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  1. I am no asian expert in any way, but I felt compelled to help... Here you can see a collection of street views of different asian cities that should give you a lot examples to choose from. When using any one nation, for instance "Thai", and "street" in google for pictures you get lots of them: Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kuala Lumpur and so on. I guess you get my drift here . If you can't remember all the different asian cities look here. Though, I don't know if you can verify if those houses in the streets are from 1970-1980. The only thing I have found that is typically 1980 (and it is labeled so is this here).
  2. That the developers answer here in their own forum maybe odd, but it is really good. Says something about their willingness to be in contact with the players/community and that they take you serious, even after you have bought their game. You can call it customer service, maybe rare nowadays. The cause for the transporter platforms there and at the beginning is, that there are two ways of winning the game. The Praetor is one way...
  3. I don't know if this has something to do with it, but sometime in GC the movement sound of the soldiers are faster (double speed?) for a part of its path. It means when the soldier starts moving I can hear footsteps like running, before it switches back to normal. If the path is short, the faster sound may be there for the whole path. When walking from asphalt to grass of vice versa the sound is correct, regardless of faster or not. I have never had this before. And unfortunately it is random too.
  4. The original viewing angle is given in the "Blender template for GC tiles", it is a sticky thread in the modding discussion topic: see here.
  5. Yeah, more diversity! Just want to note that the game is around end 70's and early 80's. So any tiles created should not be from later dates (earlier is no prob), unless the game supports tiles with a time stamp.
  6. Know that. Had been discussed further down. Have you seen how this laser beam mod works? See video link in post #7. Looks cool, has the "SciFi" feel. And I prefer it to the original laser "projectile" version. Simply put: I want it back.
  7. Make multiple barrel;): frome here But don't overdo it.
  8. Exemplary Felow #2 and He-who-cannot-throw-a-grenade-over-a-hip-heigh-obstacle (...didn't fit so I named him Bill Gates. He died by his own grenade in the next GC.)
  9. V1.09 with XCE0.28 but I think this one is a vanilla issue: In ground combat tiles that were on fire shortly before, are showing smoke in one turn and no smoke in the next only to turn back again having smoke. Quite annoying. smoke on: smoke off: (The fire was there because FitH Mod, but I don't think tile refreshment is handled by that mod.) RPGed a Harridan on a roof. The roof was on fire and burned happily for some time. Strange that it is visible even with roofs switched off. "The roof is on fire": And still visible from ground level (roofs not switched off in this picture, but still):
  10. And another, like "blood"... Works with XCE0.28. Don't want to necro this thread, but I think this little mod should be mentioned in the completed game mods section. It is too good to be lost. EDIT: Seems not to work anymore after I had to re-install the whole game. Maybe because of mod installation order, but I don't know anymore what I did before so that it worked. Question to Lt_Parsons: Can you update this mod to the modular installer?
  11. thixotrop


    Don't want to necro this thread, but I think this little mod should be mentioned in the completed game mods section. It is too good to be lost. Works with XCE0.28
  12. Hmm, using your mod with XCE 0.28 and I can't break the UFO hulls. I had a scout as in your video (post #2) and did exactly the same thing at the same spot on the ground. Explosion but no breach. I even repeated the blast with up to 4 charges, no luck. What am I doing wrong? Is there a random damage generator that just don't like me? Otherwise, fire, smoke and damage are really nice. Also, in the beginning I was sceptic about your dynamic UFO spawns as I though it will change it drastically. But no, it is just a slight chnage that fits really good. Can't play without anymore.
  13. As title says: When a soldier picks up the shotgun "from the dead cold hands" of a farmer or his remaining goo, the weapon is not visible in hand or weapon slot only in the equipment screen. The soldier can shoot with it, although that I have the feeling the weapon behaves different to the Xeno-carbine.
  14. Actually I think everything (or many informations) on one screen is a good decision. I hate it when I have to click through a manyfold of screens or taskbars to get what information or what function I want. MS Word and Excel are horrible with their ribbon band "invention" that allows no customization. Also I don't think the font is too small, but I guess this depends on screen size, resolution choice and viewing habit. Critizing the game just because of this is in my view a bit lame argument. So if you don't want to "waste your time" feel free to look for something else. And a simple mentioning of this without your negative vibe would not leave such a bitter taste of your manners here.
  15. There is no game review of Xenonauts by IGN Germany. Maybe it is my ignorance, but I did not know that there is an IGN here, so I wager to say that this site has no relevance in Germany.
  16. I made a save game shortly before an air combat: [ATTACH]5489[/ATTACH] Two ways to see what I mean: 1 When in AC target the UFO with the two jets and go straight to it. When they approach, the meeting point will suddenly fall back behind the UFO. If you don't fire, the jets will pass the UFO towards this point (if they survive). 2 Separate the jets so that the UFO will target one only. Approach from two sides. When they are very close to it (don't shoot) and/or they have to circle to target it again, the meeting line goes off sideways the UFO. This is not always the same, I guess it depends which jet is how close to the UFO. Nevertheless the meeting point is always buggy. EDIT: Ooops, just have seen that it is v0.28...no I am not from the future... If a moderator sees that, please change the title. b4 AC.sav b4 AC.sav
  17. All the time? It annoyed me the very first time I have seen this. And I don't think it is only visual, so much for glimmering, as my jet simply goes off course though the UFO comes straight to it. This is typically shortly before the green targetting cones becoming effective. Suddenly the little icon where the targetting lines meet moves away and my jet follows, totally stupid. Furthermore, I haven't encountered more than one UFO per fight so far in this game, but when there will be two UFOs and you can't target because of this, how do you select the UFO the missles should go to? Now they fire as soon as the UFO enters the green cone area. By the way, is this due to my Mods, the XCE version or now even in vanilla? To be honest, if this is mods, I remove them. If this is XCE I will not do manual air combat anymore.
  18. I can give you a savegame if you mean this with testcase. But have others not experienced this?
  19. I think this "bug" has to be here, but I am not quite sure actually. Have started a new game after a full new install via Steam (XCE v0.29), also deleted all files from the steam folders. Installed some Mods too: Blood, FitH v3.0, Soldier roles in minibars, Select next soldier, Skitsos improved tile art and the map-pack, true laser beam. They do not work properly together at the moment - for instance "soldier-roles" and "select next soldier" in ground combat - but I may have installed the mods in the wrong order, which I have to check later. However, I haven't changed anything for air combat (as far as I know) and have some problems with it. When my jets approach the UFO the meeting lines go strange, of UFO and jets. When zooming in this becomes worse. It wouldn't worry me, if it was only visual, but the jets actually follow the meeting point and move away from the UFO, even when the UFO flies directly to them. This is because, although the UFO flies towards the jet the meeting point suddenly goes to the right, the jet follows that. The UFO seems not to be affected by this. Additionally, when very close the lines becoming realy crazy, which then slows down the combat to very low framerates for one or two seconds. This doesn't happen when the jets do not have the UFO as target but have a manually set flow path.
  20. Ok, thanks, then I will live with it, just wanted to know and hint you if faulty.
  21. Started a new game with XCE and a couple of mods. And surely with your map pack Skitso! I have experienced the scrapyard and...man I love your maps! But now I have a question. Near the selected soldier you can see the cursor near one of the car wrecks. The cover symbols are displayed but the soldier cannot go there. There isn't even a path displayed. Is this a bug? There are some cars that have this problem and some not.
  22. Bäh..Sch..ß-Studenten Nee war ja selber mal einer... Ja, gib her.
  23. It seems the wall is deleted by the placed dropship, or doesn't it work that way anymore? If so the dropship should be moved a tile towards SE.
  24. Yeah and then someone creates a mod with backpacks.
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