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  1. The previous xenonauts got a steam review score far under the 100 it deserved, which is due to EA. Many companies are releasing to EA, people on steam review it when it's buggy, rating it negatively... Then the game gets done, but they don't generally bother changing their reviews, so the game is forever stuck with a shitty score, which makes people never see it nor buy it (at least if they sort releases by steam ratings). So if you can, I suggest avoiding steam EA until the game is completely playable and completely fun without really serious bugs. Good luck!
  2. Lightzy

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    Where do you preorder ?
  3. Lightzy

    Debating Xenonauts 2

    I will buy a xenonauts 2, HOWEVER. It will never be as good as the first. And the difference will be glaring, all the more so for it being a "remake". I strongly suggest against making a remake. Make something new. A Xenonauts 2 can explore the idea of a future after the xenonauts won. What happens then? Is the fight taken to the aliens? Does earth remain sane, or does the new technology trickle down and cause massive destruction at the hands of bad people? etc. I don't know what exactly, but not a remake. Something new and creative. I'd be happy to join creative thinking sessions
  4. sweet! just not the awfully broken leveling system of silent storm, that was utterly broken
  5. Thank you sir Yes, I understood that from the first post. My meaning was to, in a way, ask for as many elements from JA2 as possible. Combat in JA2 for example far far far surpasses anything from xcom, chronicles, xenonauts or any other tbs format so far in terms of depth and available choices for pretty much every single thing from equipment to stats to how to use your turn, place your soldiers etc. Makes for a superb game that I think I replayed more than any other game bar master of orion 2 so there you go. If they make it as much JA2 as possible I will be extremely content. I'm pretty sure that anything less would indeed be ... less. And that attempts to combine a flawless system with all kinds of other ideas would only create flaws. Of course the actual game, content, story, setting, etc would all be different, but the mechanics of JA2 are perfect and it is quite respectful and even behooves a person of good taste to try and copy something that is flawless
  6. Max, why should I read it again? I read it before posting, is there anything new?
  7. YAY!@!!!!! Jagged Alliance remake!!! YAY!!!! (well not remake but you get my meaning. please make it as close to Jagged Alliance 2 as possible in terms of mechanics! with full control over soldier actions (crouch, prone, moving while prone and crouched etc etc), with intelligent squad AI that tries to surround and flank you and moves from cover to cover, full stats for soldiers including stealth, control of heavy weapons, light weapons, etc etc, with interesting characters, with... Actually I'm gonna go play Jagged Alliance 2 a bit. haha! so make it as close as possible in depth, thanks bye
  8. on veteran+ difficulty. I appreciate difficulty but this is clearly not difficulty, this is just plain bad balance when a weapon possessed by most aliens (after a while) consistently 1-shots GROUPS of the most powerful armor, doing in excess of 100 damage (just had a sibellian explode 2 sentinels and 1 predator for 112 damage on veteran difficulty.
  9. Lightzy

    Xenonauts V1.08 Released!

    This game is perfect. When can we expect more content? And what more content should we can we expect?
  10. I don't know, it only happened to me that I lost on my first run, after that I figured that you do one base in Israel, the second base on the islands of indochina right as the game starts, and you're covered
  11. Lightzy

    1-Base Strategy Possible?

    for sure win --- build first base in Israel, second base on the small islands in the indochina region right as the game starts. fill the second base with radar + 3 hangars, later expanding to 6 hangars, later on adding 1 lab and 1 living space. first base also: 2 living spaces, radar, 2 workshops, 2 laboratories and all the rest fill with hangars For me I found that this is a money machine. you lose the americas but the americas suck anyway. too big a region to keep safe with 1 base and terror missions and the like will be too far away anyway to reach from your main base
  12. Lightzy

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    In the back of a small scout in the beginning of an ironman game, hides an un-targettable sibelian who is unaffected by grenades as well, and kills whoever comes in the ufo 1.0!!!
  13. Lightzy

    V21 Experimental 2 Available!

    lowly sibelian from the first scout craft downed just sniped my sniper from outside of sight range (no squad sight, there was no other sibelian in the area) for critical damage. Did aliens get their sight range increased again? do sibelians especially have hawk sight?
  14. Lightzy

    V21 Experimental 2 Available!

    ls, it ran out of energy. you need a new battery. what's the problem?
  15. No, I fix a problem by giving severe penalties to reaction shots on moving targets and removing reaction shots against firing targets unless you have enough AP reserved from an aimed shot. I dunno how your imagination works but it is rather wild. A solution based on stats is of course much preferable but for now when u have to have something at least halfway sane then this is how. As for the solutions availalble, doesn't really work. If your grenade doesn't knock them out or suppress them ur dead, because ur soldiers don't know how to toss a grenade over a corner without exposing their entire squishy bodies yet (also preferable, but as I said, bandaid solution). What I do now is position snipers far away from the exit, open the door with one soldier and run away, hope to snipe, if not, repeat for 20-30 times