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Found 18 results

  1. I have tried all the methods provided and none works. 1. Restart Computer 2. Delete & Reinstall 3. Win 7 Compatibility Mode 4. Compatibility branch I have no idea what I should do now... Any suggestions? dxdiag on pastebin if needed http://pastebin.com/KmQbjapB
  2. Hi, I'm currently running the game in WINE on Linux as I wanted to install it via Steam (hopefully this won't be a problem soon) and hit the following bug. Whenever I autoresolve aerial combat and then click return to base or select another target, the game crashes to the desktop. I've attached WINE's backtrace in case it's useful. At the moment this is pretty game-breaking (as I'm crap at aerial combat ), I guess I should just wait until the proper Linux steam release anyway. backtrace.txt backtrace.txt
  3. Hiya I had a condor vs fighter air combat. We closed in, dodged each other's first missile, then I paused and armed my second. I realised that with combat rolls we had ended up out of range, so by the time the we closed and I fired again the fighter would be able to roll again. I quickly clicked the missile again (alenium missile, if it matters) and... CTD. My other armament was the laser cannon, but I have seen that fire with no problem.
  4. Alien Base attack. Few turns in. Psionics seems to be in use by the aliens as Dread messages have popped up when mission began. Crash happens during hidden movements. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jxl961obpr6ur9/2014-03-10_23.55.18.sav.zip I tried a few times and it seems to follow a sound similar to drones moving. Don't know for sure. I'm using the Xenonauts-mac wrapper recently provided on Desura.
  5. Local forces invite the Xenonauts to a mission. Selected deploy team from North Africa No icon shown for the mission. Chinook goes to the soviet union , where the mission presumably is/was. Chinook sits there with near infinite fuel. There are no other interceptions for the next week and a half and the game finally CTD around 24/9.
  6. Description: Reproducible CTD on hitting the enemy with the sniper rifle while shooting from second floor. Tried on two different enemies in different turns. UPD: Shooting/killing standing sebillian later hasn't produced CTD. Reproduction steps: Select sniper (1), shoot the sebillian (with the most accurate mode). Save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60491525/sniper%20z-level%20ctd.sav
  7. Intercepting a Scout and two fighters. Upon winning the air combat and returning to the Geoscape there is a CTD. This has happened on three replays of that air combat. I recall that there was a work around that removed escorts form the game, should anyone else get this issue.
  8. It's the end of October. The first corvette has been destroyed. The interception mission said it had crashed at sea. There's a mission icon on the geoscape. I click on one of the icons to equip my soldiers. CTD
  9. The game will go to the enemy's turn even though they're all dead and then it will crash.
  10. South Africa Desert Map Landing Ship had landed. Around 3 turns into the mission, the aliens start firing from within the ship. Not unusual for this to happen. However CTD occurred, with a black screen that took a system reboot to get out of. This hasn't happened in any other build for me. Most up to date save game attached. Hopefully just before mission start. http://rghost.net/45295602
  11. 1.) As soon as I begin to manufacture equipment item "####" within 12 hours I get CTD. Screenshot of equiptment "####" IMAGE: http://windpower4homes.net/images/CTD-Manufacturing-bug.bmp I know the item does not fully exist in the game yet, so I'm just posting an observation. 2.) Possible Research Bug - For some reason, this time I have not been able to research Alienium. I got alien alloys, and I already have stun grenades, currently researching Toxic Grenades and Heavy Alien Plasma Rifle. I've captured live aliens with stun grenades but still not available to research any live ones. Should I have come across Alienium by now? The only thing I did different this playthrough, I did not research Alien Invasion until I had already researched a few other beginning items. Cannot remember exactly which ones I did before Alien Invasion though. What is required to be able to research Alienium?
  12. Landed UFO Desert map Aliens Unknown Second Xenonaut turn. Two alien icons appear (possibly inside UFO, although there's no direct sight) Machine gun fires directly at UFO door. CTD
  13. Well, it's all in the title really. I finally managed to down a Landingship (5 seconds after putting down another base, but ok) but whenever I send my troops there, the game crashes. I'm assuming this is because of a missing map/tileset thing, but i'm reporting it anyway.
  14. So, if you have 22+ saves, this version crashes 100% of the time on Win7 after doing the New-Game, Load-Game workaround for time pause. I'll test when V16 is out.
  15. Hi. I just bought this game yesterday, and was super stoked for a remake of the old X-Com game. I read that the game is soon to enter beta, but from my experience it seems like it's quite some way to go. I tried playing for about 4 hours, and at most i got one battle through before crashing to desktop. First, i got the error where if you save while battling, there are invisible aliens which crash the game if they die. Then i got crashes at the start of a battle. Then suddenly a battle started without me even having dispatched a heli, and immediately crashed. As of now this game is not even playable to me. Are these crashes known bugs? Are they being worked on currently? I know that the game is not complete, but i was expecting to be able to PLAY at least.
  16. Hi, I've reach July, the 25th and medium UFOs are often spotted on the geoscape. Because of the escort and the toughness of them, I can't crash them, so I let them live on my beloved earth. But sometimes, one of them finds my secondary Xenonauts base, and causes a CTD: BUG When a Landing ship reaches a base, 2 cases: 1°) there is no soldier to defend it, then the base is lost (it's not a bug, just cry baby!) 2°) there are soldiers to defend it, with weapons and armor and amos and naked pin-up on the wall. In this case, the game crashes during the loading of the map, just before the ground combat begins. This is very ennoying because I can't go further in the game, this bug/CTD occuring very often due to the probability for landing ships to attack my bases.
  17. I seem to randomly get a CTD when an air combat starts. I think it is when a fighter chooses to intercept me, as I get the Air combat starting whoosh sound, without having the intercepted UFO window, you know the one with tail until over land and all that.
  18. A fighter was detected very close to my base. I sent up a Condor, but as soon as I clicked the button to send it, the game made the "air combat starting whoosh" sound, then the air combat sound started, then I CTD. Well, not actually CTD, but the screen froze up, and the only thing I could do was ctl-alt-del, and start task manager. Once I did this I could see the "Xenonauts has stopped working" dialogue box was there. The mouse could still move around the geoscape, but not click anything, and was normally a target reticule, except when it was within the border of the not afore mentioned, not visible, dialogue box. Then it was a regular windows pointer.
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