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Found 14 results

  1. Okay, so I understand how to reactivate manufacturing and research projects, but I can't seem to make items produce multiple items with the same order. I tried this after finding the orders for ammo, rockets, alien alloys, etc. I thought I saw this in a total conversion mod, but I might have been mistaken. If any one can give me an answer to whether or not this is is possible, I will praise you you like a god!
  2. There has to be a better way to manage production than what's available now. Could manufacturing use some kind of queue? At the very least, when a task is finished, the engineers could automatically shift to the next unstaffed project. Switching them manually after each project completion is tedious, especially when new weapon techs are unlocked and you want to do something like build 1x pistol, 1x shotgun, 1x rifle, 1x sniper, etc.
  3. I've started game after game and the economics are kind of screwed if you start in America. I never have enough cash to have a second base up and going by the time I need, unless I don't build any gear for my troops or only build one or two more aircraft and save/scum so I never lose one and have to replace it. Now, we all completely understand that in OG X-Com being able to manufacture alien gear and then sell it for high dollar value made the mid and end game of X-Com very abusable. Money became a non-issue which it shouldn't have because the system was unbalanced. It's actually easy to balance multipele different ways and being implemented right could be a very easy way to balance most of Xenonauts economic issues. The main thing being able to sell off manufactured items for a profit does for you is give you a monetary return for manufacture time invested. In OG X-Com, all they would have needed to do was cut the profit margin down on the sale of made items. Make it so you could still *help support* your economy, but definitely not make it so high it could replace your economy all together, which is the mistake the original made. That should be totally avoidable with Xenonauts especially as balancing these values is where we're at in development right now with the beta. With the right values inserted here now you can balance out a lot of issues with the rest of the economy much easier. The key is to provide a *decent*, but not overly great, profit on the time put in to make that item. As it stands right now I think Xenonauts values are a little low. Low is still the right idea here, but a little more is necessary in the early game particularly if you Don't start in the Middle East every game. With my base in America near the American/Mexican boarder I can cover almost all of North and South America. That's 1/3 of the land mass of the planet. I shouldn't lose the game because I put my first base here. The other way to balance the manufacturing/profit system is to make much of the manufacturing need rare items to make. Of course if you balance it this way there's a lot more involved deciding what items it takes to make things and judging how fast you retrieve those items during the coarse of a game, which can again lead to abuse if either the wrong items are chosen or given a wrong value. I'd say the easier way to balance it would simply be from the profit margin of sold items as deciding what makes what has mostly been decided already and it would take much more effort to change. Also, I'm playing on easy. I either need the countries in Europe and Asia not to go to the aliens by month 2 or I need the money to get something up and running over there to provide protection, which I can't afford.
  4. It would be nice if the manufactures.xml allows for (OR) clauses. Obvious thing to do with it would be to create a new armour with the regenerate ability, but requires a live sebillian (any rank) to build. Or various other stuffs like that (alien power cores, weapon production with alien weapons).
  5. Unlocked corsairs. Went to build one. Even with 20 techs it's gonna be like 30 days for 2 of them. But really a crew of 20 people wouldn't be able to build a plane in a week, right? My solution: after Alien Electronics unlocks a tech called Automated Assembly. That unlocks a car-sized robot that helps you build stuff (like large weapons and planes) and takes up 1 slot in your vehicle hangar.
  6. After some fighting on alien battlegrounds and forum posts I decided to write what I think about Beta (which I think is Alpha:) For me this Beta is completely unplayable. I can't follow it. Some research should be done manually, some research is done automatically (autopsy and ufo's). Maybe it is fun, but not for me. Research is researching. There should be some mystery. Manufacture... I can't build something for money. It was very important part of original series. Now I can build something and sell it in half price. Full inability to manufacture my own advanced weaponry (like lasers and gauss). Geoscape - there are some events and they are fun. Base Construction - it is a pity I can't build my base on an Island of Crete. I think there are many dead spot's around the globe. I am completely lost which base building does what. I can't click on it and see. Tooltips suck. No xenopedia articles on base buildings. And I have no idea why i should build something. Especially medical center - the only building which is not prebuild on my base. Short radar, long range radar - why not two different radar stations ? but that's a minor. Xenopedia - no articles for base buildings. No articles on default weapons. Default weapons - no different bullet types. And why are they infinite? Also why standard grenades are replaced by advanced grenades automatically? That's a micromanagement we all loved in original series. Shotguns - why are they better then m16? Never killed anybody with them. Playing on veteran and aliens a too tough for them? Have no idea how default combat roles are assigned and what stats are good for which combat roles. Difficulty levels - why are aliens became tougher and tougher with time? They grow thicker skins? That suck. Nevertheless it's far better to increase amount of aliens, for me... But AI i so passive now, even on veteran. Maybe ambushed aliens eat medkits or what, but it be much difficult if they try to shoot. Or retreat. And for me alien placement on map is too random. But god bless they don't use grenades. But battle itself have many issues, maybe I'll write another post on this.
  7. Just wondering, would people want a modified strings.xml file that would have the manufacture costs (alloys/alenium) in the description box? I'd probably add the missing strings fixes to it as well. This would just be till the new UI is done.
  8. Hey! After playing excessively for a couple of days now I find it slightly irritating (alpha is alpha I know) that one gets no information beforehand when trying to manufacture a specific tech. Especially for aircraft its annoying when you dont have the necessary hangars. Could anyone point me to such a table if existing? Thanks! On a related note for what would one use 'Alien Reactors' ?
  9. So I only picked up Xenonauts since beta, I did a brief search and couldn't find anything on this subject so sorry if you've seen it before. To the point, when crafting items is there any reason to craft more than one at a time? The only difference i've really noticed in bulk crafting is that it simply delays how long until you start actually seeing any benefit. So for instance with the first armor upgrade if you want a few armors and devote all your engineers to crafting them, if you craft 1 at a time you get it after 2 days, if you craft 3 at a time you don't get a single one until 6 days(correct me if I am mistaken). Is there something I am missing, is there a reason to ever do things in bulk besides laziness? or does doing things that way actually just hurt you(delaying how long until you get the first item)? Edit: Thanks everyone for the clarification, apparently I just was confused because when you are doing things in a bulk it doesn't say when one piece is completed so I assumed they weren't completed until the end. My mistake.
  10. Hey, everyone, how's it going? I'm finally at lasers for the first time, and I can't find where the alenium, alloy, etc costs are listed for any manufacturing items. The cost in money and time is on the screen, that much is obvious, but is the cost in other materials listed anywhere yet? Or will that be in the #### descriptions? If they're not listed yet, what are they? At least for, like, laser ammo, because I'll be needing a lot of that, but preferably all of laser, and maybe even Wolf and Buzzard if it's not too much trouble (and more as I get further in the game). I guess this could be a thread dedicated to Manufacturing Costs of basically everything, if it'd be useful. I think it would be, since I can't find any costs in the game itself without heading into the xml files, which not everyone knows how to do.
  11. IMHO, workers in a workshop unable to feed themselves are economical nonsense Original XCom workers were allowed to build and sell items (medpacs for example) with profit - maybe too big profit. Maybe good way is somewere in middle? When workers are idle (do not build weapon/craft/etc) and there is some spare room in a workshop, they can produce (and automatically sell) some abstract "general commodities" Numbers for produsing cost, working time and sell price for general comodities must ensure workers salary plus workshop upkeep plus 10-20% profit (but no more - to avoid temptation of building pure-industrial bases )
  12. What file do I need to look at to alter the time it takes to manufacture new items?
  13. I recently got to laser weapons for the first time and it got me wondering if it was possible to set production to unlimited, so you constantly have a few engineers churning out ammo. For some reason I have a mental block about just using a high number and clicking it back up every so often. Also it would be nice to do repeatable queues. Like for example 1:Build one armor 2:build a laser rifle 3:build some other alien tech equipment 4:start over Maybe even get a notification every time the queue is at the starting over point. That would make outfiting several soldiers less micromanagey... Not that important in the big scheme of things though. regards Davoren
  14. I installed 8.2 the other day and remember it being listed in the thread that there would be a research tree in this build. When I go to my base and click on the research tree nothing comes down, it is as it was before in 8.1. Did this have to get left out for some reason and did you mention it after or am I just looking in the wrong place. Do I need more money before I can see it, more bases?
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