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    where are my soldiers?

    sorry, they are in the barracks screen, not in the equip, unassigned screen as i thought.
  2. some injured soldiers not more in pool, if they back from mission. do i need a medical center? or whats the issue?
  3. Bartec

    Roles - Alternate Images

    files deleted. need new download link.
  4. Bartec


    bit later, everything fine. great game.
  5. Bartec

    files needed!!

    thanks space man
  6. Bartec

    files needed!!

    error: the target field ..steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\Xenonauts.exe"-quickbattle is invalid
  7. Bartec

    files needed!!

    where is my quickbattle.bat to test my maps?
  8. Bartec

    files needed!!

    im ready to go. thanks
  9. Bartec

    files needed!!

    cant get it to work.(black screen) i follow instructions. . . step 4) PFPK skript is Play First Script.bms? step 5) ive pointed it to GC_TilesXML.pfp cause i have just this file in assets folder. need help.
  10. Bartec

    files needed!!

    where is my xenonauts file to test my maps? (bat. or dll) my level viewer window in the level editor is black. why? regards
  11. Bartec

    fire button

    ups, my scientists are very busy. thanks!
  12. Bartec

    fire button

    sorry, but which way around? just have the hire button and two arrows, with which i can assign the number of scientists i will hire. cant choose the left arrow button to make a minus number. cant believe that im asking this question.
  13. Bartec

    fire button

    hi, where can i fire scientists, engineers? cant find the button.
  14. Bartec


    Steam dont update my game? i have v20 hotfix.