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  1. So, super necro post... but I've tried editing both files as you listed, but can't seem to get stats to raise above 100.
  2. The mod's pretty decent. Though obviously lacking countless UFOpedia entries. Also I find a lot of the "spawner" mechanics (like the Androns and their crates) to be rather annoying. If all ACTIVE enemies are down, any units in boxes should count as being defeated. You shouldn't have to sit around for things to pop out (or have to hunt down some crate hidden in a corner somewhere). Same with xenomorphs. If all the active enemies are down, the infected humans should just count as captured.
  3. I know I can change the stats soldiers start with (you can have them starting with 500+ all stats if you want). My question is about the ranking up. Because soldiers don't seem to improve over 100 in a stat. Even if I change the amount of global training they can get in a stat to something massive (like 100K), they don't seem to gain any stats past a certain point. So if I have a guy with 500 stats, he can't rank up at all. Curious how to edit that.
  4. Oh no, I wasn't saying getting the autopsy immediately, before interrogation. I mean after you've interrogated them, you'd them have them for autopsy. And possibly let you execute alien prisoners. So say you captured three of the same type and rank of alien. You execute one, and can start the interrogation and autopsy at the same time. But it was simply the issue with you doing an interrogation, but then still needing another mission to go out and actually kill one of them to be able to do the autopsy.
  5. I mean, makes sense to me. As after you've finished the interrogation, you'd be likely to kill off the alien as they would serve no further use. And keeping them alive would be a security risk (though I don't think you guys have any mechanic for aliens breaking loose in the base... though that would be interesting, and a reason not to stockpile too many prisoners). Yes, "murdering" the aliens is kind of evil... but they started it.
  6. Yeah, I don't get why you don't have the option to just kill off prisoners for autopsy purposes. I can understand them being left alive after interrogation. But you should always have the option of killing a captive alien for research. I really hope that gets changed.
  7. Wait... you don't get autopsies on captured aliens? Aren't you killing them after interrogation? Or do they just sit as prisoners forever? Can't you just choose to kill anything you captured? Seems like the autopsy option should always be available.
  8. Rather than just having our planes, what about actually hiring pilots for them? They could gain XP and improve their skills as they fly more missions. And if a plane is shot down, there could be a chance of them bailing out and surviving. Maybe even having research to improve their odds. It would be neat to be able to keep a good pilot going for a long time, and putting them in new planes as you get them.
  9. Something to make night missions less of a pain? Actually, I think that could be kind of neat, having the green tinted vision through the goggles helping see at night, but the colour would make it hard to tell different alien classes apart.
  10. Honestly I'd rather see "more of the same with improvements" as opposed to an overhaul when it comes to sequels. It's why I much prefer the Dragon Quest games over Final Fantasy.
  11. I'd definitely like to see more "side-grades" and strategic options with weapons as opposed to simply straight up damage increases. So while getting new tech would let you do more damage, it would be nice to see more options open up along with it. So different ammo types, or specialized weapons and such.
  12. I posted this on the Steam forum, and wanted to share it here. So I've been trying to go through the Kickstarter and official site and find out what's what with current design and such, but it gets a bit confusing. So here's some stuff that I would personally like to see in this game. I'd like to know what you guys think... 1) More depth with the classic base building system I loved the classic X-Com style base building that Xenonauts used. It not only allowed for more customization, but also opened up the opportunity for base attacks, where room placement actually mattered. I'd love to see more effort towards that. More room types (like training rooms, or containment cells, etc). And a lot more impact if a defense mission is going on. If say aliens start smashing open containment cells for example, they could unleash captured aliens to help cause chaos (could be deadly depending on what you've got locked up). And having a unit run through an armory could let you better equip troops (or non-combatants) for fighting off the enemy. Plus destruction of certain room props could be a hinderance to you (losing science consoles in your labs could damage your research for example). 2) More air combat options I liked the air combat system in Xenonauts. I'd love to see some more depth there as well. Say giving planes specific orders, like having them try to aim for non-critical spots on the enemy. Having a better damage system would be cool. Instead of just enemies crashing at X% damage, you could try to go for engines specifically to try and bring down a ship in as good shape as possible. Or even having new ship weapons specifically designed to cripple and not destroy ships (like EMP weapons or somesuch). 3) Special combat mission orders I was thinking something like if you have a plane hovering over a crash site (or landed UFO), you could get a strafing run option in combat, where the plane would basically fly by and blast an area on the map on call (making it use up fuel and ammo on the plane so you have to choose when to use it). 4) More alien types and sub-types Because researching all the different types is fun. And I'd love to see actual autopsies and live research for every type, not just a generic species autopsy. 5) A use for capturing more live specimens In the first game, once you've captured an alien/officer/leader... there's not really any point in doing so again. Which is kind of disappointing. It would be nice to see some sort of reward for capturing instead of killing. Like having more interrogations. Perhaps capturing NC aliens could lead towards research of alien tech, while officers could teach you more about alien ships or strategies. There could also be a lot of "random" research things you could get, like alien lifestyle info, or recreation, or food types, etc. Basically things that you don't really need to win, but are just interesting little tidbits you can get out of prisoners to add more lore to the game. 6) Having UFO's spawn a bit more sporadically In the original, it feels like you basically wait a few days, then a dozen UFO's drop down at once... then you're waiting again. It would be nice to see them spread out more. Having the odd UFO from time to time, and rarely have several at once. Just to make it more fluid. 7) Much more soldier customization This is a big one. I very much want to see a hell of a lot more customization options for your troops. Picking name, sex, country, race and face at the very least. Colour options might be nice to help differentiate your troops on the ground at a glance. This is honestly probably my favourite aspect of the XCom remakes. Just how much detail you can put into your soldiers. It's great fun making squads of your friends. 8) More Geoscape scanning options Basically getting improved scanners over time that would let us identify ship types, rather than just size, once a ship is in scanning range. And possible some sort of decoder to intercept transmissions that would let us know what a ship's mission is. Also let us know what race(s) is on the ship. 9) More mission types So, I'm still playing through the original, but missions seem to mostly just be crashed UFO's and attacking landed ones (I've not seen any non-UFO missions). I'd like to see more alien missions on the map. So along with attacking UFO's (crashed or landed), having multiple mission types. Terror missions with lots of soldier class aliens in a high population area. Abduction missions where the aliens are after a specific person (like some military leader) and it's up to us to stop their abduction. Infiltration missions, where the aliens are trying to spy on locations, and it would just be a couple of elite units (so basically trying to hunt down a couple of slippery enemies before they escape). Sabotage missions, where they aliens are at military installations, trying to destroy stuff. Could involve lots of soldiers as well as the possibility of needing to disarm bombs. 10) More research options Researching stuff is fun! I'd love to see more to explore. Notably some things like side-grades to weapons, instead of the usual straight upgrade path we have. So having some new weapon types that come up with a new tier (like when we hit lasers) that rather than just being a straight upgrade, give more specialized functionality. So maybe an option for different weapon/ammo types (I remember the classic games having regular, AP, explosive, incendiary ammo for example). Something like that would be nice. Let us equip for specific situations. Have multiple weapons for each type, with varying accuracy vs damage and such (so maybe 2-3 rifles for a tier, each being focused on its own strength). And give us more equipment. Scanners, mines, tripwires, portable walls (basically a small folding shield units can place to take cover behind), hacking devices, etc. All sorts of goodies. 11) Grenade timers An option added to grenades to choose how long it takes them to go off. So being able to set them to instant (blows up when it lands), end of turn, 1+ turns. It could lead to some interesting strategy, especially if the AI is set to react to grenades. You could set a grenade to go off after a turn, and use it to flush out aliens behind cover (rather than just blowing them up instantly and destroying stuff). 12) Actions taking set TU rather than % I think it would make much more sense for actions to use a set amount of TU, rather than a % of the unit's total. A pistol would fire slightly faster than a rifle, and of course each would be modified by firing modes. But as a unit gains stats (specifically more TU) it doesn't make sense that it somehow now takes them even longer to fire a shot than it used to (especially as with skill and practice you'd actually be able to shoot faster). As units improve, they should be able to fire more shots in their turn, not just be forced to waste TU.
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