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    Really hoping so as you guys apart from Firaxis are the only studio to actually get gameplay wise what the original games were and have been able to expand upon this (apart from Gollop and Phoenix Point for example). Every other UFO style game has been very poor compared to what you guys pulled off as Xenonauts 1 is as good as the originals from the 90's so hoping you guys will have full MOD support in there and bring out DLC's and release SOON on Steam Early Access.
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    Can you not do a kickstarter for additional DLC after the game is released and has been on the market for a while? Would be cool and add to the content in the base game. More aliens or biomes or something. Also if I remember as only looked ages ago at the Kickstarter page will the weather effects ever make it into Xenonauts 2? I think they were something that was listed but didn't get hit - and will the game still get Mod support? Cheers
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    Will Xeonauts 2 receive DLC's once it is officially released out of early access to expand upon the base game?
  4. The most important thing at the core of any of these games is that the missions, ground combat and tactical gameplay is fun, if you get that right the game will be fine. I just hope we get a bigger selection of enemies than X1 and that we also get more varied AI with those enemies to fight against. Evolution is fine. Essentially this is a chance to take what worked with X1 and just make an improved version of that. The graphics and rotatable camera look like big improvements, I just hope there will be a new forces to fight against and the AI will be unpredictable and put up a good challenge and behave well - and that the game will be replayable due to that.
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    Ok I get that about the maps, will there be a map editor released when this goes on sale the same as Xenonauts 1 for people who wish to mod or add maps of their own or is that not possible if this map editor cant be released for general consumption? Will it be different in that regard to Xeno 1 then? About the aliens I just mean will it be essentially the same lot as last time - Sebellians / Androns etc or will there be a more diverse range? This game looks cool but looks more evolution than revolution, which is fine. Last question will there be modding capabilities? I saw the last streth goal they had on the kickstarter page was at 200k or somethng but they hit 190k aroundabouts? Hope this releases soon anyway the first game was good.
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    Just a newbie here, I bought the original Xenonauts and did enjoy it and just wanted to ask: - Does Xenonauts 2 have static maps, procedural maps or semi random maps - if I remember right the last game had static maps but there were also some that were semi randomised by random submaps? What are the plans for the map generation in the sequel? Also will there be more variety in aliens this time around? Sorry if these points have probably been asked before by someone else I was just wondering what the case was this as I am probably looking to pick this up when it hits Steam Early Access. Cheers Rick