their design with scouts. The files have been renamed. You should probably restaure the Goldhawk's backup before installing/updating this map pack. Changelog 1 may Addition of a farm map for corvette. Addition of a industrial map for corvette. Addition of a desert map for corvette. Changelog 30 april, later Correction of bugs in two submaps responsible for CTD. Changelog 30 april mox_industrial_lightscout2 and mox_farm_lightscout2 have been removed as they did not follow the Goldhawk's standarts. All maps have now a unique spawn spot for Xenonauts and a unique spawnspot for aliens All maps are now bound to only one ufo type. All maps should now be more faithfull with Goldhawk's standarts. Changelog 29 april, later... New industrial map, lots of rail Changelog 29 april, late New farm map, more like a forest mal actually All Ufo maps are now available for scouts and smallscouts. Changelog 28 april, a little later New soviettown map Changelog 28 april, early on the morning... all lightcout maps are now 60x60 new submaps added to help leveldesign individual map links have been removed. Everything is now within the .zip file
  19. There's something which I think will improve the game, especially ground combat, a hundredfold. The maps are almost all very open. even the urban/semi urban ones are very open... What makes these types of games fun is never this type of map design. Remember JA2? Or even the urban environments of the original Xcom? very tight maps, lots of buildings close together with sometimes passages just 1 tile wide between them... Those are the most fun, and they're missing completely from xenonauts. These types of maps also offer significantly different gameplay than what's currently available... giving much more of a place for tactical manouvering, close combat (shotguns etc), and much more unique character to certain enemies (like sibelians) while offsetting the strengths of others (long-sighted ceaseans) I think these is something the game desperately needs. Esp. given that all colonized lands are currently farms, which is annoyingly repetitive, I've grown to despise farms. (crash maps though, not terror. which btw are also way too open for my taste) love!
  20. Sorry if this has been posted, I searched and nothing came up. Is there a random map mod somewhere I can use? Or are do the developers have that on there list of future features? The game is awesome already, I just want to make the game tougher on myself haha. I don't want to remember most of the maps and know where to go to find the best cover and things like that.
  21. So I played a little with the Level & Submap Editor and these are the results. For now only arctic maps. Feel free to comment, anything between "Worst maps ever" and "A masterful display of map crafting" is welcome "Variation" sounds boring but I think in most cases you won't even notice that you have already played the map. I will have to redo the maps as soon as all UFO are ingame and reorient them accordingly. There is also a new cabin submap. A picture is included in the zip file. Do you like a part of the map (like lakes which are bothersome to make) but want to change other parts? Feel free use the maps as a editing base as you like. Arctic 1.0 for Xenonauts 18.5 Download: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/TH2B0SMMPRM [table=width: 500, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout1_MM[/td] [td]Rocky with a cabin[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout2_MM[/td] [td]Rocky[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout3_MM[/td] [td]Rocky with forest[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout4_MM[/td] [td]Rocky with lakes[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout5_MM[/td] [td]Big lakes[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_lightscout6_MM[/td] [td]Forest with lakes[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small1_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout1[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small2_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout2[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small3_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout3[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small4_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout4[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small5_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout5[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_small6_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout6[/td] [td]60x60[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_medium1_MM[/td] [td]Variation of lightscout1[/td] [td]70x70[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_medium2_MM[/td] [td]Rocky[/td] [td]70x70[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]arctic_medium3_MM[/td] [td]Rocks, forest & lakes[/td] [td]70x70[/td] [/tr] [/table]
  22. I have created a soviet town site - corvette i am trying to test it with quick battle but it never selects the map I need My map is called "flash" Am I doing something wrong in editing quick battle.xml thanks
  23. Two questions from someone who has only been playing casually during the alpha and is now playing a bit more now that we're in beta: 1) Are the randomized sub-maps functional in the current build? Unless my build installed incorrectly from the last, the sub-maps are supposed to randomize per selected level, right? I'm having loads of fun, but I can't help but twitch after running the exact same maps containing a near-exact replica of sub-map placements. If the randomization of sub-maps isn't fully in place, then that's fine, but I get the feeling something's off. 2) Are any of the player-submitted maps compatible as of now? I ask, because the last mapping thread is from February. P.S. Great work with the transition from alpha to beta! Looking forward to the upcoming updates.
  24. I know that's maps are still in beta but I will change few things: - maps are too big for Light Scouts ect. Finding aliens taking a lot of times - maps are fairly empty (sometimes its hard to hide on open field) Will it be changed later?
  25. As more than a few people will have discovered by now, some of the maps have props which end up inside the dropship. I've used the level editor to remove the props which appear in the dropship. All you have to do is download them and put them in the correct folders. Please note this only works for versions (as far as I know) which are unpacked. Happily, both the Desura client and the standalone for 17.91 should both be unpacked. BEFORE YOU DO THIS It goes without saying that before you download anything and overwrite existing files, you should BACK THOSE FILES UP. Or at least, it would in a perfect world. So back those files up! If you get into a mess, it's your own fault! Now on with the show Farmyard courtesy. This is the most common map problem, something that has been mentioned numerous times on the bug forum. Download and copy to /assets/maps/farm/ Industrial light and magic. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this one. This map has a pair of wooden crates that appear in the dropship. Download and copy to /assets/maps/industrial/
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