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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there This is probably linked to everyone healing up, but I had a guy with three bleeding wounds, so I healed him up with 15 TUs worth of med kit to staunch the bleeding. I had the +15 flash up, then CTD.
  2. From what can be garnered, weapons seem to have some kind of bleeding modifiers in the main code. Assuming this is true, please, when possible, make it possible to mod the these variables in the near future..
  3. Hello, noticed a pecularity, first time healing with medi-kit works (any soliders you choose to) then second time use medikit (any soldier) to heal, Medic will not be able to heal. Tried with different soldiers, same results. (even rotated medic to face bleeder) alas, poor sgt 2bleeder is dying. hey "medic what wrong.... heal me now" R
  4. While alien weapons are fearsome, as Ol' Stinky has already pointed out, they lack variety after a while. Stinky already addressed this by making new variants on alien weapons, but I believe that alien weapons could use an exotic touch that you wouldn't see in human weapons. Bleeding as a function already works, and there is a set percentage chance for a bleeding wound to happen. Would it be possible to have an auto-bleed property? Something that automatically causes x bleeds (where x is the number of bleeding wounds per hit caused), the property of which could be distributed to alien weapon variants. This would create a healable damage-over-time property which would add an "oh shit!" factor when taking on aliens.
  5. Hello, So, this is coming directly from my D&D experiences, in case people wondered. I think that it would be a cool idea to have bleeding soldiers have a 1/10 chance (or whatever seems correct) to stop bleeding and stabilize. This would be "rolled" right before they would take damage for bleeding, and if they succeed on the "roll" they stop taking damage, and instead the notification says "<Soldier Name> has stabilized" or something along those lines. I think it'd be a good addition to the game. What'do'ya think?
  6. It's been pointed out to me in the suggestions forum that we're missing bleeding wounds from the game. This is a good point. It's a simple system but it was one that created memorable moments in X-Com, and there's no reason why we shouldn't include it. I've tapped out a proposed system. It's quick and simple, but here it is for comment if people want to make suggestions: Bleeding Wounds: Every time a soldier takes 10 damage (after armour calculation etc) from enemy fire there should be a 20% chance they suffer a Bleeding wound. A soldier can have multiple Bleeding Wounds, and can suffer multiple bleeding wounds from the same shot if it does a multiple of 10 damage. Each bleeding wound causes the soldier to lose 2HP per turn. If a soldier has a bleeding wound, it should flash up a message at the start of the turn (similar to “XXX soldier has panicked!” message) saying “XXX soldier is bleeding!” A bleeding wound can be cured with a medipack. It costs 5APs to cure and consumes 5 ammo from the medipack. A bleeding wound is always cured before normal HP damage. I'm not keen on having an overly complex injury system, to be honest, but the floor is open to comments.
  7. One of my soldier bled to death and I could not heal her using a medpack. I understand that soldiers cannot seem to heal themselves but no matter how much the other was healing her, she would still bleed.
  8. Hi! I would like the devs to make the message that appears when a soldier gets hit and start to bleed to have a longer screen time, or for us to be able to make it go away with a click. It's too fast at the moment, I can't barely read the first 3 words and it's already gone, no way to know how many turns my soldier have left to live.
  9. I first must say that I like the bleeding wounds system. It's all good until you get hit with reaction fire since the notice about a bleeding wound isn't informed until the next round. I find the problem biggest when you start running into plasma rifles since they might leave some soldiers with about 2 health so next round they just drop dead. Could we possible change it so you get notified when the reaction fire happens?
  10. hey i have a question, i remember from the original x-com that a wounded soldier could recieve fatal wounds and basicly bleed to death if you dont have medpack or finish the mision fast enough. now my question is do the xenonaut soldiers have a chanse to get a fatal wound when they are hit and dont die? i dont have any demo or alpha or anything i'm just going to buy the game when it comes out that is for sure but i'm just a bit curious thank you
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