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  1. STEAL - one faction salvaged/nicked an item/data/weapon/alien corpse from a crash site/terror mission/other factions transport/enemy base/Xenonauts and this has to be retrieved by force or quick-sneak-attack PLANT EVIDENCE - to manipulate one faction against the other, Xenoanauts are bringing item/data/... to specific crash site/terror mission/... INTERVENTION - Xenonauts intervene on a mission of a faction; example: capture an alien before special forces of one faction do. The other faction is also on the map and you have to get there before them. RECON - Small team of Xenonauts (1-3 soldiers) have to spy on a group of aliens meeting high echelons of a faction/secret group to retrieve information
  2. Maybe the bullets should leave a trace in the air that vanishes within 1-2 seconds, so that the player can see where the shots go to. Or the game should pan the camera towards the one reaction shooting, so that the player is able to see which soldier is shooting in which direction. Personally I don't have such an issue with it, but I understand that it can be critical to see from where you got shot and where the soldier shoots to, once the maps become a bit more complex and full of structures.
  3. The Sebillians look really menacing with their bulky appearance, great. Their plasma guns look a bit small or rather flat, like a short sword, but maybe this will change. The new spawn points are helping to break the routine, also great. I need more playthroughs though, to see how diverse they really are. My soldiers are still really shitty when it comes to hititing the target. But the aliens, oh yeah, they have improved to near God-level. Four aliens shot after each other, each one hit a soldier, two of the four soldiers died instantly. Within three turns my soldiers reduced to four remaining. One alien hit another alien, killing it, that was fun to see. Once the aliens settled to the closest point they want to approach they still marching back and forth. One alien walked from one stone to the other spending half its TU (at least my soldier would have) and walked back the following turn. This one only reaction-shot, never shot in its turn. Don't think they should always try to find a better coveronce they are in a good spot. Oops, forgot the rec file: recording_9.rec
  4. I had to retreat. I lost half my team in that mission and the others were badly wounded.
  5. Yes. I experienced that in Xenonauts. Not nice. Androns and discs everywhere. Me constantly retreating direct from the start. Total desaster, "Judgement Day" like.
  6. LOL I have an old 50 Hz CRT monitor from my Amiga here, do you also support that? It will not take that much broad space on your desks, more rectangular though. It comes with SCART interface. ....no just kidding, couldn't refrain me her...
  7. @Nesa 2) If you press ESC or the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen you can change the audio volume under Options. 4) Chris said these re-used parts will be changed, but for the sake of an early demo we have tolive with it. 5) Yes these guys can't really shoot, often hitting parts of the scenery instead of the target. And yes, any soldiers enlisted for Xenonauts should be better trained to shoot. X1 had the same problem though. 7) Up to now, the aliens always start at the same starting points and are coming to you within the turns.
  8. Another day, another play Ok two actually. Now I tried and hide my machine gunner and sniper a bit, or rather did not used them as the very first to shoot and did not shoot always. And yes, they lived a bit longer. It is not possible to move, crouch or rotate another soldier while the other moves. Will that be changed to X1 performance? This includes that soldiers can be commanded to move while others still move. Sometimes: Soldier stops where he should, I command to crouch, then rotate him. All good. Then the soldiers stands up and crouches again. No TU spent, but strange. Sniper shoots Alien with 17% hit chance and hits (hooray). Can shoot again and hit chance is now 35% with same TU-invest. Why? ...by the way he missed now. Some bullets comming from the soldiers that hit rocks and other things have the same explosion animation like the alien weapons. Soldier could move into a rock. The rock got scared by this so much that it turned solid forever afterwards: This rock was not so scared, tried to play hologram and had a resounding success with it. This was new to me as the rotation did not work before: The trees leave a sort of light shade in the air, which is best seen when rotating the map. Dunno if that is intended, but looks cool. A strange blocked hit and another WTF moment that nonetheless was quite funny. (Why is this text here underlined now?) And here is the .rec file of this: recording_7.rec
  9. Had one battle just now. Is there a ranking for the aliens to shoot certain soldiers first? As far as I have seen with all versions of this demo, the machine gunner will always be killed first, even if he did not shoot at all yet. One of the next targets will be the sniper, maybe not the direct second though. Shotgunners are pretty useles as their range is so short. Before they get in range they are dead or near that. And they don't hit either. Suppression is rare. But ok, one battle only up to now.... Ths soldiers can't shot over rocks: Corpses can still groan when hit. And they are HIT while lying on the ground, although the target is behind the rock formation which has to be shot OVER, behind the tree over THE STREET...damnit. Seems to be the sweet spot here that these two always seek out. Hero alien no other words...because we got soldiers who are trained to shoot right?
  10. @Pave I knew abot the functionality. I tried it today again, and now +/- and Q/E works. Don't know what happened before. The roof button still does nothing, but I don't know if this is implemented already.
  11. Height change with + and - does not work for me Speed of bullets is OK for me Crosshair is really even more problematic than before Somekind of workaround: pressing Control multiple times and moving the cursor around the area will "mostly" bring up the crosshair. Soldiers sometimes still stop when moving around. Often this means they will be killed or at least shot at from an alien on overwatch. Feels like exploit potentional. Leaning icons???? Was watching for that but never had them. The map cannot be rotatetd yet or can it? It is really hard to select the correct tile to go when this adjacent to some higher plateau. You cannot see if there is a rock that prevents you from going there or if the path calculation is not working (see dead man picture below). no-crosshair problem: Rocks prevent area behind it to select to go to: Dead man or not? Hiding aliens:
  12. After my first five rounds of X2_demo I noted these (maybe they are known, I did not check all version threads): The maps (I had two desert and three vegetation maps with a street, looked much the same though) still look very blocky. Minecraft-ish. Inventory not working, so you can't pick up weapon of a dead soldier. Didn't try on alien corpse. Page up/down works to go through height levels but there is no indication yet. Just expected that there is something like it so I found it. Trees vanish with height level, great, but shouldn't the shadows stay? Seems like cheating. Would prefer a see-though bubble to see my moving soldier when height level is max (or roof shown). Ah yes, roof button not working, or at least not for trees. Bullets travel way to slwo for me. Mouse at screen edge should scroll the map. Mising mouse wheel aim percentage choice... ...or mouse wheel height level change. Some bushes grant more cover than a rock, strange. Two times now, as a soldier should walk to a new position with a visible alien, he walks and stops after two tiles. This was constantly so until the new spot was reached. Other soldiers with the same visible alien could walk normally. Most annoying: It is really hard to get the crosshair. Clicking the weapon often does not show this cursor. Also sometimes the soldier shoots after clicking the target, although no crosshair was there. And two times, when I thought he would shoot - no crosshair - he walked towards the alien. Otherwise the animations look nice, especially when the soldiers go up and down.
  13. Hi, although I guess / hope all you freaks like me know about the game that started it all, but you can get it for free here: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/xcom-ufo-defense-free-game?hmb_campaign=free_xcom_ufodefense_2017&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner And if you don't know, I am taling about "X-COM: UFO Defense" or "UFO: Enemy unknown" as it was named in Europe. Have fun! The "get it for free" time slot has passed. Hope lots of you could grab it.
  14. I don't know if this is a recent change or it was so since the new forum was created: In the top black slightly transparent banner, with Goldhawk logo at the left side, the text of "Browse" dropdown menu on the right side is black and only visible when a brighter area is beneath it. The menu works nevertheless...
  15. I like your idea but maybe change it to mission preferences combined with soldier abilities. What if certain roles are required for the mission, like shield-man or rocket-man, and none of your soldiers can do that but is equipped nevertheless? This might lead to a soldier dragging a rocket launcher with them with two steps each round and cannot fire at all. One example: Mission to breach a stranded UFO that might require explosives or the rocket launcher. The game gives advice of what to bring to the battlefield or better you can create preselections of soldier equipment; 1 sniper, 2 shotgunner, 2 riflemen, 2 rocketter/explosiv specialists and other. Maybe even with item propositions, C4 or satchels but better no incendiary. If your chosen/available soldiers are not able to fulfill all roles you can/have to change equipment or have to chsoe different soldiers. This would sure mean to plan for different soldier characteristics.
  16. I understand 1) and maybe you can change the tile size and show some pictures here. Just to see what impact that will have. But I won't press you to do so With 2) I may have an understanding problem, not what you said, but how it is possible to not see where you can go or not. I mean, when you see a battle zone map the very first time, you will not know what is what. It was so for X1. I did not know that units can't go over walls, through bushes or pass the grassy bump next to the roads. And in the UFOs a lot of structures exist where you can not see where your soldier could go and hide. But you know that once you have tried it. So I guess it will be the same here. And furthermore yoou will have the cursor that goes red or so to tell you there is no path. I admit in a real time game you would need to see that at a glance more desperately, but even then no guarantee. In Arma 2 (I know poor comparison) you thought your tank can drive through the desert easily, but then stop dead at a fence or flip over at mid-sized pebble if drifting over it. But in a turn based game you can plan with your cursor. Maybe I have to see or experience that myself.
  17. ...and when they find something and want to investigate further they call it "XCOM Initiative" and then a team will be gathered to research and....OK I stop now.
  18. I haven't played the free public build yet, due to lack of time, but I want to comment on the maps. Yes they look great already, with its detail and the feel for reality in the textures. However, it looks a bit blocky. What I mean is the knife-cut edge of the river and the terrain level change. Some piles of rock are blurring that at some spots but in general it is blocky. Do you plan to change that? Such cliff-like terrain level change maybe OK for some maps but not for everything. Sorry to say, it looks a bit of a cheap solution. It will not stop me from playing, but...yeah. On a side note, will the water flow? Grass moving and sand and dust blowing in the wind? Would give the maps a lively touch. I think here in the way of "Divinity: Original Sin" Comming christmas holidays, I will definitely try the public build then.
  19. The final mission has an inifinite number of reapers or not? I can't find it anymore, but someone in this forum (former version) did made tests of how long he can survive the flood of reapers. There were screenshots with hundreds of dead reaper coprses.
  20. Ok, I have recognized that all the little things the lionks too, especially not the dot. I understood it to be just flagged as thread with new content. I did browse manually to what I wanted to read before I tried the "Activity" options. I guess I have to live with it for some time to get accustomed to these functions. Didn't want to create such a wave sorry. What I meant was to see page 62 with the last post on top of the list when I go to that thread.
  21. Really? Try going to one of the X-division threads is like: See there are 62 pages > click on "go to post" > click in entry field > type in 62 and return > wait until page is loaded > scrolldown to bottom 5 clicks, and typing a number and scrolling OR See there are 62 pages > click multiple times on ">>" to go to page 62 and wait all the time the page is loaded > scrolldown to bottom many clicks and scrolling And no, I have to do that everytime I go in a thread. Yes this is possible, but now imagine you want to read the last posts on more than one thread... ANNOYING. I am just annoyed by this "modern way of" clickfest just to get a more streamlined look, which means to remove buttons just to have a clean screen. Usability is lost then.
  22. Meh...uncomfortable. Expected to sort the forum with an option in the heading row together with page selection and "got to page...". The former formum had this option also in the profile settings somewhere, but all that is gone.
  23. Ok, got that with the preview icon, that was what I missed with the "advanced mode". But I can't sort this forum with "newest first", or I am too blind to find it... The option under "Activity", top right icon on the screen shows a new listed view with ALL new post of all subforums.
  24. I miss the customization options for the forum. I'd like to see threads with the newest post first, quite annoying to click to that icon...and wait while ist is loading now (duh). Edit: No "advanced mode" for post anymore? And no "preview function" too?
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    Their budget goal was reached today, hooray!!! 48h still to go...Bonus time!
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