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  1. I've got to a point where my forces are too stretched out to fight everything so I need to prioritize which UFOs are worth targeting and which are unimportant. So my questions are: 1) Do single Fighters and Scouts have any purpose except for generating missions for you to train your troops and get alien tech? Is there any point in shooting down & clearing the crash site for these type of UFOs more than once? 2) Medium UFOs(Landing crafts?) - those ships that keep landing multiple times... Do they actually do any harm if I leave them alone? 3) Can any medium UFO on the map attack my base if it gets too close or there are specific UFOs generated that will attack my base? 4) Are there any repercussions if I don't clear I crash site? 5) Do higher tier UFOs appear faster if I destroy many UFOs? 6) Does it matter if I clear the skies in my AO? Will I get a small breathing period or UFOs are being generated every X seconds regardless of what I do? Same goes for Alien bases, any reason for me to hurry up and attack the base as soon as it pops up? 7) Can I only send 3 airplanes max. in one mission?
  2. Ok, here is the setup: I had just downed a scout (crashsite - 12) and a light scout (crashsite - 13) with two sorties of an upgraded (alenium) Condor and Foxtrot each. Dropship is returning from crashsite - 13; I wanted to go to the easternmost site first to avoid night missions, and crashsite - 12 can burn all the forests they want out in the desert . My Foxtrots are 90% fueled up at this point, so I send them to take out the two remaining light scouts. As soon as my fighters approach, the UFOs land. Foxtrots derping around overhead, not firing their missiles on the helpless, stationary craft right below them, run out of fuel and are forced to return home. I figure, "Fine, they just happened to land at the same time my fighters are approaching, it was a random fluke. I have two Condors at home that have just finished refueling. I can at least take out one of them." The UFOs inevitably lift off and I send out the Condors. W. T. F. This is infuriating. I can understand the balancing issues for getting too many missions; I already have another base in America, alenium missiles, wolf armor, 4 fighters, 100k in the bank and yet another treasure trove of goodies out in the desert, I probably don't need two more at this point... but if you aren't going to let me take down the UFOs buzzing around my base stop waving them in my face. Have them retreat to outer space or take evasive maneuvers or something. Besides, how does it make sense that once you're grounded, you become invincible to *ALL* attacks? I've even sent my dropship to one of the grounded UFO's before and it derped around and headed home too. I've heard a lot about the air combat on the forums, but the worst part for me is definitely the lack of it (ie. when UFOs land to avoid fighting -- both in the air and on the ground). Does anyone else have similar views, or am I alone in this?
  3. Hello, I am writing this because while reading some of comments on this forum, I saw one that advocated maps encouraging close quarter combats to improve shot gun. It made me reflect on how lacking the current interior of Xenonaut UFO is. On retrospect, one of the factors that made UFO breach difficult in original game was the way they were designed, allowing aliens ample opportunity of ambush. There are narrow hallways of Abductor that curve all the way around UFO exterior, random rooms that go nowhere, lots of nooks and crannies. In open rooms there are commonly props - like Alien Food canisters at Harvester and Supply Ship - placed one space apart that provides full cover and prevent long range shootout. Even UFO as early as Large Scout introduces some element of choice; I fondly recall wondering which of two doors would be wise to take. Clearing them out can be challenging but fun. In Xenonauts (at least up to Landing Ships), you can see large percentage of UFO right from the entrance and the ship design is very linear. Not only does such design eliminate valuable opportunity of introducing unique style of close combat unlikely to occur anywhere else, I feel the fact that most of the ship is visible from the start makes UFO makes them vulnerable to 'shooting gallery' strategy; you line up entire squad of Xenonauts right outside the door, open the door, throw grenades to suppress them as necessary, take potshots, close the door then end turn, rinse and repeat. Redesigning wall placements keeping these considerations in mind would eliminate such strategy and force player to actually enter the UFO in order to clear out the hostiles - in extreme example, just simply placing a wall in front of the door would drastically reduce amount of hostiles player could eliminate in safety of outside. Since the area of UFO is not very big (or at least it feels like it to me due to there being many open spaces), I believe their quality will not suffer from having corners, 2-tile wide hallways and such. Thanks for reading. I am not sure what other players feel about this topic, but with UFO breach being one of engaging experiences that make up Xcom UFO Defense, I felt any way to improve their battlescape counterpart could be worthy of debate.
  4. For the first months or so i manage to down lots of alien craft. After that whatever i do (regular missiles, pure gun kills) they get destroyed(and i need that alienium)/ Am i missing something?
  5. One of the most common complaints is too many fightercraft. I originally thought this was due to AirSuperiority, but that isn't quite true - it's more due to Research and Scout missions being the most likely to happen, and those missions featuring fightercraft quite prominently. I've noticed that in these two missions heavy fighters and interceptors will either spawn after a certain point (Scout) or always spawn (Research). Personally I think both these mission types are better suited to scouts, but with a possible escort after the ticker rises (to reflect that the admirals of the alien fleet are going to start protecting their scouts more effectively). Otherwise a wave is likely to just have 3-4 heavy fighters with a splash of corvette or landing craft to add flavour. I therefore propose these changes. To AM_Scout: A change to Escort Chance is needed... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Escort chance</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">1000</Data></Cell> </Row> There's currently no escort for a scout mission. Setting it to 1000 reflects that at that point in time, the admirals of the alien fleet will notice all their crashed scouts and start assigning escort craft to them to protect them. <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s65"><Data ss:Type="String">m:airplane.alien.lightscout</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> </Row> Scout missions start off with light scouts.... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s65"><Data ss:Type="String">m:airplane.alien.scout</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">1000</Data></Cell> </Row> And progress to normal scouts quite quickly. Then we add the escorts <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="String">e:airplane.alien.fighter</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">0</Data></Cell> </Row> <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="String">e:airplane.alien.heavyfighter</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="Number">1200</Data></Cell> </Row> This is cut and pasted almost directly from AM_AirSuperiority - I've just changed the ticker point for heavy fighters. It seems a natural enough progression, without being too heavy. And that's all for this one. To AM_Research: Change Escort Chance, as I'm adding an escort... <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Escort chance</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s64"><Data ss:Type="Number">500</Data></Cell> </Row> Then with the m:airplane.alien.fighter and .heavyfighter, delete those and cut and paste the escort data from above. EDIT: I've been trying for a while to get escorts for scouts to appear, and I'm not succeeding. What am I doing wrong? EDIT 2: I forgot that the Scout missions don't start till the ticker hits 800. Fixed that.
  6. I think it would add more suspense if the first time you encountered a new UFO in an air battle you didn't know what you were up against, i.e. light scout? Strike Cruiser? Fighters heavy or otherwise.
  7. like this http://www.google.com/search?q=ufo&aq=f&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=de&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=RvpCUZKsGMXaOcr_gPAC&biw=1488&bih=783&sei=SvpCUfvnPMeSOKqCgfAO i mean circle ufos...atm. i see more ufos like spaceships in xenonauts... So 1 or 2 circle ufo types would be great thank you
  8. Now so far into xenonauts I have seen quite a few missions where there is no cover to approach the ufo from. At first I wasnt bothered by this then I realized the ai is currently dipstick stupid. Then I was terrified I foresaw plasma bolts cutting my squad to ribbons and was going to complain. Then I started thinking about how to approach the ufo with MININAL losses. Pop smoke, pop some flash if they become viable, thoose 250 hp riotsheilds I heard about, taking cover behind my ferret Big Bertha, approaching the ufo from the back. I fekt this same way in ufo defense the FEW tiem the times a ufo was in a field. Now I am filled with terror "What about if they land next to buuilding?!?!" I have missed this terror so much. Questions Will the ufos be able to land in a cluster of buildings? Are the riotshields 250hp? IS anyone else filled with fear? Onto the aircraft Scout The scout is real easy to murderize. Firing one shot slowly after the other. 2 sidewinds make it crash. Fighters REALLY REALLY annoying due to current bug or whathaveyou. attack poor ac 130 transports and things that move Corvettes Yeah I cannot deal with them.... If I get one really well equiped base i could but then my funding would drop globaly (ufos nosing around america, while im comffortably based in africa. I hate them with a deep passion...
  9. Forget the title, those are things i noted while playing... On the global map, could it have an "aircrafts" buttons so we could check status of our fleet without having to bother to press intercept and then cancel ? It would be nice if we could see the max speed of our aerial vehicles in description. (its good to know if you ll bother to try to intercept or not.) Could alien ativity slow the UFO (creating a storm, abducing someone etc) ? Would be interesting. Logistic integration...If i buy something, and this thing take 72 hours to be delivered and for example a hangar in construction would be ready in less than 72 hours then the command is accepted. We need a warning when something we build is ready, right now we only have warning for what we bought (equipment i mean) Could the Flares be added as infinite item in stick (with nades) so we can give more than 2 to our troops When fresh troops arrive, in the soldier list, be able to select more than one line and when we select a soldier after scrolling down so it become much easyer to select people to train. Right now i see the potencial of the role choosing, but its quite clumsy and limited. We should be able to create modify and delete the Letter and role description at will. I hope this is the plan as it seems to be. A more obvious damage screen color cheme for craft damage. Would it be possible to make UFO and craft info readable with no zoom at all ? Would help a bit Right now the Chinnok screen status doesn t seem luch linked to reality. I see minor damage ship with no surviving aliens and heavy damage with full aliens. Also is the damage status of alien ship in the aerial linked to its probability to crash ? Right now they go down only when critical damage appear, or so it seems. Pistol seems to have an overly capped range, its already weak and slow, is you want it to have some usefullness please raise something: Range &/or Damage &/or ROF I think it would be interesting to have some maps (any lvl and any moment of the game) were we don t start near a border, but start i a place without borders near our dropship, its gives a new lvl of danger to know you can be encircled by ennemies. Also mapwise not always have a map were we land diametrically from the ufo, why not at UFO side sometimes ? Duting night time, when you throw a flare, it shine brightly, but even so the "default visual range" overlap the flare light ? Shouldn t it be reversed ? Flare extend visual range ?
  10. Guys, hi i'm new here. Playing in game and see one thing. After certain point all 100% UFOs coming are SMALL and speed is 2300. I think I got already 30+ such UFOs one by one. I think more logical that UFOs can be different (it was a case in the original UFO). I understand that to capture the UFO with speed 2300 I need to have a new fighter like MIG, but why 100% becoming like this. Why old slow UFO never appear. Why speed is always constant. Also I've never seen that UFO is landed to the ground. Why is that
  11. I would like all ufos to have an ability to sometimes boost to first cosmic speed (at least). 7.7 km/s (27720 km/h). This is a speed that is required to rech the worst (300 km) orbit. 11 km/s (39600 km/h) is still a speed that won't allow you to escape from Earths orbit. If the game limits ufos speed to 3000-4000 km/h then it is not clear how do they fly away to orbit. Also i would like to have hypersonic missiles.
  12. When soloA produced his excellent realistic aircraft mod, I noticed he had worked to make the aircraft to scale as much as possible. So using his to-scale aircraft, I measured up alien UFOs, and I was surprised by how large the UFOs are. Take for example the light scout. By my (rough) calculations, the light scout is about 15 metres long, by 7 metres wide. The normal scout is HUARGE. It works out around 25 metres long, by 20 metres at it's broadest point. To give some idea of how big this is, take a look at this: A big wall of ice That's 20 metres high. The corvette is mahusive. It clocks in at around 52 metres at its widest point, by 72 metres in length. No wonder the corvette is the first ship that can do terror missions!
  13. I've tried playing the game in Normal but in Ironman mode and got an extended (not to say overwhelming) amount of enemy fighters in Air Superiority missions. And most of the times they came in squadrons of 3! I must admit I really enjoyed the air combat UI....and really appreciated the F-17 autocannon!!! But, since I got so many enemy fighters, I ended up loosing planes, money and nearly a C-17 cargo plane (which by the way is a great idea to actually see the transfer of materials and having to support it!), I think that there should be some reward to the fighter's crash. Maybe for example, downed fighters would randomly crash instead of being destroyed on air! So we can salvage same Allien Alloys, Allenium and/or alien guns for profit and not to mention experience for the troops if the alien pilot survived... [The fact is that I didn't make it to the end of second month yet, so I don't know if the reward of shooting of alien fighters is implemented in the funding of the Nations. Could anyone enlighten me on that matter?]
  14. Hello all, I have several questions regarding UFO types and sizes. From what i have played and seen in premium alpha in the current build is 2man scout crafts, that is with 2months passing. I have also come across a slightly larger craft than the scout in which you enter via a door. Now because of this latest CTD bug which makes it extremely difficult to progress and impossible to even attempt a terror mission my progress has been very slow. My question is has anyone seen or entered a large or very large craft?, in which i mean large enough to explore on several levels, for example V.large and large ship in X-com UFO. Additionally i have noticed on the small scout missions i have encountered there is not much in terms of strategy to be implemented, ships are in very predictable locations due to repeated layouts and aliens and just about all the time in the rear of the ship, it makes it so i just rush every body to these locations and finish the poor buggers off with a shotgun blast.
  15. New purchaser of Alpha version. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I cant seem to get any crash alien subs to spawn. Gone about 2 months fighting enemies only above land. Each one is completely destroyed by my fighter jets. Looking forward to trying out ground assault, I just can't seem to figure out how to get this event to occur. The only XCOM version I have played is Terror from the Deep.
  16. We've read that Xenonauts will not be going into the same sort of UFOlogical territory as X-Com, preferring to chart it's own course. Well, as far as it's able to as pretty much everything that was X-Com was rooted in UFOlogy. Yet, something was bothering me about the Alien Invaders... Here we have our crashed Alien ship in Xenonauts, burned into our retinas from too many late night missions. Note the wings taper off behind the main section of the craft. Now, if you were to thicken those wings and rotate them round towards the front of the craft, just a smidge, you'd get a more bullet-like version of this craft here... ...and here Now, the thing about those 2 are they are updated images of another craft sighting...way back in 1947. Although not the first UFO sighting, many certainly feel that Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947 near the Cascade Mountains pretty much launched Flying Saucers in the public mind. Pictures completed for Arnold's sightings are below. But really you want to be thinking of how he described it... remember: Now, questions:- - Just when did the Men In Black get to Chris? - Is the Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator there to prepare us? - Will Chris' mind implants affect the project? - Does Chris find being a brain in a jar, in the Sebilian base, affect his social life? - When will the real invasion start? - Will my tin foil hat help? Ironically, the game that tries to steer it's own path is pretty close to the original sighting.
  17. Similar to how military forces act as an ally on the ground combat phase, perhaps the same can be applied to aicraft interception. Occasionally warships and military aircaft are attacked by UFOs. What if you are in the viscinity just as the UFO attacks. The warship/aircraft in question may join in the fight, acting as an uncontrollable missile/gun platform. Obviously if you fail in protecting them, the random event (i.e. "Warship strafed, 38 crew missing") will proceed as if you didn't intervene. However, if the UFO did manage to get destroyed before it destroyed the target, then depending which region these assets are located, saving them may act as a bonus to region funding, as the local government takes note that you are doing the job you were set out to do.
  18. I'm curious about the justification for fighters, and maybe want to start a discussion.. I think the game is at the stage where I am playing for fun, and shooting down 5 fighters for every one ground combat mission capable craft that have no chance of a ground combat mission or any non negative financial or casualty implications is not really fun. I just started getting to the point last night where I would just let the fighters escape to space and only attack light scouts and above. It's on easy and I feel like I'm constantly swarmed by fighters that I get no benefit from shooting down. I think going into air combat with one fighter which has the same outcome every time (ripple one wave of missiles, second wave as fighter evasive rolls, dead) really dilutes the fun of the air combat too. I am curious to know other people's thoughts on fighter craft. -TW
  19. I think it would make sense that when a UFO strafes a fleet or abducts people or what-have-you, that it should have to either slow down or stop for awhile depending on the event. It just doesn't make sense that I can have F-17's right on a fighter's* tail, and then it kidnaps the crew of a speedboat without even stopping. Even if they've got tractor beams that let them just swoop by and abduct without stopping, they'd at least have to get close and lose altitude, and lose speed while regaining altitude right? I imagine that once UFOs are able to actually land, the abduction events will mean there will be landed UFOs, so that part doesn't need to be suggested probably. I include it here out of completeness. I do really love the event system though, it was so cool the first time I saw one pop up, and even cooler when I realized that actual UFOs I could intercept were causing them. * - On another note, perhaps these events could check what type of craft is generating it, so you don't see fighters kidnapping 35 people.. I can't imagine where they'd be cramming their captives, or where they fit the machinery that messes up the tidal system or whatever, though it makes perfect sense when I hear about them strafing ground targets. Sure they're technically interceptors, but plasma cannons hurt!
  20. Hi, Well, from what I can tell, it seems that the types of UFO's are limited to: Very Small Small Medium Large Very Large Only 5??? Well, 4, because the fighters do not generate crash sites... They should include more UFO's IMO. I remember the earlier UFO's on X-Com were those really small single seat scouts, usually with 1 sectoid on them. There were UFO's with 2 floors as well (the medium ones).
  21. does anyone else think this is really annoying? =/ It's not very fun to have all my fighters engaged then a fighter wing swoops down from space and kills all my soldiers going to or returning from a mission before I can react ~_~
  22. Just a quick mod for anyone who wants the challenge of the bomber having a laser cannon and the heavy fighter the firepower to easily handle two F17s! Navigate to the root assets folder i.e (C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\xenonauts\assets) Go into aircraft weapons xml (forcing open using Excel or similar). For the heavy fighter, under the column heading 'loadout' copy in AV.HVFIGHTERBEAM AV.HVFIGHTERMISSILE For the bomber; 'loadout' type; AV.BOMBERCANNON Save and over-write. Enjoy!
  23. I made more aggressive fighters. Now they use often misilles from distance. Just replace files aircraft and aircraftweapons in assets folder (make backup just in case ) https://rapidshare.com/files/16413672/assets.rar
  24. After having played for a while I've noticed some discrepancies in the UFO detection size. -Please note, the size (small, medium) is based on sizes as seen in the initial detection message. The comparison size is based on the size of the UFO in relation to each other in the Air Combat screen. -At first I encountered the scout, labeled small. -As it should be, the scout is a small ship. -Then I met the fighter, size medium. Ok, it's a bit larger than the scout, although not a whole lot. -Along came the larger scout, still labeled small. Almost the same size as the fighter. At what aprox. size does it jump from small to medium? -Send my interceptors out after the next medium ship; it's a corvette and it's a lot larger than the fighter! While the fighter (medium) is almost the same size as my planes the corvette (medium) could swallow my planes and still have room for desert. There is a much larger jump in size from the (medium) fighter to the (medium) corvette, than from the (small) scout to the (medium) fighter. -Then I see a medium ship with two small escorts. Intercept: It's a (medium) corvette and two (small) fighters. Why are the fighters labeled small when they are escorts and medium when they come alone? Are there two different UFOs named fighters, one small and one medium? If we can put numbers to the sizes, I can imagine them looking something along these lines (I'm at work now so I can't accurately compare the sizes): F17 - Size 1, baseline MiG32 - ~1,2 just larger than the F17 Scout - ~1,5 Just a bit larger than the MiG - Labeled small Large scout - ~1,8 A small step up from the scout - Labeled small Fighter - ~2 Another small step up - Labeled small if escort, labeled medium if alone Corvette - ~ 5? Huge step up from the fighter - Labeled medium Has anyone else thought about the jump in size from the fighter to the corvette, while still being in the medium category? Sending out a flight of MiGs to shoot down what you think is a corvette turns out to be way overkill if the ship you find is a fighter (both fitting into medium). This could all make more sense when the bigger ships appear and they turn out to be huge! But seen from the perspective of the xenonauts as they are classifying the new arrivals into their airspace, I would have put the corvette up one size class from the fighter. If I'm decoding my radar display and I see a blob maybe five times larger than the fighter, fighter being comparable in size to a large transport plane, I would caution my pilots that there is something larger out there this time. Also, if the sizes of UFOs reported by radar operators is based on the comparison between all the alien ships, from the smallest scout to the largest battleship, fitting them into predetermined categories, this would mean that the xenonauts know the sizes of all aliens ships in orbit already. Maybe we could have a comparison chart pointing out the sizes of ships fitting into each category, the same one the radar operators must have? Small being from X to Y in diameter, medium from Z to B, large from This to That and so on. That way we could easily tell what kind of ship to expect. Of course, after having played a few games you'd know anyway, but for the new player and the realism of the game it would be practical and make sense. The chart could maybe be a research project available from the start of the game. Before it's complete we just get told that there is a UFO out there? Or could the size of the reported UFO be based on the UFOs encountered before? - At first we encounter the scout and label it small as it is roughly the size of our interceptors. When the Fighter arrive we label it medium as it is a bit larger than the scout. When the corvette arrives it's labeled large, as it is a lot larger than the fighter. When the next, larger UFO arrives and is common, it takes over the classification large and the corvette and fighter are bumped down a class (to medium and small), showing that they are less of a threat than the new arrivals, and in comparison more fitting into a lower class of ship. Maybe the most confusing of it all, with the system of today, is that fighters fall into both the small and medium categories depending on their role. Come alone and it's medium, but act as an escort it's small? Is this as it was intended or is it a bug? If the size of ships fitting into the medium category can span from the fighter to the corvette, and maybe beyond, I sure don't want to meet the biggest ship in the large or huge categories! It could be just me thinking about this, and in all fairness it's a minor issue (if one at all) in an otherwise great game! Just my two cents
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