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Found 13 results

  1. I think I have an idea of how to go about it: edit it in in the aircraft.xml, change the class in the aircraftweapons.xml of the corresponding weapons and check in the corresponding research and manufacturing files? So my question is, is there anything hardcoded that would stop me from doing it? As it seems to be a bit of work I wanted to ask if someone knows something that would make it impossible from the get go. You know... before i put effort into it.
  2. It's sitting in stores. In the hangar, there's no icon for new armaments and clicking on the auto cannon does nothing. While I'm here, can someone who's downloaded the Steam version tell me: do you have to run the Steam client to start the game if it's installed this way?
  3. Hi everyone! I've been looking around for this answer, and no luck, so here goes. I'm running v19 Stable Candidate 3. I start out with two Condors! Horray! My first time playing, I researched the Mig "Foxtrot" planes. Assuming they were superior in every way, I sold one of my Condors. Then I came across fighter craft, and realized my huge mistake. I'd love to be able to build or buy Condors, but I don't see the option! Am I missing something, or is this capability not in this build? Thanks in advance!
  4. Can a lone Foxtrot shoot down an alien fighter or other alien? Since the Foxtrot cannot dodge, that seems difficult. The only way I have found so far to win air battles without damage is to go with a Foxtrot and two of the other fighters. I send the Foxtrot off to the side and the alien follows it, while I turn off one of the sidewinders on each of the two other fighters, then I shoot the alien down with my two other fighters after they dodge the first missile. Seems to me the Foxtrot should be useful for more than serving as a decoy... Henri
  5. I'm not sure what build removed 2 of the Foxtrot's hardpoints or what explanation was given for it but after a couple weeks of dealing with the change I'm still having trouble with it. The Foxtrot really lost a ton of utility and effectiveness because of that change. It helped balance the Foxtrot in the early game, but it's turned it into a sitting duck once the fighter escorts start showing up. It's also a huge problem once the larger alien ships start coming because you just can't carry enough torpedoes to bring them down without bringing only Foxtrots to the fight...and if you do they'll usually just get picked off by fighters. I'm sure that air combat is still being balanced, as is much of the game, but the Foxtrot really needs those extra hardpoints back, even if they're limited to only carrying missiles with them. Especially considering that you spend a lot of time and resources gaining access to them. They can't evade and have extremely limited payload even with 4 hardpoints.
  6. (EDIT - it was Lightzy's idea, not StellarRat's) posted this in another thread, and the idea struck me as quite novel (it's rare an idea on the forums does that these days). Essentially, it is as follows: interceptors cannot be destroyed. In combat, if "destroyed" they in fact have performed an emergency disengage after sustaining heavy damage. To make this work, we would have to increase repair times significantly and put a large penalty in place for dropping below 1% health - so if your plane manages to disengage manually without being "shot down", it is much quicker to repair than if it was reduced to 0% health. If "shot down", you could see them out of action for a week or more. This sounds very strange at first, but it does solve a major problem on the Geoscape - the fact that aircraft are a massive investment, which means losing one can effectively be game over. The way the air combat works means that players can quite easily accidentally lose a plane, and when we implement auto-resolve I can see the problem being even worse. In short, we've got three options: 1) As now, with the planes being enormous investments of time and resources and destroyable. This makes what should be a relatively minor part of the game (the actual air combat) extremely important, as it can make or break the game. 2) The planes are destructible, but don't take as much time or resources to build. This would allow the player some leeway in terms of losing them. Doesn't make a lot of sense that they'd be faster and cheaper to make than vehicles etc, though. 3) Indestructible planes, as above. It means that planes can be a big investment and people are punished for using them badly in the air combat, but not that harshly. You still can't shoot down UFOs that too powerful for you, so it doesn't unbalance the game, it just makes things more forgiving. I'm strongly warming to this idea. To an extent, it is dumbing down the game - but given how much aircraft have to cost relative to other things, I think it's quite sensible. What does everyone else think? EDIT - I've posted a few things on the thread up to page 7, this is my concluding post: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5193-Indestructible-interceptors?p=63807#post63807
  7. So I have no way to directly see what status my interceptors have. I find this quite vexing. You have to click on Launch Interceptors, select a target, and then the display comes up. Only THEN can I learn that all my interceptors are refueling, or grounded, or on fire, or whatever. It sure would be great if you could click on a base and the associated interceptors would pop up. Or maybe have a condensed view on the bottom left of the Geoscape screen. Also, the F keys would be a great choice for either going directly to the associated base slot, or going to the appropriate base tab (construction, research, etc)
  8. Problem : New Players are are experiencing too punishing a game caused by loss of Air Craft. Problem : People dont like Air Combat Hard. Problem : People dont like Air Combat Easy/Trivial. Problem : People dont like Air Combat at all. I am interested in your thoughts, maybe I am simply missing something....but why wont this work? Make Auto-Resolve Simple. A system that says... Plane A + UFO A = High Success Plane A + UFO B = Moderate Success Plane A + UFO C = Low Success Plane A + UFO D = Failure By Success I mean how many planes survive and how much damage they took. Keep it simple and dont base it too much on AI vs AI or let the Random Number Generator change the result too greatly to be a perfect win or a perfect failure based on a dice roll...it's based on how many planes you sent, which types they were, and how they were armed. (And just a little +/- variance so it doesnt feel completely static) Other than that, keep 19-2's Interceptor system, where lost planes = destroyed. (Granted the Air Combat system isnt perfect in 19-2 and needs some tuning and balance) So would this result in... Problem : New Players are are experiencing too punishing a game caused by loss of Air Craft. Solved : I dont loose Air Craft now because I use Auto Resolve and it's like XCOM94 and XCOM2012, simple and sweet. If I want to later I can learn to do it without Auto Resolve. Problem : People dont like Air Combat Hard. Solved : Now its much simpler and quicker to understand, and I dont have to learn a complex mini-game to be successful. Problem : People dont like Air Combat Easy/Trivial. Solved : I dont use Auto Resolve, unless I just get bored of doing it manually. Problem : People dont like Air Combat at all. Solved : Good now I can just click Auto Resolve, and I can practically bypass the whole Mini-Game. I think I am only missing, "I like Air Combat and want it to be easy and not use Auto Resolve." Which Might be best suited to having a check box when creating a new game that says "Click here to enable Basic Air Combat". So who am I missing or would this suit at least 80-90% of everyone? (I know this wont cover, I want to beat Air Combat and upon doing so, have a Hot Girl/Guy show up at my door and give me a hug...but lets keep expectations reasonable.)
  9. Interceptor immortality, what a great idea! Here is another; that the Xenonauts don't die, but go to sleep. Then, after a nappy change and some hot coco, their momma can give them a kiss and they can go outside to play with the aliens again. Here is another; why don't you drop Goldhawk, and change your name to 3K games? This is the first speed bump for me, and its a large one, a deal breaker in fact. I though this was going to be a hard game with hard decisions. Interceptor immortality, not only makes it way too easy, but is an direct insult. Seems like the developers are starting to cater to the people who prefer a "streamlined" game. And no, I don't want to manually decommission a downed plane in order so simulate how the game should work. If this is an option or not implemented for "insane" then fine. If recovery happens a few times on "insane" fine. If not, It's GAME OVER for me. How's that for a rant/terrifying ultimatum?
  10. Just a minor inquiry, I noticed in a recent patch that the Xenopedia art for the Mig-32 was changed from this. To this. Because of that will we be seeing some updated Xenopedia art assets for the other two starting aircraft, the Condor and Chinook, or is this just a change to the Mig to maintain a similar style the the art used for the Mig in the Hanger view?
  11. A good adition to the game would be to get rid of heavy and normal missile slots and just have a missile slot. BUT, in addition, either have a list of mountable missiles in the aircraft entry, or a list of aircraft a missile can be mounted to in the missile entry. Example for an aircraft entry: <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">AV.AIM9D;AV.AIM7E;AV.AAMRAM120</Data></Cell> Or for a missile entry: <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">F14;F15;F16</Data></Cell> This basicly allows you to be very granular with restrictions and allow for finer fine-tuning and balancing, as well as a greater weapon loadout. The weapons a fighter cannot mount would simply be grayed out on the list (or not shown at all) ***** Missile having more than x1 ammo. This gives fighters some longer-term utility. A fighter that can only carry 2 (or4) missiles is pretty useless. With the way the system currently works, if missles had x2 or x3 ammo, a single battle would play pretty much the same because of lock times - so you'd rarely be able ot fire off more than 1 salvo anyway. However, it would leave fighters with enough teeth after the battle to persue another objective - or to defend themselves if intercepted by alien fighters. **** Special weapons & fighter abilties. Things like multi-lock. Basilcy add a entry to both aircraft and weapon Example: <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Multilock3</Data></Cell> This would basicly give a fighter/missile the multilock ability (lvl3) - in other words it can track, lock and fire missiles at 3 separate targets. In order to work, the aircraft and the missile must BOTH have this ability...or not. Other abilities could include long-range radar and guadance (basicly means the lock is attained from long range and you have missile lock at start of combat..only works with long-range missiles), different trypes of tracking, etc.. This gives options and variation. ** Also, pilots & pilot experience. This a given.
  12. I'm playing my early game in V12, and I had a funny thought. I make my first base in the USSR, and you start with your 3 F-17 interceptors. So whenever xenonauts launch an intercept, there will be a wing of 3 F-16 lookalikes flying around in the heart of cold war soviet russia. It was just funny to imagine the reactions the soviets would have to that.
  13. Great remake, excited fort the potential. I have looked for a similar post, I am using v10 and have researched the miG but am only presented the option to purchase f-17's cant seem to figure out how to change the aircraft to purchase. Is this an issue, or am i just missing something.
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