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Found 21 results

  1. v.1 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 5 kB download This mod changes: summarizes all gameconfig.xml changes to make the [B4X2] collection possible to win in IRONMAN & VETERAN difficulty, most importantly the "More Planes" Mod where you need to run several bases holding independent dropship squads to tackle distant alien terror sites boosts starting funds boosts relation bonus for doing ground missions changes starting layout and staff changes staff costs (cheaper soldiers, more expensive scientists) - you´ll lose 10 or so men per month, have a roster of 60+ men to make your many soldiers look distinct with less repetition in portraits, use my "Bigger Pool" Mod changes buildings.xml and reduces staff capacity to encourage base founding lost continents can be reconquered by eliminating alien base(s) slowed down alien ticker progression to prolong early game ironman_vet_rebalance[B4X2].zip
  2. At normal level do not have permanent death. At hardest level I don't care. Players at normal difficulty are not hardcore enough to survive the carnage! Have some pity !
  3. I'm an X-Com vet, but this is ridiculous. I go into a terror site with 6 troops and an armored car with 8 missiles. THERE ARE OVER 20 ALIENS THERE. Including the ones that kill two of your guys in one turn, turn them into aliens, then when they get killed turn into ANOTHER alien. Seriously, it's like 25 aliens to kill on this one map. This is FREAKING RIDICULOUS. This is three months (game time) into the game. I certainly hope this is not what they're shooting for in the final game.
  4. Right now the difficulty level in the game only affects the health of aliens during Ground Combat missions. Eventually I think it would be good to have it affect more systems in the game, so I'm making this thread to get some feedback from you guys on what you would like to see. Here are a few ideas, to start with: Different bases - in this scenario a player starting the game in "Normal" mode would get a pretty well fleshed out starting base, which would prevent them from screwing themselves too badly by poor building choices early. For "Veteran" levels and above, the player would get a much more simple base, but would instead start with an equivalently larger pile of case - this would allow them to do interesting strategies like multiple bases from the outset, but at a greater risk of them screwing it all up. Damage numbers in combat - we are shortly going to implement a system that will display the damage you do to a target in GC. This will be helpfully right now to identify cases where the combat system isn't working, but it might be something we could leave on for "Normal" and disabled for "Veteran" difficulty levels. There of course many stats like repair and healing times for soldiers and interceptors that might be interesting to vary by difficulty to make the game more/less forgiving, but I'm really more interested in (simple, mind) features like the two described above that could give a significantly different gameplay experience between difficulty levels.
  5. Is there a list of things that are changed by the difficulty-level? I bravely started on the highest one but currently seem in quite some trouble. It's not the mission that bother me but the UFOs in Air-Air-Combat. And that' why I want to know if and how the difficulty-level affects that. I've watched videos were people outmaneuved the UFOs with their fighters. Tried the same but the UFO turned around so quickly that the Fighters couldn't turn away from it fast enough. And even the small Escorts 1-shot my fighters. In an asymetric game like this the potential list of things affected by difficulty is massive. So where can I find that list?
  6. I just played the first mission with the new version 19.7 and what used to be a cakewalk is now deadly! I had to restart after losing 3 of my men and 3 others wounded. There are more early aliens and they are much more aggressive, and cannot be killed with a single shot. When one of my guys stood behind a door to a building that has always been empty in previous versions, an alien popped out and killed him. Another time, an alien charged forward, fired TWO shots and a BURST (how many points do these guys have anyway?) and seriously wounded one soldier with the burst. NONE of my soldiers can now fire twice in one turn, whether with shotguns, rifles or sniper rifles. Onn the first try, there were 3 aliens inside the ship, but every time the door opens and one soldier shows himself, he is subjected to two or three reaction fires and is either killed or seriously wounded. In the second try, there were no aliens inside the ship, and I was helped that my rocketeer killed 3 with one shot that were bunched up near a fence. So I ended up with one seriously wounded soldier, which is acceptable. But I cringe to think what will happen later, with stronger aliens and research taking twice as long.
  7. Dear Chris Any thoughts on whether we might get different difficulty sliders for geoscape (e.g Air combat) and then one for ground combat? I am sure you can see the advantage that this would have in terms of making balance easier. I.e you can make air combat really easy (with free replacements) at easy and normal, and make it like it was in v19-3 for hard. Then again if you want to play old-school on the aircraft but like your ground battles to not be too punishing then you can select a different level for them too. Maybe this would be too much work, but seeing as your at balancing stage anyway it might make some sense if you introduced it as the balancing can just continue as is but ultimately it gives players more ways to tailor their experience. Disclaimer: Not sure how viable this is, though on paper it sounds like it would just be a case of splitting up the modifiers into two files.
  8. just kidding Hello everyone, this is my first time i post here, i bought the access to the game a week ago and i couldnt stop playing it, but now, i'm concerned by some fact and i started being frustrated by some other things. First off i'm using the stable build V8 , my main problem i think is the difficulty, or rather, the Aliens tend to snowball a little too fast: I admit i may lacking of skills and the capacity to better maximize the effectiveness of my base and resources and i tend to focus on improve the main base instead of perhaps building other bases in the globe, after a couple of months, while i'm virtually with a lot of good weapons, veichles and Aircraft (manage to get both the tank and the corsair in november), i start to lose control of the Nations and starting to waste a lot of income and money because obviously i dont have enough map control and without money i can't build any other aircraft, considering i'm starting to spawn landing ships and bigger squadrons of fighters and scouts. My question is ... what i'm doing wrong ? should i focus on building more bases rather then improve my main base ? and other advice ? thanks, and sorry for my crap english but it is not my native language.
  9. I don't know why (probably because I suck), but at some point in the game (when the carriers start invading my bases) I just lose. I can't fight back, I'm too clumsy, the pressure makes me shout... I don't know, so here's what I'm requesting: Some kind of mod or cheat that makes me win the battle. Anyone made anything like this yet?
  10. So I don't really know if I was having any glitches, but the first light scout had crew on it, and all light scouts following that had no crew. I only was able to bring down one regular scout, so by the time the first (well, second, but first one was across the world) terror mission showed up, I had a very untrained crew. I went in with 6 soldiers. 2 had jackal armor. I can't remember their exact loadout, but I think it was 3 m16s, 2 shotguns, and an RL. I also had an MG Ferret. I was excited after the 14 un-manned UFO missions I did. Only 3 soldiers came out. Those fucking disc things, whatever the hell they are, might be the scariest thing ever. They are like Bio-Drones from TFTD. All the douchiness of cyberdisks except 1x1. Also, I might add, I had to abort after only scoring a few Xeno kills, and that was mostly from the rocket launcher, and one badass on those douchediscs. TL;DR: Terror missions suck Edit: Game crashed on the terror mission. Re-did versus Sebillians, brought in 8 soldiers instead. Aborted after 4 guys were left.
  11. I read Chris' comments about X-Com: EU having an inverse difficulty curve. After borrowing a copy and beating the game on classic, I agree. The game starts out hard. As you play, the game gets easy. In the end, it's ridiculously easy. It wasn't just that you got the firepower you needed. Your troops had enough special abilities to hold their own. Add in a 4-use invulnerability/guaranteed-critical armor ability, and the game was cake. I remember TFTD, too. Once Lobstermen showed up, the game kept up a pretty flat difficulty curve (i.e. hard!). New weapons softened the blow, but it was still rough. It never felt like you ever had the advantage until they started spawning less. How will Xenonaut's difficulty curve play out? Will you always feel outgunned? Or will there be a final tech in the game that appears after you've encountered the last new alien type that will make you feel a little more equal?
  12. I know it seems like most everyone plays on Classic, but it just so happens that I need input from someone who played - and preferably completed - the game on Normal as well. Ufopaedia has information about how the difficulties are different, and raw numbers are clear enough. What I'm looking for is practical experience - how did the AI behave on Normal, how did it feel, was it much worse.
  13. See topic for the question. Specifically, how is Xenonauts going to tackle the problem of the end game becoming way too easy, a problem every X-Com thus far has failed to adequately resolve? Thanks in advance.
  14. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere already. Firstly - wonderful to be playing Xenonauts after XCOM:EU -- I had my first two UFOs at the same time, and seven within a few days. Actually feels like there's an alien invasion. I haven't played the Alpha for some time so not sure if this is new, but my first crash had a single survivor then the next 3 or 4 had none (so I moved everyone around on the first turn then the mission ended), then again I had a crash with just a single survivor. I'm playing on normal mode but even so this seems a bit too easy. Have I just been really lucky or do other people see this too?
  15. Making iron man mandatory for the hardest difficulty makes sense after all the bugs and balancing issues are taken care of, but if you want bug reports and feedback you should let me take it off during alpha and beta testing.
  16. Would it be possible to add the 0-1 alien guards to the Light Scout, a set of equipment for the non-combatants that includes a plasma rifle, or making the plasma pistol more deadly. Maybe this is the effect of having played the Alpha for so much, but the first half a month of ground combat seems incredibly monotonous fighting light scouts and the one or three aliens with plasma pistols in the light scout pose absolutely no threat to even unarmored Xenonauts personnel. Looking at the technology tree, it seems that the effect of earlier plasma rifles might be an earlier ability to research Alien Plasma Technology, but since that should be available once you shoot down the first scout anyways it does not seem like it would create much of an advantage for the player.
  17. Now I know this may not be popular with everyone, but two of the things I miss from X-COM were the Saving Private Ryan and grindhouse moments, where you either got nuked to hell walking out of the dropship, or a Chryssalid would creep into your ship on the 2nd turn and proceed to slaughter the entire crew in 3 turns. It's unbalanced, frustrating and unnecessarily punishing - and that's why it creates such lulz for smug players. I love it because, while it almost guarantees an instant loss in the early game, it tells a story of its own. People are likely to load the saved game again, but regardless it's one of those things where you just excitedly tell your friends about. It makes the game even more special. Perhaps this can be implemented into the harder difficulties, or put up as an option like Iron Man Mode?
  18. I posted this in the v10 thread, then realized it would probably get answered here, >> Ok having issues with the game 1) played for 2 weeks real life and I have not been able to research lasers or wolf armour in any game. 14days playing. I have tried not saving or loading to no avail. 2) Just played game with v10 and 1st light scout did not appear over Europe until the end of July. 1st scout appeared 14th August. There are too many fighters and not enough actual missions. 1st corvette arrived 30th August and immediately turned into a terror site in Lagos. My last research was alien grenades 16 days previous. 3) Terror site was all grass, no buildings very exposed. This meant entire team was wiped out by reaction fire within about 8 turns. No wolf armour or lasers meant I was 1 hit killed -11 points, but took 3shots 2 kill aliens. 4) If you make a mistake or lose an aircraft the game is now very unforgiving. I lost 2 migs by silly mistakes and ended up broke rebuilding them. That took me selling 100 alloys, alien weapons and 30 flares. My main concern is the research problem as it is killing me. thanks
  19. When you change the difficulty level, the avatar's rank changes. I like this a lot, but how low the rank is really struck hard. In practical terms a Lieutenant and Captain is right for commanding 30-50 people, but we're talking about a completely new international military, with the potential to grow into multiple bases in a very short time, and even the starting base can grow very fast. Another issue is, if the top man is ranked so low, he won't be able to properly command respect with existing militaries, and politicians. Modern militaries have generals buying uniforms, the whole mindset is that your ability to think is proportional to your rank. As wrong as that might be. If this were real, the goal would be to establish the officers with the expectation of expansion, and with parity of respect. That means the top officer needs to be at least a Brigadier General. It would result in a very officer heavy organization, but only at first. If the organization were actually a subset of another military, then the lowest rank of the top officer could be Colonel. Another aspect just occurred to me, the rank goes up with the difficulty, but shouldn't the rank go down with difficulty? It may seem a bit counter intuitive, but presumably in the harder difficulty, you have less of everything, an everything is harder. One way to spin that is, everything is harder because you, in-universe, has less experience, less political pull, less support in general. As an example, being higher ranked in lower difficulty could explain countries hanging with the Xenonauts longer, against poorly handled invasion activity.
  20. I'm not sure how easily this could be implemented, but it would be cool if we could have advanced difficulty sliders in the final version, similar to setting up a game of Anno. There would be sliders for all the difficulty variables and multipliers. Some examples would be: - Starting Money - UFO Spawn Frequency - Alien Stat Multipliers - Aggressiveness of AI - Research Rates - Anything else that can vary between difficulties You can see where I'm going with this. It would be much more diverse than the typical 1-option difficulty setting, and allow for easier/better customization of games. The default options can still be kept in the game, as the recommended/balanced difficulties. "Easy" would consist of all the sliders being on the left, while "Superhuman/Insane" would have all the sliders on the right. Here's what an Anno 1404 game setup screen looks like. Thoughts?
  21. Will the aliens change their tactics in response to the player becoming better? It seems like in X-COM the only thing the aliens did was use better ships, better equipment, and tougher soldiers; which is a cheap way of ramping up the difficulty. It seems like in the beginning of the game the aliens shouldn't look at Earth's forces as any kind of threat and they should take risks like not using escorts around supply ships, attacking in daylight, etc. However, as the player shoots down more and more alien craft, repels terror missions, and takes down alien bases the aliens should use slightly more advanced tactics such as: Launching multiple terror missions at once in places far away from each other. Attacking Xenonaut bases after UFO recovery missions have been launched since the base may only be protected by rookies and injured soldiers. Landing an empty supply ship to act as a decoy. When the Xenonaut drop ship approaches, multiple alien battleships ambush it. Strapping mind-controlled civillians with explosives and sending them running towards Xenonaut troops. Weapons solely designed to target humans so that Earth forces can't reverse engineer it. Examples include biological/chemical weapons and the brainsucker launcher from Apocalypse.
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