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    Play by email systems are pure torture for people that are in sync with each other. the tactics game Hell has play by email style co-op multiplayer and boy howdy, me and my brother dropped that one like a hot potato, which is too bad because the game seems fun otherwise. While a much simpler game, Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown has similar battles to X-com and works really well in co-op. It of course has nothing like the geoscape however.
  2. KingBork

    X-com: Apocalypse 2?

    Well I think a system where things are real-time when you're out of combat would work well. Like in Divinity: Original Sin or the new game Mutant year Zero. Or like Jamoecw said, at least improve it to the style used in the UFO: After-trilogy. Another thing I'd love to see changed is the cityscape portion of the game. We all remember the game fondly, but it sure ain't because of those interception mechanics.
  3. KingBork

    xenonauts website??? hacked?

    It was definately pro-islam. And I'll join the choir of people saying they didnt see it until yesterday.
  4. KingBork

    The existence of aliens and the paranormal.

    I too have seen a UFO but there is no reason for me to think it was anything out of the ordinary. It was just that, unidentified and flying and supposedly an object.
  5. KingBork

    Next Goldhawk Interactive game wish list

    Roguelikes 4 teh winz
  6. KingBork

    Analysis of The Bureau

    Sectoids dont rarely appear, theyre on almost every level. But yeah. All the enemies seen in the old FPS trailer are still in the game.
  7. KingBork

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Steam Page

    Surprisingly good game. All you shooter haters dont know what youre talking about (or more likely, bought it just to hate on it. Yes, I said it.) Personally much prefer first person games to third person ones though, but I can see the team command stuff would have been pretty awkward like that. Edit: also I should mention that I call bullshit on the developers claims of this being a prequel to xcom 2012. The story wouldnt really fit at all with it.
  8. Xcom 2012 tended to have more elongated but thin levels rather than square-ish open levels which made that tactic much more useful there than it is in most other games of this kind.
  9. KingBork

    Space Hulk (2013)

    "We want to ASAP patch up the issues we and our testers didnt find. Its crazy how issues show up when you have tens of thousands playing the game vs the 20'ish we have on the testing. Sorry about that all, and know that we are determined to fix it so we can get into adding new features, content and chapters" Quoted from a developer posting on the Steam forums for the game. He says there's gonna be a patch in a day or two hopefully. It's good that they care unlike some developers. (Xcom 2012 still hasnt patched its bugs after nearly a year.)
  10. KingBork

    V19 Experimental Build 7 available!

    Well that's kinda how shotgun pellets work. You shoot one little bundle of goodness that breaks into itty bitty pieces.
  11. KingBork

    Space Hulk (2013)

    From what Total Biscuit said in his youtube first impressions video it is indeed pretty badly bugged. I'd love to have the game but i'll wait for a sale or a patch, preferably both.
  12. KingBork

    New Geoscape UI preview!

    About earthlight at night. During war you usually keep lights off at night so you dont get bombed. I'd assume it would be the same during an alien invasion.
  13. KingBork

    Thread about Kikoskia!

    I wonder how far he'd be able to get on ironman mode =P
  14. KingBork

    Next Goldhawk Interactive game wish list

    Xenonauts: This time it's personal A generic modern military FPS that replaces the middle easterners with Alien terrorists. You'll run slower than a snail and have plenty of Quick-time-events to enjoy. :B teehee
  15. KingBork

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Steam Page

    I might be in the minority but I think it looks like a pretty sweet game. Anyways, for those who were considering pre-ordering. I'd suggest getting it from GreenManGaming.com You'll get a steam key and the same pre-order rewards but it is a bit cheaper (even cheaper if you were subscribing to their newsletter, but too late for that now.)