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  1. roxxed

    Xenonauts-2 June Update!

    Only having 3 months playable in early access is a great idea. I can imagine new modules being unlocked as its released while current content is kept tight keeping players interested and making the right first initial impression on Steam. If you could complete the game on day one it may be detrimental after it goes gold considering how some treat early access.
  2. roxxed

    Zoom level & other Q's

    Exactly what i was thinking. Could be an interesting way to add depth to the geoscape with a somewhat isometric view when zoomed in for encounters, but the outer layer is controlling global issues. Does not have to be detailed or be accurate to real life. Infact its minimalistic drawn look would fit X2 nicely: This is a map I found of population density in Australia. Could be an idea to represent X2's funding locations and places to defend. In this case though my base is not defending the east coast lol
  3. roxxed

    Zoom level & other Q's

    Other camera panning ideas: - When starting a new game the entire map is viewable, you select your base location then it zooms down and a briefing window appears to which the game commences. Any alien activity would be viewable with in this cone and expands as you get better radar tech. As craft appears it would smooth center screen to which it follows it until you break the camera movement with your mouse. - Back ground images in the research a manufacturing tab could have mouse movement effects similar to this vid. Or could be scaled down to only work when further more to the right of left for a subtle effect. - Selecting a base and entering it zooms down to its location like your entering at a ground level. - Hitting space bar? can quick zoom out on the map to view it entirely for global issues and multiple/simultaneous events occuring. You could be a world commander at this point for tension and selecting other bases creating a mini game?, but main gameplay still consists of being closer to the continent where your base is for alien threats that appear(realistically any frequent threats that appear would only occur around your radar while the rest is wasted screen space). Multiple bases would need some thinking and some form of restrictions so only certain things can be initiated through continent vs world view. - Terror sites and random events now feel they are "isolated" from your position as the camera would smooth pan to it from the continent view. When sending a drop ship its followed to the site similar to Xcom Enemy Unknown. Again these are just suggestions, but could be a cheap way to implement for improved dynamics over the original yet building on what already exists.
  4. Hey guys, just have a few questions. I've been following this game since before kickstarter and I always like to help where I can and give ideas: 1: Will there be ground combat zoom levels in X2 or will it be fixed? If its the latter I don't mind for consistency but viewing the current new images on steam I feel they are "too zoomed out" at default losing a lot of definition and scaling of the xenonauts/aliens from an aeroplane like perspective. I could be in the minority of this, but could be worth a look into. If you download an image and increase its zoom by 20% it seems spot on(you can appreciate the detail in objects and inside buildings). 2: Are height maps being looked at? I remember creating a thread about this before kickstarter but there seemed to be restrictions on how the cover system worked, but Chris mentioned recently it was fixed. Alien base assaults/craft and buildings still look like flat corridors with added decor. Stairs don't always need to symbolise going from one floor to another(i.e multiple height points on the same floor or open upper levels/boardwalks), or could be used for visual variety. 3: Considering its current state, are there any ideas on how the Global map will change? X1 took the path of showing the world as a flat map showcasing all continents on screen, but this lead it to be very static. The Xcom series took a globe approach but this has been done to death. X2 could expand on the first but create a more zoomed in perspective so when events happen, the camera could pan and zoom on new alerts around the map for action sequences or following alien craft. I can also imagine a slight 3D curve to the map, but NOT a globe. This would look great. 4: Could this idea be expanded upon for more RPG elements? Would be a big job though 5: Expanding on the World map idea and considering the ants nest base building was removed, perhaps a slightly zoomed base with panning and when clicking on buildings it would center it, or maybe a slight isometric view. This was a late idea although the main goal I'm thinking is to create a less static feel and something that feels alive. I guess my main TLDR is: camera zoom being lower/higher can create opportunities for panning and dynamic zooming creating less static gameplay. Simple but can be effective. Thanks!
  5. Really nice update put out on steam yesterday and some nice responses from users. Great work! The new science artwork looks promising. So does this mean map design will have new features other than new textures/graphical upgrades?
  6. I dont mind if X2 becomes an "advanced" clone of X1. I mean hey thats why we are here and why we loved the game in the first place. What I dont want to see are simple esthetics that repeat from the first game, like the geoscape looking exactly the same or the science/manufacturing screen having a slight shift in UI and then creating new art for the exact same placing of the back picture. Certain types of smart changing(in the right way) can go far on crowdfunded resources so it makes it "feel" different. I certainly hope that what we've seen so far are place holders. Yes aesthetics/eye candy is skin deep but if it doesn't advance enough it makes the game feel the same and hence the bickering and bantering begins in the thread. The ground combat for now has the most strength in change. Chris if your viewing, please look into adding the comprehensive features lists back into the "Xenonauts 2 features" sub thread. Once upon a time there was loads of information that could pump the community on whats to offer. Currently we are getting news as it comes of things that are stripped back(being perfectly normal for game development) but it gives a stagnant feel to the project. There are still underlining features that make X2 better than the first, but they are being overlooked.
  7. roxxed

    TUs are too limiting!

    Early game is always a pain until you level up your soldier stats, then they become killing machines that can do multiple things in one turn. The newer xcom's negate this so you start with the same "action" points at the start of the game vs the end which is streamlined and a little boring although it does have its merit.
  8. Thanks Chris. Is there any chance for future updates to include some images, or some sort of dev blog as I love to follow these updates and see how things are progressing(I dont have access to the closed beta). I'm currently finding that I have to wait for bugs to be uploaded with associated screenshot to get any snips of how things have changed. Im sure though there are certain things that only closed testers are allowed to view. Also is there an update on any threads that will be created to showcase X2's features in the "Xenonauts-2 Features" sub thread as the original threads were hidden for viewing?
  9. roxxed

    UI Reload function design

    Ahh I understand now. Thanks for clearing that up. So I imagine X amount of tool belt slots in the inventory and if you move something from the backpack to the tool belt then the icon will appear on the front end. The other things you've mentioned help clear the interface up and make it more streamlined. It comes back to my first question regarding how these 2 connect and I believe Chris mentioned something about it already. Rather than create a single stack tool belt UI , have an icon beside the ammo count under the weapon model so it can be clicked and dragged to the backpack when its open. The ammo icon in the backpack could then show its remaining ammo in red so 9/20 or whatever and it could be dragged directly back on the weapon model for reloading when needed. I guess this could work for interchangeable ammo types(HE, AP etc) for the same weapon if it exists and it could benefit from a higher TU cost of moving then reloading as your skipping the queue for a better magazine.
  10. roxxed

    UI Reload function design

    I'm a little confused as I dont have access to the beta. So the backpack is now simplified with no associated tool belt or weapon slots(like the first X1) that mirror onto the front end? How do the icons get created from new items picked up when the area to drag them to doesn't exist?
  11. roxxed

    UI Reload function design

    Is there going to be a backpack in X2? How does any of this work with its total storage/back-end UI ammo integration to the front plus carrying other weapons and ammo(if applicable)?
  12. roxxed

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    This. Perhaps there can only ever be one top ranking official that has a major benefit if deployed in combat so you must take care of him. If he dies, its a strategic value to get your next best guy promoted through training to gain an edge for your team. Could work for the top 2 or 3 ranks so they have more team merit/special ability other than the general number of missions and stats gained.
  13. The idea I came up with a while back could work with this although I'm never sure if it was seen. Simply make the ground combat UI more interesting in relation to the aliens. I'm imagining when you click on an alien ether a box appears above the model or perhaps on the top right or left of the screen(even somehow incorporated in the UI down the bottom of the screen where your soldier stats are). It could show a head model of the alien, type of alien, its rank, capture state, mood, play style, Bio(among other things?). Maybe even get to a point with molecular abilities to know its health and Armour resistance. Eg, I've just started X2 and play through my first ground map and I uncover my first alien, Stats would be: Alien type: Unknown Rank: Unknown Bio: Unknown Capture state: Not captured Mood: Unknown Play style: Unknown Resistance type: Unknown Your already are aware it can be/has been captured. Once you interrogate a live specimen these stats start to change: Alien type: Psyon Rank: Soldier Bio: "Click" for research results(lore) Captured state: Interrogated Mood: Unknown Play style: Unknown Resistance type: Unknown The last 3? could be triggered by various different research findings found throughout X2's play through and a similar process could happen as you uncover new aliens. The same alien types that already have researched stats could be somewhat randomized so no two are alike. Even after you've uncovered it all, the mood, play style and resistance indicators could reveal how to exactly play against that alien and if its aggressive, passive or it loves to snipe from a distance etc so your always relying on it and carefully analyzing your enemy. It makes them interesting and mysterious although probably a big job to implement
  14. Explained perfectly. The variation with this system could be so much more rather than the X1 "copy and paste" 8 Caesans running around the battlefield, and then maybe a slight visual change for the ones on the bridge of a ship. The Praetors for eg were only ever found in special locations and I never really got to fight them so in this case there could be a toned down soldier model thats pretty bad ass late game to fight. I hope to a certain extent see more control strategies in place from the aliens rather than walking aimlessly around the map, like controlling high ground/windows, POI's or moving in groups with mixed ranks, but thats probably more an AI suggestion. Edit: Also regarding the different alien ranks eg soldier, technician, navigator, commander etc it would be cool to see more less obvious research options come from them as you wouldn't initially think to prioritize it on the list. Running into the ships bridge or an alien control room to capture an alien was pretty obvious. The Deep One from TFTD was only found on land terror missions and you had to capture him alive to gain the aqua armour for your troops and unlock an entire chain of armour research. When I first played it I never would of though of this as he was a common alien to find in these particular missions and had his own unique rank unfamiliar to other aliens.
  15. So Psyons(3 models) means 3 different ranks? Or are there different ranks mixed with the same model? There was talk a while back about more tentaculat like aliens making it into the game?