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  1. Thanks for the helpful and constructive feedback on my idea, it's much appreciated. It could be scientists who are taken over, not soldiers.
  2. Haha, no. I just meant that in later portions of the original X-COM it got easy even if you didn't use blaster bombs and psi, and there should be a way to increase the difficulty without necessarily having to introduce new aliens and weapons. Ideally, the game would look at your current score/tech level/etc to see if and how it should ramp up the difficulty. Low - medium score: the aliens don't consider Earth forces a threat and are careless. High score: The aliens start becoming aggressive. High score for several consecutive months: The aliens start getting desperate. Also, using a scaling system would cause the aliens to back off if the player started getting lower scores. Additionally, I never said you couldn't use the same tactics against the aliens. I know some people who hated the suicide bomber aliens from Apocalypse, so they started strapping high explosives to their robot X-COM soldiers in retaliation.
  3. Difficulty balance is hard in any game, but I rather be beaten by my enemy because they did something clever than because they whipped out a bigger gun. Also, I don't think the player SHOULD be able to win every mission, or send out forces to take on every shot down UFO.
  4. I think that would be good, especially if the amount of damage increased the longer it took the squad to get there. Though I don't tons of destruction are needed for it to be a terror mission. I think it would be far more disturbing to find the place in immaculate condition, but all the townspeople in the town center in a bloody heap.
  5. Will the aliens change their tactics in response to the player becoming better? It seems like in X-COM the only thing the aliens did was use better ships, better equipment, and tougher soldiers; which is a cheap way of ramping up the difficulty. It seems like in the beginning of the game the aliens shouldn't look at Earth's forces as any kind of threat and they should take risks like not using escorts around supply ships, attacking in daylight, etc. However, as the player shoots down more and more alien craft, repels terror missions, and takes down alien bases the aliens should use slightly more advanced tactics such as: Launching multiple terror missions at once in places far away from each other. Attacking Xenonaut bases after UFO recovery missions have been launched since the base may only be protected by rookies and injured soldiers. Landing an empty supply ship to act as a decoy. When the Xenonaut drop ship approaches, multiple alien battleships ambush it. Strapping mind-controlled civillians with explosives and sending them running towards Xenonaut troops. Weapons solely designed to target humans so that Earth forces can't reverse engineer it. Examples include biological/chemical weapons and the brainsucker launcher from Apocalypse.
  6. At the end of the day there are only two ranks of soldier that matter to me: live ones and dead ones.
  7. The MiG-32 is Russian.
  8. Well I just remember playing the game when I was a kid and thinking: "What the heck kind of rank is a squaddie?", since it's apparently British slang. I wouldn't care if Xenonauts used it's own ranks, it just might not be as intuitive to a new player which rank is better if it's something they've never heard of before.
  9. I think it would be best to never actually say why they attacked. Only very rarely in sci-fi is a good explanation given for an alien species to spend the vast resources needed to invade another world, and often it's a let down when you find out what their plans and reasons were. For example, the Cylons were supposed to have some great, brillant plan, but in the end...didn't. They are aliens after all, their motives, strategies, and ways of thinking should be alien and mysterious. X-COM Apocalypse actually had a half-decent reason behind the alien invasion. The real alien masterminds were parasitic microorganisms living inside alien ground troops. The aliens actually weren't invading Earth, they were invading the humans.
  10. If any of the aliens have mind-controlling abilities, then it would make sense in a mission to face mind-controlled human forces. I think it might be fitting to face not only human military or police, but also mind-controlled civilians armed with pipes, baseball & cricket bats, and small arms. Like Guaddlike said, there would be a catch-22 situation. Do you want to kill the mind-controlled humans and lower your score, or do you want to risk your troops' lives and just stun them?
  11. I would like to see an occasional base attack that's from an alien containment breach, rather than from an alien dropship/strike force attacking from the outside. It would probably only work if the player had a live Chryssalid-like, psionic, or self-replicating alien in containment. The alien could infect or psi-control Xenonaut personnel, raid the armory, and attempt to either broadcast the base's location to alien forces or destroy the base outright.
  12. I would try to make it as simple as possible. Letting the player choose promotions and dual tracks seems like it might be too much micromanagement and wouldn't really be all that fun when you're dealing with 50-100 soldiers. However, I would like the troops to earn medals like they did in Apocalypse. Medals could be granted for such things as kill count, time in service, "valor in battle", etc. Each of these medals could convey a bonus, or just be there for aesthetics. As for what each rank would be called, I would just use some combination of US and UK enlisted and officer ranks such as: Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal Specialist Private First Class Private I don't think it really matters what they're called, as long as it makes sense to most players. I wouldn't use ranks like "rookie" and "squaddie" though.
  13. It's not as if bad games haven't been made with the name "X-COM" before. I'm referring to X-COM Enforcer and Intercepter, but personally I didn't enjoy Terror from the Deep either. Terror was just a palette swap of the first game, made harder, and full of bugs.