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  1. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    I'm not really the best player and after dying a slow death and losing funding I started a new game on normal. I finally was able to beat it and I didn't have a single error message in the fail or successful run. No other mods were included. You did a good job with the conversion! (It is much harder than the original mod, I agree with Flyingsub). Many thanks!
  2. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    I would absolutely love love love it if you could do that. I tried updating it myself but I kept getting errors and eventually dropped it as I have no real mod ding knowledge. It'd be like Christmas in July for me, literally
  3. After seeing both of your comments I think Drages might be on to something. Time Isn't a big deal due to a medical issue, it's doing what Kabill said and doing it properly, with the MMS .I was trying to drag and drop the assets folder into the 1.5 install. My biggest issue is I just don't understand how the MMS works/how to implement it. I only know weapons because the tutorial held my hand the whole way through
  4. I've been asking some questions lately about xenonauts modding, and it's because I want to keep the mod magnum-nauts alive. I've tried the mod on the 1.5 version but it crashes when you place your first base. Is there something that needs to be updated for a mod to work with 1.5?
  5. Alright, thanks a lot. You've been extremely helpful for me and a appreciate it!
  6. While I would like to make a mod for the community to enjoy, I just can't wrap my head around how the MMS works. I can edit the xml file values and even add in weapons (or I could...) but even reading the MMS didn't help me. The community edition thing is another can of worms for me.
  7. <p><p>I doubt this will reach you but you there man?</p></p>

  8. Like the title says I would like to create my own mod but I only know the very very basics by taking apart other mods, but I don't understand WHY it works, just that it does. If there any resources out there for a aspiring modder?
  9. Lerzan

    Mods that have fallen by the wayside.

    Thanks for the answers! Looks like patching is the way to go then. Now it's time to slowly learn the finer points of modding!
  10. There is a mod that hasn't seen any activity for 4 months about, and while I'm trying to contact the mod developer if I can't is it ever appropriate to try and continue the mod (Giving large credit to the original developer) or is that frowned upon in the modding community? I just want the mod to live on, but I don't want to offend anyone/violate a unspoken rule (I'm new to modding completely not just xenonauts )
  11. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Anyone know what happened? It was my favorite mod but it's gone silent now.
  12. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Ah ok, I was looking more at the raw damage possible than anything else but that clears it up. Enjoying it so far, though there seems to be a definite spike in difficulty with androns showing up so early. Need focus fire or a heavy mitigation weapon on hand (looking at you lever action...).The new ATs are a lot if fun for a more tactical cover change, which can open sniper lanes. I didn't get to it until 2 am so priming the type tens took a bit to figure out. Hopefully the kids won't play with the unexplored metal eggs I left everywhere...
  13. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Looking at the numbers from the post above and the table from the last version, you buffed the damage of SMGs and nerfed carbines in the new version? Maybe I mixed the two up, but i checked a couple times and it seems like that's what happened. If it isn't a clerical error how come you chose to do that?
  14. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    I know it's fudging on the timeline a tiny bit with the first one (1982) but what about the M4, CAR-15, and (maybe) the AKS-74U?
  15. Lerzan

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    The bolt-action carbines are semi-auto(located in the breaching weapons) in game, since you can't take a action to chamber a round. Was there a different weapon type you meant?