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  1. Okay that's great to hear. I was just getting a different impression from some of the less informed comments here. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the next version in that case!
  2. This guy right here. You can't just say "we won't fix bugs until stage x" and expect to be able to remove them all then. Bug finding is a continuous process that should always have some degree of focus, because the longer you go with bugs, the greater the chances that you have to rewrite or refactor big pieces of code which adds large ammounts of overhead to a task that could have been trivial. At least in an alpha, add informative log messages that can help users work around the error such as adding temporary sprites when some are missing. If you don't do this as you go you only make debugging harder when you finally start doing it.
  3. From a game developer to another: It seems a lot of people are having problems with files missing, game crashing or simply not showing units. The workaround thread is full of it. I suggest implementing a simple log system that logs to a text tile, and if the game cannot find an asset file, simply log the file missing to it so that we can stop shooting in the dark, randomly copy pasting files in different folders and hoping that crashing stops. It would be a great help to both you as developers and us as users.
  4. Oh and i searched for this error but couldn't find a workaround: When trying to adjust the mouse sensitivity, the click rectangles for "new game" "options" and "load game" are too big, so i can't click the mouse sense slider. Super annoying since even though i run native resolution, the sensitivity is not 1:1 what my windows sense is.
  5. Hi. I just bought this game yesterday, and was super stoked for a remake of the old X-Com game. I read that the game is soon to enter beta, but from my experience it seems like it's quite some way to go. I tried playing for about 4 hours, and at most i got one battle through before crashing to desktop. First, i got the error where if you save while battling, there are invisible aliens which crash the game if they die. Then i got crashes at the start of a battle. Then suddenly a battle started without me even having dispatched a heli, and immediately crashed. As of now this game is not even playable to me. Are these crashes known bugs? Are they being worked on currently? I know that the game is not complete, but i was expecting to be able to PLAY at least.
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