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  1. Looks like it's not just alien side that still has volume, both sides do even tho volume set to 0.
  2. Good point, tho I prefer living soldiers at the moment in IronMan mode. It is however, getting to the point where explosives are less needed.
  3. Loving the game. I stink at aerial combat, but rock at ground combat. My units are very dynamic, moving smartly, flanking, using every trick in the book. My shield guy tosses out smoke at start, then I position. Rockets and LMG use shield guy as cover. Everyone but rocket guy have grenades, with my assaulters also packing c4. My missions usually involves tons of collateral damage and messy splotches of ex-extraterrestrials. And of course the best thing, like the original, is making my own doors. Working well for me: 1xShield 2xAssault 3xRiflemen 1xLMG 1xRocketeer So addicted to this game!
  4. I rarely use burst fire in the game. I'm more effective with longer shots with the rifle. When I do use burst, I typically wish I'd had a shotgun instead at such close ranges. I do however use the hell out of LMG simply for suppression. Not sure what tweak burst should have, perhaps a hybrid between suppression and hits, with rifle suppression not being as effective TU degradation wise as LMG.
  5. Music and SFX Volume set to 0, light SFX audio during alien turn.
  6. On my Turn, I fired a rocket that blew up the floor at the top of the stairs and also set that tile on fire (floating fire at this point). End my turn, and on Alien Turn, Alien walks into the non-existant floaty flame tile at the top of the stairs, presuming to go down the stairs. Alien Turn gets stuck at this point, smoke and fire visuals still moving, but essentially frozen game as stuck in cycle.
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