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  1. I have 3 days until I leave afghanistan so its mega busy here with the handover and I haven't had the time to continue with the project at the moment. I will add you request to the list and produce a couple of icons in the next release. When I go on leave i'll be able to devote a bit of time to finishing off the mag weapons I have started.
  2. Government issues warning to civilians... stay clear of crash sites as they are dangerous. Risk of civilian casualties on an airstrike becomes less important than killing aliens, remember the context that this game is set in... its not a war, its not even a world war (by our standards) its resistance against humanities very extinction on a global scale. No price can be put on the survival of our species and the planet as a whole. If bombing the alien crash sites denies them recovering assets and fighting troops then I see no reason why any funding nation would hold back. 5 civilian casualties in an air strike amongst a war where the aliens are slaughtering thousands by the hour is nothing.
  3. The fact that it remains optional to use means that you, and other like minded people can still play without the airstrike option ever even being used. Your point while being valid is very situational. Not everyone will use the airstrike and prefer instead to play as the original x-com was intended. I'm glad I'm not forced down any particular path and have the option to choose is great. Air striking is way more preferable than leaving a crash site to expire. The very fact we have options makes what is already a great strategy game even more multi faceted.
  4. Sounds like a reasonable compromise, I really like the advisor option discussed earlier in the thread.
  5. I agree with everything in this post, I think it would make the game much more interesting and remove some of the tedious UFO grinding. It also seems a much better compromise to achieve the desired results than anything else mentioned. For those that state it's akin to auto resolve, how about making this feature controllable via the options menu such as IRONMAN mode currently is. Some people will inevitably prefer the game to remain as close to the original as possible. Too many other versions of the x-com remakes strayed to far from the original formula. I don't see this idea as doing that but by giving people the choice will only serve to please everyone. I have no idea how much work would be required to make this happen but If I could help out in any way I would be more than happy to. Chris comment please I believe this is a very plausible solution
  6. They should block line of sight and restrict firing... the whole idea of smoke grenades are to allow freedom of movement on the battlefield and on occasion provide deception.
  7. Sorry for the late reply I have been really busy with the incoming guys from the UK we are handing over to, Ill be coming home in about 3 weeks or so. I have everything saved as PSD files and PNG files. Ill fiddle about with the PPI, it's been about 6 years since I last used photoshop for stuff and I have lost alot of the knowledge I had. Cheers for the pointers Jsleezy i'll take a look when i next have some spare time.
  8. Ill add letters in the next update then, which will probably be when the mag weapons are done in 3D also. Ill use the role names as opposed to the weapon names. If there is anything else you'd like to see please let me know. Jsleezy I know your pretty handy with graphics, is there any way to increase the resolution that photoshop works to. The images im creating are limited to detail by the resolution at the moment?
  9. ill try and dig out some videos of some charges i have set off and put them in my drop box you guys can see the effects of proper cutting charges
  10. Everything E4D says here is true, the key to it is precision explosives with directional cutting charges. A lump of explosive would create a hole but It would be anything but precise, not to mention dangerous to anyone nearby. As he says normal explosives would need to be placed against a wall with packing material behind it. When the explosives detonate there is little resistance behind the explosives (away from the wall) there is just air. The main force of the blast is projected away from the wall (not entirely). By backing the explosives with wooden frames for example increases the explosion force of the charge. Its a crude way of making it directional. Purpose built breaching charges are designed in strips to place along the desired cutting line, or hinges of doors, and cut with a shaped metal iner which is formed upon detonation
  11. I never even noticed the inconsistencies, I was too busy killing aliens!
  12. Yeah I know what you mean, I'm hoping its something that they intend on refining closer to the games end. The same image file is used and magnified. Also the scroll bar to cycle through the images is the same. There Isn't any reason why they can't display them in the same resolution as they are displayed on the soldier screen. The whole role change and setting of default load outs needs to be redone to be honest as it isn't the most intuitive. I can imagine it's a tidying up issue rather than part of chris's main focus right now. Ill look over the 2D Images and remove the glow effect as I have for most of them already, the ones I haven't done are probably either an oversight, or the additional and ranks which I haven't had the chance to look at yet. I had only knocked together the 2D ones pretty quickly anyway, I intend to improve the quality of those at a later date as there are plenty of 2D ones around. Its a work in progress. I will add in the letters when I get some time as you suggest. I was going to concentrate mostly on the 3D ones for now but it seems a few people prefer the 2D icons so I will look at modifying those. P - Pistol R - Rifle S - Shotgun G - Gunner or H - Heavy M - Missile or RL - Rocket Launcher S - Sniper or M - Marksman There are a couple of role letter conflicts there, any ideas?
  13. let the locals beat them to death with sticks, god help them if they crash anywhere near egypt...
  14. I liked in the original that a damaged UFO could be entered from its damaged sides, it also made the approach to breaching a UFO more tricky. Modular UFO's should have been the way to go from the start, I'd rather have the option of multiple levels and destructable walls than a pretty looking image.
  15. In films yeah in reality not so much I'm a combat engineer and deal with breaching charges, and demolitions for all situations (bridges - Bangalore torpedoes - mouse hole charges) I have even breached compounds in Afghanistan using half bar mines so my reference to my comments is me seriously though I can give dems calculations etc for anyone serious about creating an accurate mod. Notwithstanding the good work people have already done to create breaching charges.
  16. Yes I will make both plasma and mag weapons 3D with coloured stripe versions. After they are done I'll go back and work on the 2D roles as they were done fairly quickly to get the 2D pack complete. Ill be adding more additionals in between all of that. I have a few more ideas from people they wanted included.
  17. Wrong, ripping off a chunk of plastic explosive doesn't make it directional (which is what you want). Standing next to even a fist size of PE4 will hurt you big time. Where as a purpose built breaching charge allows for much closer proximity. Additionally det cord will not breach a wall alone, it would struggle to cleanly breach a wooden fence panel, its use is to link the explosives together if you have multiple charges and connect the detonator(s) (placed in the explosive) We need this in game, It opens up a whole new dimension to the tactics available to us.
  18. Updated, download links to follow (internet is playing up out here)
  19. Try drop box firebeard, get an account and just drop them in the drop box file on your comp, then post up the link. I'd be interested in reading them just because I like guns n shit
  20. Remarkably I do this on a monthly basis as part of my weapon handling tests here in Afghanistan. While I am unable to be in a position to record timings I can offer you generalised results of a few scenarios in the setting you described. I have done 5 of these monthly ranges with 1 more to be completed next month (september) before i return home. Weapon: SA80 A2 5.56mm single shot 30 rnds Standing with the target to my left 90' at a range of 25 meters using the laser dot battle sight on my ACOG I can accurately and consistently hit the center of mass of a figure 11 target (full sized man) within 3 seconds of the whistle blast. One round is fired each whistle blast and then we reset with the target 90' to the left. I usually group my hits slightly higher than center of mass (which ends up sternum - neck area) with an approximate 12 inch grouping. This practice is then repeated with the target to the right at 90* and also again behind at 180' At reduced range 5 meters each time the grouping is reduced approx 3-4 inches per 5 meters and the time taken to aim and fire is slightly quicker. We also do cadence shooting which is essentially firing rapidly while walking towards the target. Depending on the cadence stated in the practice detail we fire either 1 round per 2 seconds, 1 round per second or 2 rounds per second. To be honest we don't do enough of it to become competent and I would approximate starting from 25 meters and advancing to 5 using 30 rounds I generally hit around 75% of my shots on target, and that could be anywhere from knees to head. With regards to generalised firing we use 1 round per 6 seconds for aimed shots and 1 round per 2 seconds for rapid fire as a general rule. Typically at 100 meters in the kneeling position, with a zero'd weapon I don't miss a target, at standing out of 20 rounds ill miss maybe 2-4. With the GPMG I can't give you any advice as for safety reasons we can't use them on 25 meter ranges and we also never fire from the standing or kneeling position due to the fact its woefully inaccurate. Keeping a full 3-5 round burst on target at 100 meters prone is hard enough due to recoil. Realistically the first 2 rounds are accurate the rest fall close enough to the target to cause effect (ie get them supressed). Burst are kept between 3-5 rounds every couple of seconds. barrels changed around the 800-1000 rounds fired mark. LMG such as Minimi are a different story, but they are 5.56mm calibre and are more accurate. Obviously these are firing under controlled conditions and noone else is shooting back at me, also I regard my self to be above average in marksmanship. Im a combat engineer and not special forces as I'd like to hope the xenonauts are. Hope this information helps however I wont be able to do any formal testing, British run ranges are very strict and rigidly run, however the americans I have noticed have a very lax attitude on ranges and may therefore have more scope to be able to run informal test such as those you describe.
  21. I'm all for realism mods, it seems most of what we all say is derailing the intention of the mod developers. Again I think the focus should remain on what can be done within the constraints of the game. While Im sure what your saying is accurate to your own experiances none of what you have said really has any relevance. The game dosn't cater for weapon stoppages or barrel changes, nor are the weapons being used in game above and beyond normal combat stress. The issue with the machine guns from at least my view (and asked if it could be addressed) was that the rate of fire in one game turn dosnt accurately depict the rate of fire a gunner would use to supress an enemy. The point Ron made about the weapons heating up is valid enough and rounds do occasionally cook off (admittedly rarely due to the rate of fire being excessive) although I think the majority are due to a defucnt round rather than the weapon itself. Last year in BATUS (Canada) a Cpl in my unit manning his GPMG had a breach explosion because he followed incorrect drills during a stoppage (He lifted the feed tray exposing the chamber to cooler air during an obstruction clearance). Again though this has little relevance to the game mod. I think the mod developers are doing a decent job and the general characteristics of the weapon need to be modded not the intricacies which are being discussed here.
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