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    Forest Maps?

    Maps in archive is in the same "desert" folder with all other deset maps. Tiles in subfoldier but this is where submaps will look for them. Everything worked fine and Level editor still load maps correctly. Maybe something was changed in how game load tiles and it load it differently from editor, and they changed some rules again, so I don't know. Quick battle don't work now for me too.
  2. All this "creepers" thing was somehow Aliens allusion, and yes - "facehugger" parsite from "egg" by design just disable soldiers without killing them. Eggs was more a joke and surprise thing to accompany "queen". I don't know is darkness guys made any changes in it.
  3. TT3

    Forest Maps?

    There already released one - go to play.
  4. TT3

    Creepers pack

    There "queen addon" file as it was, reupload of old archive. It's basically glitchy hidralisk-like, and the egg is just a joke. http://www.mediafire.com/download/td9r5axayok8kmp/creepers.7z http://www.mediafire.com/download/h7bjtz8m2s81omw/queen_addon.7z
  5. TT3

    Creepers pack

    If I remember correctly, it's not about structure but need to spawn them somewhere. Originally it was quick battle maps with defined enemies, maps in the pack is not work with current game. To add them in game need to add them to some base or ufo crew list.
  6. TT3

    Forest Maps?

    He just lost interest and account password. I slap together some maps,not so enthusiastic currently, you can try what it was about. http://www.mediafire.com/download/op3o1eh7wh71ueu/J21.7z
  7. TT3

    Air Combat Rolls

    Forget the UI button, use "Q" and "E" buttons
  8. TT3


    It's not "better" or you know "realistic", it's just excessive and for fun. install - put in xenonauts folder content of "ketchup" folder uninstall - put in xenonauts folder content of "original files" folder Easy enough for just try http://www.mediafire.com/download/1d0da9qp1plqj18/blood.7z
  9. Use just www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/xeno_debugger.exe
  10. Why need to move it if you can just look at it? I don't know why some one need this reserving, maybe because "legacy" . One turn you don't need to shoot at all, other turn you need to kneel and burst and another turn maybe move, snap and move. Path is shows how many will remain after you move and slider shows how many you need, not very difficult. What I want is allways see number in grenade slot how many will cost throwing of this granade.
  11. TT3

    The New Mapping Guidelines

    No, it's not. If place is occupied game just roll for another spawn point. It can not work if there only one spawn for ufo and dropship and its overlaped but even then nothing "game breaking" will happend - game will not find correct spawn point and will pick another map. Gauddlike must knew it, He's been here for ages.
  12. TT3

    Hide and Seek ?

    What about line of sight? Seems like aliens always turn to your soldiers even if they can't see them. Is AI is cheating?
  13. I think first terrors maps must be little bigger. With this size all aliens will be just across the street if not at first turn then at second no matter where you place them. Do not afraid make it bigger, playing this game is not so boring as you think.
  14. Maybe also to add "auto resolve whole game" button, depending on starting position and some random seed for people who think this game is boring in general? It will be less rewarding but they still will be able to win. And why you cut out transport plane? It was nice.