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    Definitely didn’t consider the time it might take people to take a turn. And I should have realized that problem because I tried play civ with some friends and one would take so long it was unbelievable! I’ve only clocked like 100 ish hours on the game and it’s great and was just ranting about ideas for multiplayer and was courious about other ideas. bigger waves of enemies would be very interesting.
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    Okay so am I the only one who thinks this game with like a co-op mode would be cool. They would share bases, planes, engineers, scientists, soldiers, and even money. It’s a co-op game so they’ll be communicating about what they are gonna buy research, or build. When they do air combat they will still have the chance to auto-resolve or fight which will just load them into the battle and during that time the other play can still do stuff at the base and what not, but his time will follow the other play so if it’s pause in the air combat it pauses the other player. (I feel it might help load time if both players Time is still synced) Ground combat would be very interesting. Let’s say we are starting a mission with the dropship that hold eight. That would mean you each get four soldiers to control. (The units you get at the start are decided by you and you can remove or at the to you part of the squad, but the other guy can only take them if they aren’t already in your squad) The rest of the game would be much of the same except the part where someone else does half the fighting. And both players would stuff move on the same turn.