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  1. I just earned another forum achievement. So how that is anywhere related to this thread? It's not related. Pirates will be pirates.
  2. I miss the pirouette of death. It's like the alien is turning to face you and say "You bastard, you kilt me dead" right before collapsing into a pile of blood and guts. Or blood and gooey goodness. Or just gooey goodness.
  3. Don't forget to point your finger at the enemy with your non-throwing hand while yelling "FRAG OUT"!
  4. * Renders civilian unconscious with stun baton and throws him in my backpack "Okay boys, we got the prime minister. Lets go home"
  5. Probie A newbie fire-fighter aka Probie is assigned all the crap tasks that nobody else wants to do.
  6. Kinda makes you think more before hiring new soldiers. IMO it appears that hiring Xenonauts with high Bravery would be the smartest choice.
  7. Okay just wondering because I notice bravery has not increased for any soldiers after many missions. Makes sense now.
  8. I know that most of the stats like Strength and Time Units will increase naturally during missions. And I believe that Accuracy will increase when you get kills/use aimed shots. Reflexes are gained when you hit with a reflex shot. What situations on the Battlescape will improve Bravery and Resiliance?
  9. LMAO! Is it cheating or just good strategy? Knowing how and where the aliens spawn during base missions = cheating Knowing that my command room is most vital and therefore placing certian rooms together = strategy. Besides that, I'm giving up 4-5 tiles of building space. That's quite a sacrifice for better defense. It all comes at a price.
  10. If that's the case then I will figure out a different arrangement of buildings, based on cover. Radar Array's and Missle's make good "Kill Rooms" where you can funnel the aliens. I also read about aliens spawning "on any outside edge of your base" but are you sure it's not referring to the whole base, but not the outside edge of any building within? Or both, the outside edge of base and buildings within?
  11. This is the 4th time I've come across this minor glitch. Got 2 screenshots. It happens very rarely. I will try to select a Xenonaut and instead of selecting him, my previous Xenonaut will keep moving, sometimes directly into the same tile of the Xenonaut I could not select. Now the only way I can select the unselectable Xenonaut is to find him using the mouse scrolling/number tabs. I have before and after pictures. Before: http://windpower4homes.net/images/No-Select-Soldier-1.bmp After: http://windpower4homes.net/images/No-Select-Soldier-2.bmp I left the screenshots big as possible to show the 2 Xenonauts standing in the same tile. EDIT: In the before picture, I was trying to click on the Xenonaut with the circle around his feet, but instead it moved the guy next to him with the arrow above his head, and it moved him right into the same tile as the Xenonaut I was trying to click on.
  12. Your right and I don't think we really need any visual effect for the bullets. Unless a gun is firing tracer's the only thing you see IRL is the impact. Just the sound of an aircraft flying over, a gun firing, followed by dirt getting tore to pieces or an explosion at the chosen target area. For the alien craft it would be a laser sound and or explosion. Your Xenonauts would have to move from house to house. The hard part is making the game register the hits in an appropriate area with given dice-roll for accuracy. Air Support would have to be more of a suppression value, with lower accuracy than ground troops.
  13. He's right. It would not be possible without modifying the game's source file or creating an add-on. It would not even be logical to even attempt something like this until the final version of the game is released, and even still after patching the final version.
  14. If you look at the .xml files for the larger alien craft, there are plenty of aliens of different variety on board. Same thing for alien bases.
  15. As a player, I don't care how many aliens they put in the final version as long as I can still edit the file. That is the best part of Xenonauts. The dev. team has made it very easy to edit the game so everyone can have it their way. EXAMPLE I wanted more aliens so I could A) gain experience with soldiers and B) sell alien guns for money. So I decided to edit the following. CRAFT - More alien guards on small and medium craft (so far) Then I dediced I don't want the alien weapons getting destroyed and thereby losing money. SO I went into weapons_gc and gave 300 HP to all the alien plasma guns (not drone weapons or grenades). If this was a final version of the game, I could edit everything at the beginning and be done with it. The ability to edit files provides HUGE replay value for this game.
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