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Found 12 results

  1. I was just curious to know what exactly comes after the objective to capture an alien officer? I've managed to capture a Caesan officer in a base once, but it didn't clear the objective. Do I need more species? I feel like I've been very close to the end of the game in previous games, had ability to build late tech like Valkyries, Predator armor etc. But I am obviously still missing something. can anyone tell me what the objective progression currently looks like? Thanks
  2. So I've researched everything I have available so far, and I'm just taking down UFO after UFO of the same exact things. Lizardmen and Sectoids with plasma pistols. When do the new enemies and guns show up?
  3. Hello, friends! This is a questions to developers (mostly). I'm at some point of the game. Middle March 1980. Having 8 bases, with no problem shooting down carrier with fusion torpedoes. Battleships are not shootable yet, I hope 3 Foxtrots on each base will help. But now workshop is too busy. The final Extraterrestrial technology discovered - Alien Officer Interrogation (nothing written in Xenopaedia, blank box). Assault boat D-54 developed, Sentinel Armor (not shown in Xenopaedia for some unreasonable reason) and Mag weaponry developed. What are the next steps? How I can advance in game? Any Hint, Idea or else? Thank you. Playing on Veteran, Build 18.
  4. Hi guys! im having a lot of fun in the third month though I noticed one thing. I finished 11 light scouts in the first month but in the second month, I encountered nothing but fighter squadrons or single fighters and one regular scout( a damaged one at that.) I know they probably don't need(the aliens) more research on earth but still. Now I'm at corvettes and terror missions in the third month and I have no alenium(but can still get lasers thankfully). this means I can't get wolf armor, alenium missiles, or(I assume) the x-37 fury. I recently did a raid(as in landing assault) on a corvette and I noticed no smoke but no power core either. I didn't complete it though do to a crash(I'm using experimental btw). so can anyone tell me if the corvette carries a power core because if not I'll just do the terror mission and not the corvete that's doing that mission.
  5. While im realy engoying the game, the wave like invasion is killing the imersion a bit.... what i mean by this is that when a new kind of ship apears the brevious ship disapears.... it would be better in my opinion if things like courvettes and cruisers were present for the rest of the invasion from the 1st sighting rather than just disapearing.. also if the aliens have thousands of heavy and regular fighters i find it unlikely that they would completely replace them with interceptors
  6. Um. Playing easy level. About to lose S America it seems even though I managed to take out the alien base there (bloody hard it was) and they're already sending out huge craft and bombers that I just can't touch because my research is waaaay behind and cashflow is again non existant. This being a huge part of the game in terms of a prerequisite for competitiveness. In terms of research while I have a Corsair and laser rifles but still have things like the Hunter rocket upgrade to do. Then in Mid December I research the Marauder which from the Xenopedia description appears high end tech and which 1) I'm never going to be able to afford one, let alone all I'll need 3) can't build without huge numbers of technicians but can't get them because of 3) cash and all it entails and build times of units (90 days with 10 technicians for a Marauder) is still a problem when everything else happens so quickly. I've save scummed to keep troops alive, etc to see how this plays out - answer, you still end up too skint to do anything other than maintain and build a little, slowly - so the game still runs away from you too much. I can't even make a choice of air warfare > ground warfare or cover only a smaller area only or well, anything because of the way things are going. I need as much funding as possible, so I need a large area safe because otherwise my funding goes backwards and I lose ground too quickly; even just losing S Am is sending me backwards and because troops heal far too slowly (ignore the bug where you can heal in the next mission for now), I can't even rely on ground missions to pay for operations which is further compounded by the now infrequency of UFO arrivals. So can someone look at how the game progresses again please? I know we're meant to always be behind but as it stands there's no fighting chance even when I'm just reloading ad nauseum just to get preferential outcomes and that's not something I enjoy because if nothing else it's just a big time killer.
  7. I'm a huge fan of both the new and old X-Com games and I had some questions about Xenonauts, it's beginning to pique my interest. However, I must admit I'm actually a fan of the much-maligned strategy layer of the NG, since I felt it solved a fairly pernicious problem of the OG Geoscape. Here's the probem as I see it: I was wondering if Xenonauts addressed this problem and how. Will I be running a mission on UFO-123 in Xenonauts with the OG-style Geoscape?
  8. In grand X-COM UFO Defence tradition, will Xenonauts be able to "go on forever", as long as the player wishes, postponing the final mission / act of the game?
  9. I'm really like what you guys have made so far and look forward to more. However, Im finding that even without the game balance, i enjoy the game difficulty(?). Im only on the second month and im up to 60+ UFOs and scrounging for cash to support the bases to keep global coverage. I heard that this game is implementing a more sophisticated system for the simulated invasion and was thinking it should implement a phase like this where you are getting hammered but if you can fight it off the alien force will change tactics. like if the aliens started with Scouting, then moved to Abductions, then a straight up Invasion, guns blazing, like in the movies, then after that failed they'd move to remote base building and Infiltration then having infiltrated governments global Warfare between Alien backed Nations and Xenonaut backed Nations.
  10. I am not sure how you are going to make the game AI to advance to harder ufos/aliens as the game goes on, but please, please try to make it smooth like it was in the original x-com. Some years ago I remeber playing a game an x-com remake (I forget the name) and there harder aliens were spawned after a certain research point. As I remember tier 2 or 3 aliens got on board as soon as laser rifle was researched and the game became insanely hard if you did not know it would happen and be prepeared. This also led to abuse of the engine since player could leave a certain action/research aside until (s)he felt ready for the next "tier" of aliens. It would be more realistic if harder/top level aliens would occasionally show up in the early stages of the game and even possibly force the player to evacuate all troops so not to get totally over-run. One memory from x-com was a night fight in the jungle againts a shot down terror ship full of ethereals and 2 sectopods. I had barely laser rifles and personal armour for my soldiers and those aliens gave me a run for my money...One of the rare occasions that I did actually evacuate and let that site disappear from the map. (I was never one to abuse save/load if things went south) Also weak aliens should sometimes show up at the later part of the game when you can sometimes just wipe the floor with them with all the high end weapons. I hope that made any sence...I am looking forward on this project!
  11. As previously discussed in the Automatic Ground Combat thread, a large number of ground combat missions can become tedious. While I was very happy to see that the position of the development team seems to allow you to select how much ground combat you want to do, I just want to emphasize some additional points. I like ground combat and I like it to be difficult. I just don't like doing very similar missions many times. I very much like the geoscape part of the game: progressing through the story and researching new technologies. I really appreciate games that are "time efficient", that are packed with interesting and difficult gameplay but do not use repetitive content as "fillers" to increase play time. (Among fans of a 20 year old game, I'm sure I'm not alone in having limited time for gaming ). With these points in mind, and the quote by Chris, I just want to bring up how the amount of ground missions that you chose to do affects the progression of the game. Of course you will "miss out" on the loot and experience from these ground missions. (?) Will the story progress at the same pace anyway? Will this make it unreasonably difficult in the long run? Maybe some thought could be given to "difficulty" settings specifically addressing this. I.e., not making combat (any single mission) easier but still making the game faster and shorter.
  12. Will the aliens change their tactics in response to the player becoming better? It seems like in X-COM the only thing the aliens did was use better ships, better equipment, and tougher soldiers; which is a cheap way of ramping up the difficulty. It seems like in the beginning of the game the aliens shouldn't look at Earth's forces as any kind of threat and they should take risks like not using escorts around supply ships, attacking in daylight, etc. However, as the player shoots down more and more alien craft, repels terror missions, and takes down alien bases the aliens should use slightly more advanced tactics such as: Launching multiple terror missions at once in places far away from each other. Attacking Xenonaut bases after UFO recovery missions have been launched since the base may only be protected by rookies and injured soldiers. Landing an empty supply ship to act as a decoy. When the Xenonaut drop ship approaches, multiple alien battleships ambush it. Strapping mind-controlled civillians with explosives and sending them running towards Xenonaut troops. Weapons solely designed to target humans so that Earth forces can't reverse engineer it. Examples include biological/chemical weapons and the brainsucker launcher from Apocalypse.
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