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  1. Why do they exist? Lorewise, the alien weaponry is already sufficiently advanced that they wouldn't be making iterative upgrades on it over the timespan of several months, especially when you stop to consider some of their amazing sci-fi spoilery technology. And gameplay-wise, they're impossible to counterplay. The AI has something like a 90% perfect accuracy rating when throwing the (AAG's) through smoke at me (yeah, the higher up elites do that, maybe psions give vision?). Couple this with the elites all having 100+ time units, and ANY grouping grouping of 2+ units you have on the entire map (tanks count as 4 automatically) will cause the elites to bumrush your cluster of people and instakill most of them (sentinel armored people with ~75hp can still be consistently one-shot from direct hits on EASY). Repeat until you ragequit the game. Suggested fixes : -No AAG's, just give the alien grenades scaling armor pen. (later months, greater %), but have them deal a constant damage number. (Call it momentum transfer or hydrostatic shock- power armor may stop projectiles, but it can't stop the force of what is basically a fusion reaction.) -Give AAG's a huge tile blast radius(5?/6?), but explode on the end of the player's turn (Alien C4!) -Increase the TU's required to throw AAG's so that aliens can only move one or two spaces before throwing them. (lazy solution, but will work since only the elites have them) -Change the TU's required to throw them into a flat % (original xcom was 75? from backpack) to allow for alien civvies to use them and be REALLY dangerous (those late-game light scout missions of doom), while not causing a single elite to possibly ruin an entire campaign. Why Advanced Alien Grenades are so Broken: -Situation 1: late-game large alien base attack, you move out into the first empty hall with several shields with support in overwatch, and end your turn. 2 elites round a corner, your overwatch goes off, they facetank 200+ damage and live, then chuck 'nades directly on top of your units. The first one direct impacts and explodes, killing two people. The second kills a third, and destroys the first two's equipment. Your second turn begins, and you have lost not only several colonels, but several suits of power armor and plasma casters to go along with them. RIP 40 hours because of a single shitty gameplay mechanic. (Original XCom wasn't even this artificially difficult unless you count the ai using blaster bomb map hacks) -Situation 2: Terror mission, your troops are clearing the water fountain and the park benches. An elite wraith teleports in behind your tank, throws an AAG, and one-shots it. Balanced. I love the game so far, despite its flaws and bugs it's amazing, but this issue needs fixing before people start actually playing this game on iron-man mode, or you might just be responsible some broken computer equipment. I've been tempted.
  2. Hey guys, new Xenonaut here. Anyway, I'm currently at around September 22, and I'm up to crash site number 14 already (playing on normal I think). Since this is the early game, and I've been conditioned from X-COM TFTD, I go after every one of them. It's taking me quite awhile to get through the game at this pace. I understand this game isn't a clone of X-COM, but this seems like a lot of combat considering I only have 1 base to scan with and it's just the first month. Is this much combat normal? Should I be going after every single downed craft (even the light scouts) to improve troops and make money? Does the amount of missions increase as the game goes on?
  3. I restarted an attack against 3 alien fighters with everything from 3 foxtrots to one foxtrot and two Condors, but I cannot with the battle anyway and always lose at least one plane. They are faster and shoot farther than my planes. My usual technique against multiple targets is to split my force, destroy one with the foxtrot that is then used as a decoy for the other two. but this does not work against 3 fighters, because they shoot before the foxtrot which cannot dodge. Sending in a Condor with its short missile range is suicide against these fighters, because the Condor can only dodge the first missile and the second one usually comes before the Condor is within its missile range. After failing a half dozen tries, I decided to ignore them, since fighters cannot land aliens.
  4. So, here's a very quickly put together list of stuff, and I would like to know how close this is to the actual game. My quickly-formulated and not-really-researched-much-at-all idea: For shotguns: High damage, medium/low TU cost (20, 25, 30), medium/high accuracy, and short range. Pistols: Low damage, medium/low accuracy, very low TU costs (10, 15), short range. Assault Rifles: Medium/low damage, medium/high accuracy, decent range (between carbine/shotgun and precision rifle) and medium/low TU costs (20, 25, 30, 30 burst fire). Carbines: Medium accuracy, medium/low damage, short range, low TU costs (15, 20, 25, 25 burst). Precision: High accuracy, long range, high TU costs (40, 50, 60), medium damage with high armor mitigation (once hypervelocity is back in, it'll get better.) LMG: Medium Accuracy, medium damage, medium/high TU costs (40 burst), medium/long RL: medium accuracy, medium/long range, high TU costs (30, 35 fire, 35 reload), variable damage (duh). Again, just pulling stuff out of thin air. How close to the actual game are these numbers?
  5. The battlefield based play for this game is good but the air combat is grossly unbalanced. The aliens have pretty much total supremacy making getting ahead almost impossible. Why are you allowed to only field three fighters against an alien craft even when you have four or more and the aliens have an absurd firepower advantage? Personally I don't get it.
  6. It's good to see that evade has been added to the light scout. However, evade needs beefing up. At the moment, UFOs which can make the evade maneouvre don't move either far or fast enough to evade missiles. I would suggest both increasing the evasion speed and the evasion distance. They don't have to be very much, just enough so it's adequate to evade a missile. I'd also suggest improving the turn speed of a light scout. Because of its long body, the light scout cannot complete a turn to face an interceptor before a pair of sidewinders add a custom window to the cockpit, so it evades and the sidewinders crash into the long body. By increasing the turn speed, the light scout can turn to face an interceptor and actually evade a missile. I find it interesting that the corvette has a point defence turret but you can't see the weapon arc, the weapon range, nor can the turret engage missiles. As it is, all a MiG verses a corvette has to do is launch missiles then flee. Perhaps it would be better if the point defence turret had a visible arc, could target missiles, but fix its firing arc to, say, 180, so if you want to bring the thing down, you have to get behind it.
  7. Hi all! Just wondering if it just me or happening to others. After playing the first month or so I started getting groups(3) small scouts together and corvettes showing up repeatedly. I only have the f-17s and Mig-31s at my disposal at this point and have researched every thing. The groups and corvettes seem to like to eat these craft for breakfast. With cost and rebuild times it seems a bit overpowering at this stage of the game. I have tried the distraction method and various evasions , but in the end I lose all my craft to the corvettes and most to the groups. Also, destroying the crafts as a group does not even leave me a ground mission. Getting a little frustrated. Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi all, So i made a test game to verify this with some hacked funds to get global radar coverage. I'm getting between 4-8 Ufo's a day, and from the get go virtually no light scouts. do we not think this is a little too high, for example my Geoscape is littered with downed ufo's
  9. This is by far not a post being negative about this game. I love it. And I know it's still in Alpha. I've intentionally, by some miracle of patience, been able to keep myself from playing several builds of this game until it was in a more playable state, so I could enjoy it without a lot of the beginning issues it had and also to really get a good look at the structure of it in order to give feedback. This build looked like the one to hop back in on and give it another go. While it's vastly in a better state than it was a few months ago and I'm really loving the changes/additions/updates the team has got in so far, I'm still finding it incredibly difficult. I've played the original X-Com quite a bit and although I was never amazing at it, I get it and what I'm supposed to be building/prioritizing/managing in Xenonauts. I'm not having issues with Ground combat (The little bit I played of it) but it's the Air combat that seems broken. I could be completely wrong, of course, but here's what's happening. Also, I'm playing on Normal. Everything can shoot down 1 starting Jet. I find it a bit odd that a Jet can't take down a light scout but if that's a design choice, then I'm fine with it. It seemed like the second I bought a MIG, which was the first month, they started showing up in groups of three. Three MIGS could maybe down 1 enemy fighter before they all were destroyed. This put me in a spot, in the first month, where I couldn't do anything. I had MIGS, which I figured would give me an advantage, but instead ended my game because I couldn't down anything at that point. I can only think the solution would be to buy more Hangers/MIGs but that seems like bad design if I have to invest in so much in the first month, especially when you start with an already seemingly generous 3 Hangers. Again, I'm well aware this is in Alpha, I just thought I would post and hear if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is useful feedback. Just a few points to how this went down in my two month long campaign. 1)Built MIGS, which I assume triggered UFO squads of 3, making it impossible to down anything. 2)This resulted in me not once getting to send the Chinook out. 3)Every Terror mission that popped up was well beyond the fuel and speed range of a Chinook, not to mention there was no way to escort it even if I wanted too. 4)In summary, before the end of month two, I ended up just watching UFO's fly over helplessly because I could literally do nothing but watch. On Normal difficulty. 5)Not as relevant but is there a way, or a way going to be implemented, to increase the speed of the air battles? It gets tedious waiting for my Jets to retreat 3-4 times in a row when Fighters are chasing them. *On a positive side note, I'm loving the Ground combat. It's coming along awesome and the Class/Role system is fantastic. It also seems like there is a cover system but honestly, it's hard to tell if that's what the icon's are that highlight when you want to move someone next to a chest-high wall.
  10. Hello all, just wanted to post some feed-back on the air-game. In the beginning, there were only small scout ships. These could be handled by a single F-17. However, as all of you know the F-17 would take some damage if left to its auto-fight mechanics. This of course leads into one of my gripes about the air-combat. Which is that I need to be very active in the management of an air-fight in order to be as effective as possible. However, I have no love for spamming the space-bar in order to figure out which plane needs to dodge. I will say that the air-combat is a big step up from Xcom: EU. It has much more potential involvement that Xcom:EU, and just has a lot more depth with the mechanics for squadrons, and aircraft load-outs. I still would love for an auto-resolve button, so I can get back to the much more interesting bits about breaching space-ships(or just the ability to have my ships use their roll on their own initiative). However, the air-combat by the third week(plus or minus a couple days) just became unmanageable with a single base. Now, why is this a problem? Because the air-combat became unmanageable with-out any warning that it would do so. suddenly getting 5 or 6 different contacts just over-whelmed my 3 air-superiority fighters. Also, the next level up of the scout ships were able to one-shot my F-17's. I don't have a problem with being one-shot, when I have some reason to expect it. Although that just might be the life-time FPS gamer in me complaining about weapon balance At any rate, the escalation in damage out-put by the alien ships came as a total shock. That may be a part of the game, but once it happened the game very quickly became unmanageable with multiple contacts all appearing at the same time. So this leads me to my big question: am I expected to stock up on a half-dozen plus fighters per base?
  11. Before anyone says "the game hasn't been balanced yet" I do know this. This is just some thoughts on air superiority. I have no problem with fighting air superiority battles. They make sense and they are fun (even out-witting you the first time they bait you). However, in the early game you are forced to either have some good micro in the battles (making use of cannon fire) or risk not being able to complete a second engagement during the same sortie. This means you no longer fight ground battles as you are constantly fighting air superiority on your terms, or fighting them on the enemies terms (with reduced squadron size and or not enough firepower). My suggestion would be to limit these in the early game for a time period after winning a battle. Perhaps the following wave should be clear of them. Otherwise you are forced to build more hangars and aircraft in order to do both air superiority and alien interdiction. Forcing the player to do something early in the game or risk punishing losses they might never recover from is not the best idea (some may disagree!). This would reflect earth forces achieving air superiority for a period and give you a chance to shoot down some more meatier targets. Ok so you may argue that they probably were not going to be in the early game anyway but this is one possible solution that still allows them with early tech while keeping the game enjoyable.
  12. Another carryover from the old forum. There were some more interesting approaches than "just hold a psi-blocker in your hands". (or tin foil hats) So does that mean the humans will get indirect fire weapons after all? If the aliens are allowed to attack without LOS, there is no other way to even get close to them when they are in a room or behind tall cover. Well, not without leveling every structure on the map. Oh, I'm not talking about a an off-map battery of 155mm artillery but if aliens are able to disable or even control the soldiers through walls and without LOS, soldiers should be able to do something on a similiar scale, such as short-range teleporting stun or frag grenades through walls. Either that or play with a ground team of only vehicles. Smaller ones than "real" tanks so they can get to the aliens. Basically like the Apocalypse androids that portugus mentions below.
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